The Studio Ghibli movie that no one wants to talk about

Studio Ghibli is known for critically successful animated films like Howl’s Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke, Ponyo, Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service, The Cat Returns, and many others. The animation studio was founded in 1985 and has won the hearts of audiences of all generations. However, there is one Studio Ghibli film that is rarely mentioned due to its poor reception at launch. Fans will know this asStories from the ground, directed by the son of Hayao Miyazaki, Miyazaki Gorō.

Stories from the ground debuted in 2006 and was inspired by Earthsea books by Ursula K. Le Guin and manga series by Hayao Miyazaki, Shun’s JourneyOne. While the box office wasn’t bad, the film was remembered negatively. Gorō Miyazaki won awards for “Worst Director” and “Worst Film” at Japan’s Bunshun Raspberry Awards, and the film will be the lowest-rated Studio Ghibli project on Rotton Tomatoes to date. Gorō Miyazaki’s next Studio Ghibli film, Earwig and the Witch, the score is even lower.


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What story about Earthsea went wrong

The main character is watching the horizon.

A lot of what the reviewers say Stories of Earthsea wrong because it compares with other works of Studio Ghibli. For movies like Howl’s Moving Castle and Totoro my neighbor, for example, their soundtrack is extremely memorable while Tales of Earthsea’s The soundtrack is easily forgotten by the time the credits are released. Then, of course, there are world buildings that are limited to plains, towns, and generic castles, while constructions like Soul land and Princess Mononoke There have been many rich locations full of interesting creatures, cultures and unique buildings.

In addition to comparison, Stories from the ground still stumble In many aspects. Important elements like the character’s motivations are not focused, don’t go into why Therru went from hating to love Arren, don’t explain why Arren killed his father, and why Cob wants eternal life. The plot itself falls into the same trap of lack of focus, not telling the audience why these characters in particular seek to thwart Cob’s journey to immortality or why the immortal Cob destroyed it. destroy Earthsea in the first place. All in all, a lot goes unresolved, which doesn’t help with world building, character development, or anything else that Ghibli movies typically thrive on.

As a movie inspired by books by Le Guin, Stories from the ground also failed to bear any resemblance to the source material other than the characters’ names. When Le Guin saw the film herself, she had a mixed opinion, leaning mostly towards disappointment seeing that many elements from her work were completely out of context in the film. When she agreed to let Studio Ghibli make a movie based on her books, she wanted Hayao Miyazaki to direct and was a bit disappointed that the director was her son. However, she understood that the project would be the first to be directed by Miyazaki and that he might have shouldered too much for someone with so little experience.

Gorō Miyazaki’s career and how it influenced stories from Earthsea

Cob is holding Arren.

Being the son of one of the most famous animators in the world is bound to add a lot of pressure to someone pursuing a career in film. In fact, Gorō is very sensitive to this and having been a scene-maker before entering the film business, he believes he will never reach the level of praise his father received. okay if he works in the movies. He studied landscaping at Shinshu University Agricultural School and has extensive experience in building parks and gardens, even having a hand in designing. Ghibli Museum in Mitaka.

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At the age of 38, Miyazaki changed his mind and moved from the field of landscape to working at Studio Ghibli. In his articles, he explains that this decision was driven by passion, as he loves animation so much and can’t ignore it just because he compares himself to his father. He also loves Le Guin’s work and reading her books in high school, and mentions that the story of a boy who cannot control his magical powers resonates with him especially. The one who gave Gorō Miyazaki the title of director for Stories from the ground is actually Studio Ghibli producer Toshio Suzuki, who likes Gorō Miyazaki’s storyboards. The animators in the studio also love his storyboarding work and are willing to assist him with the project.

The public learned through interviews and personal blogs that the involvement of young Miyazaki caused discord between him and his father. Hayao Miyazaki believes his son doesn’t have enough experience to work Stories from the ground and they didn’t talk through most of the film’s development. The animation took eight months and 17 days to complete, and that’s not much compared to Soul land and Howl’s Moving Castle, which took about 17 months to complete. Gorō Miyazaki had many doubts about the work but continued with the hope that the film would speak for itself instead of being constantly compared to his father. When the film came out, Hayao Miyazaki was mostly supportive of his son’s work but did say that he still had a lot of work to do.

Looking back at the movie today

Arren next to the dragon.

It has been about 15 years since Stories from the ground was released, and critics and fans alike looked back at it with much more compassion and sympathy than before. Gorō Miyazaki’s latest film, Earwig and the Witch is Studio Ghibli’s new lousy movie drew attention away from the negative aspects of Stories from the ground. Some of the more positive aspects of the film are currently being talked about, such as the voice acting, the visuals and the good message about death giving life value.

Of course, part of this belated praise can also be attributed to Miyazaki Gorō being more open about his desires and experiences. Being compared to a famous parent is a difficult thing for someone who is passionate and wants to make their own art, and everyone can empathize with that struggle. For fans of the big Le Guin book, the movie is even better two part miniseries Is called Earthsea was produced on the Science Fiction Channel in 2004.

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