The strongest new Yonko in One Piece

Known as the four most powerful pirates in the world A piece, the Yonko are said to be the rulers of the New World. Out of all the people searching for One Piece, they are known to be the closest to it. Yonko has boundless power, but that’s not all. They also had great influence over the seas they ruled. They are known to hold vast territories under their absolute control and have countless allies.

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Their power is such that even the World Government dares not directly oppose any of them, which only shows the extent of the threat they pose to the world. After One Piece’s In Wano Country section, Yonko’s rank has been reshuffled, and here are the people who currently hold this position.

4 Buggy

Buggy is one of the newest additions to the Yonko ranks following the demise of the former Yonko Big Mom and Kaido. During the two-year timeskip, he rose to the position of the Shichibukai, and wielded his powers quite effectively. During those two years, he built up a pretty impressive force and made alliances with some of the greatest pirates in the world, such as the Giant Pirate, known to be one of the strongest. outside.

His influence in the underworld of A piece is also immense. Through Buggy’s Delivery, he’s been running the show from behind the scenes, and while he doesn’t have any real power, his followers are actually quite powerful, as some of them are those who escaped from Impel Down. Furthermore, Buggy is a former member of the Roger Pirates and he is also related to Red-Haired Shanks, who is said to be his sworn brother. All that considered, Buggy’s position as one of the Yonko is entirely justified. It is likely that he became stronger during the timeskip, however, his exact strength level is unknown at this time.

3 Monkey D. Luffy

Luffy leads the fight against Yonko Kaido and Big Mom in One Piece’s Wano Country Arc. After allying with Trafalgar Law over Punk Hazard, he kept an eye on Kaido, and throughout the fight, finally accomplished what he set out to do. Although the fight initially started out as one between the Worst Generation and Yonko, it eventually turned into a one-on-one fight between Kaido and Luffy.

Luffy awakens to the advanced use of Conqueror Haki and with it, confronts Kaido in battle. Even so, his strength proved to be a bit lacking compared to what was needed and he ended up falling into Yonko’s hands more than once. He eventually awakens his Devil Fruit, which is later revealed to be a Mythical Zoan type, named Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika. With this power boost, Luffy tapped into a new transformation called Gear 5 and was able to resist Kaido. His strongest attack, called the Bajrang Gun, is powerful enough to crush Kaido completely. Seven days after Kaido’s defeat, he was declared one of the Yonko of the Sea. Given the territory he holds in the form of Fish-Man Island and possibly now the Wano Nation, along with countless allies at sea, Luffy certainly deserves the title of one of his Yonko. He has a bounty of 3 billion berries.

2 Black beard

Just like Buggy, Blackbeard was once one of the Shichibukai. After the events of the Great War of Paramount, where he killed Whitebeard and obtained his Devil Fruit powers, Blackbeard arrived in the New World and slowly began to expand his dominion. In two years, he defeated countless pirates and expanded his territory by taking over what once belonged to Whitebeard. Soon after, he fought against Marco and the rest of the Whitebeard Commanders in a war known as the War of Hatred. By defeating them overwhelmingly, Blackbeard established himself as one of the Yonko.

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He received a bounty of 2.247 billion berries which he still holds to this day. He has two Devil Fruit powers under his belt, making him the only person in history to be able to do so. With the strongest of the Logia-type and the strongest of the Paramecia-type, Blackbeard declared himself invincible. Moreover, his search for power has not stopped. In the New World, he constantly hunts for powerful Devil Fruits for his teammates and possibly for himself. Blackbeard is still evolving and in the future will be one of the most powerful characters that ever lived.

first Shanks

Out of all the New Yonko, Shanks is officially the oldest. He rose to this position 6 years before the current events of the story. When Shanks met Luffy and gave him the straw hat, he wasn’t Yonko. It took 6 years after that incident, he rose to this position. Although young, Shanks has tremendous strength and despite losing his dominant arm, he is still strong enough to be considered one of the most powerful pirates in the world. Shanks doesn’t have any Devil Fruit powers. Instead, he relies on his Haki in battle. It is believed that his Conquering Haki is particularly powerful, as it has been repeatedly praised by the likes of Diamond Jozu and even Whitebeard himself.

He wields a sword called the Gryphon and it most likely ranks among the Supreme Swords of God. A piece world. Shanks’ crew, the Red Hair Pirates, are known to be the most balanced crew out there with no particular weakness. All of his officers are said to have high bonuses, which makes them a threat to even the World Government. Shanks himself has a bounty of 4.048 billion berries, which is not surprising for someone who rose to the position just six years ago. His full power has yet to be seen, however, as the story moves into the final story, now is the time for him to shine.

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