The Strongest Fire-Type Move of Each Generation, Ranked

Fireplace-types have at all times been a favourite amongst Pokémon followers, from cute starters like Charmander to legendary Moltres. With their tendency in direction of excessive Assault and Particular Assault stats, they make nice offensive gamers on any Coach’s crew.

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What’s extra, each new era of video games solely provides extra assaults that these Pokémon can use to scorch and sear their opponents. Out of every era’s strongest contribution to the Fireplace-type transfer set, which is most helpful in battle? Except for the overpowered Z-Strikes and Max Strikes, here is the strongest Fireplace-type transfer from each era, ranked from worst to greatest.

Up to date August 8, 2021 by Demaris Oxman: With the ever enduring reputation of the Pokemon franchise, followers are nonetheless continually curious to know which strikes will give them a bonus in battle. For Fireplace-type customers, each era has supplied up at the very least one assault that is price including to a coach’s roster. To assist gamers decide which of those strikes are greatest suited to their model of battling, we have up to date this checklist to incorporate the stats of every assault, in addition to data on how straightforward or tough the transfer is to return by.

8 Gen VI: Mystical Fireplace

Alcremie using Mystical Fire

Transfer Stats

  • Base Energy: 75
  • Accuracy: 100%
  • PP: 10

Since just one Fireplace-type transfer was introduced in Gen VI, there wasn’t a variety of competitors for this spot. Nevertheless, with its accuracy and its respectable base injury, Mystical Fireplace is way from a ineffective assault. It additionally lowers the goal’s Particular Assault by one stage, giving the person slightly further benefit.

In contrast with different strikes on this checklist, although, 75 injury does not fairly stack up. Its PP can also be fairly low for a transfer of its energy. Lastly, in double or triple battles, Mystical Fireplace can hurt allies adjoining to the person.

Solely three Pokemon can be taught Mystical Fireplace by level-up: Mismagius, Delphox, and Blacephalon. Nevertheless, just a few dozen can be taught it through TM, together with Ponyta, Charizard, Clefairy, and extra.

7 Gen I: Fireplace Blast

Ninetales using Fire Blast

Transfer Stats

  • Base Energy: 110
  • Accuracy: 85%
  • PP: 5

Regardless of its excessive energy and its 10% probability to inflict a burn, the Particular transfer Fireplace Blast’s reliability leaves slightly to be desired. An 85% base accuracy is not horrible, however there are a lot different Fireplace-type strikes with excessive energy and a better probability to hit.

With its low PP, gamers need to watch out to decide on the appropriate moments to make use of this assault. It is also useful to have Pokémon equipped with Fire Blast maintain an accuracy-boosting merchandise, or for Trainers to make use of an X Accuracy. It is definitely worth the effort, as a result of a profitable Fireplace Blast might be devastating to opponents.

Fireplace Blast does have the benefit of being a quite common, high-powered transfer. 19 Fireplace-types be taught this assault by level-up, together with widespread finds like Ponyta. What’s extra, a number of dozen Pokemon are capable of be taught Fireplace Blast through TM.

6 Gen V: Blue Flare

Reshiram using Blue Flare

Transfer Stats

  • Base Energy: 130
  • Accuracy: 85%
  • PP: 5

This signature Particular transfer of Reshiram not solely boasts huge energy, but additionally has a 20% probability to burn the goal. Like Fireplace Blast, its accuracy is respectable however not spectacular. Gamers can use the similar accuracy-boosting methods talked about above to ensure that its PP aren’t wasted on missed assaults.

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One draw back of Blue Flare is its rarity. Since Reshiram is a legendary Pokémon and does not seem in each sport, its signature transfer is unique to the variations that embrace Reshiram. Not each participant will get the chance to engulf their foes in blue fireplace — however for individuals who do, it is a superb assault.

5 Gen II: Sacred Fireplace

Ho-Oh using Sacred Fire

Transfer Stats

  • Base Energy: 100
  • Accuracy: 95%
  • PP: 5

This legendary Bodily transfer is barely much less highly effective than Fireplace Blast and Blue Flare. Nevertheless, 100 base energy continues to be a variety of injury, and its greater accuracy signifies that it is slightly extra reliable. Just like the earlier two strikes, its low PP signifies that Trainers should make use of some technique as to how and once they use this assault.

Sacred Fireplace additionally has the best probability of any transfer on this checklist to inflict a standing situation, with a 50% probability to burn its goal. If the goal Pokemon is frozen, this assault will thaw out the opponent along with dealing injury.

Like Blue Flare, that is a uncommon transfer; solely Ho-Oh and Entei can be taught Sacred Fireplace.

4 Gen VIII: Pyro Ball

Cindrace using Pyro Ball

Transfer Stats

  • Base Energy: 120
  • Accuracy: 90%
  • PP: 5

This Bodily assault’s excessive energy permits it to obliterate enemies — and, like Sacred Fireplace, thaw them out if frozen. Contemplating its accuracy and PP, layers want to make use of it rigorously, however the injury is price it. Coupled with the 10% probability to burn foes, this transfer is an ace within the gap for any coach who chooses this starter Pokémon in Gen VIII.

Like a number of different strikes on this checklist, Pyro Ball does have an effect on adjoining ally Pokémon in double and triple battles. Nevertheless, since these aren’t quite common in Sword and Shield, this is not too large a disadvantage for this highly effective assault.

As Pyro Ball is Cinderace’s signature transfer, it’s presently the one Pokemon who can be taught this assault — nevertheless, this will change in future video games.

3 Gen VII: Shell Lure

Shell Trap

Transfer Stats

  • Base Energy: 150
  • Accuracy: 100%
  • PP: 5

Turtonator’s signature move is massively highly effective. The person units the lure in the beginning of its flip, and whether it is hit with an opponent’s bodily transfer, Shell Lure will then set off. If the opposing Pokémon does not use a bodily assault, Shell Lure will fail.

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The obvious disadvantage, in fact, is that it is arduous to foretell if and when an opponent will use a bodily transfer. Thus, it helps for gamers to be aware of their enemies’ strikes, as a result of Shell Lure’s large injury is price using.

The opposite disadvantage is that as of Sword & Protect, solely Turtonator can use this transfer. Extra Pokemon might be able to put it to use in future video games, however contemplating how effectively the transfer suits with Turtonator’s design, this can be unlikely.

2 Gen IV: Flare Blitz

Solrock using Flare Blitz

Transfer Stats

  • Base Energy: 120
  • Accuracy: 100%
  • PP: 15

Only a few strikes with such excessive base energy have such excessive accuracy, to not point out so many makes use of. With 120 injury, Flare Blitz is an immensely powerful Physical attack that can flip the tide of a tough battle. Moreover, its 10% probability to burn the goal presents potential for much more injury.

Regardless of its 15 PP, gamers ought to nonetheless use this assault judiciously as a result of recoil. Customers obtain recoil equal 1/3 of the injury performed to the goal, so it is essential to use Flare Blitz with excessive HP. Having Pokémon maintain a Sitrus Berry or Leftovers might help mitigate this recoil injury as effectively by restoring their well being.

Loads of Pokemon be taught Flare Blitz by stage up, together with some Fireplace-type starters. Much more can be taught the transfer by TR, giving dozens of Pokemon the chance to deal huge injury.

1 Gen III: Eruption


Transfer Stats

  • Base Energy: 150
  • Accuracy: 100%
  • PP: 5

This Particular transfer’s explosive energy lives as much as its title. It is distinctive in that the upper the person’s HP, the extra injury it does. Thus, it is best used in the beginning of a battle to instantly acquire the higher hand.

Moreover, not like many strikes on this checklist, Eruption impacts all adjoining enemies in double and triple battles with out affecting ally Pokémon. Contemplating its extremely excessive injury, robust accuracy, and lack of drawbacks for the person, Eruption is among the greatest Fireplace-type assaults not simply in Gen III, however throughout all Pokémon video games.

This transfer is comparatively uncommon, as solely seven Pokemon can be taught it: Cyndaquil and its evolutions, Entei, Camerupt, Torkoal, and Groudon. For gamers fortunate sufficient to have one in all these of their roster, Eruption is an important transfer to be taught.

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