The Sims 4: How to have twins

Getting a Sim pregnant in Sims 4 is a pretty straightforward process, though if the player wants twins, things get a little trickier.

The best way to have twins in The Sims 4

The Sims 4 allows players to build any life they want for their Sims. This includes everything from construction perfect Sims Cottagecore House to have as many babies per family as the player might want. While it’s pretty easy to get a Sim pregnant in the game, it’s much harder to ensure that a Sim will carry two babies.

Let a family birth in The Sims 4, they will need a romantic partner of the right sex to conceive. Players can also adopt in-game children for their Sims. However, if someone wants their Sims to have twins or even triplets naturally in their game, there are a few steps they can take to make them more likely to have twins or even triplets. than.


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Updated on December 1, 2021, by Anastasia Maillot: Thanks for the challenge like challenge 100 babies, twins or even triplets have become a prime target for many Simmers. Since these are often random, it’s also not an easy task, unless some extra feature is used to increase the likelihood of twins. In addition to the tips already in this guide, some more helpful tips have been added to help twins get into The Sims 4 easier for players.

Twins in The Sims 4

The best way to have twins in The Sims 4

There is a small chance that any pregnancy in The Sims 4 will end with twins; the rate of twins is about 10% while the rate of triplets is about 1%. But just as players can influence their chances of having a boy or a girl, they can also increase their chances of having multiple children. There are several methods to raise those numbers and get those twins.

  • Players can buy Fertile Rewards, available in the Rewards Store for 3,000 points.
  • inside Right at the spa game pack, Players can get a fertility massage from Spa.

  • Also in Right at the spa Game packs, raise Sim’s wellness skills until they can get a massage, then have them Give Sims Who Want Twins Once Fertility Massage. Players will need to own a massage table as this is an option.

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  • inside City life expansion pack, a new batch trait called On The Ley Line increases fertility for Sims on lots. Vampire Sims also have a similar trait.

  • NS Romantic garden tools Pack add a wish, this can also increase a Sim’s fertility.

  • ‘s outdoor retreat The Herbalism skill introduces a powerful medicine called Elixir of Fertility, specifically to increase your chances of having twins or triplets. Sims need to be level 10 in Herbalism to be able to cook it and will need 3 Morel Mushrooms, 2 False Morels, 1 Dust Spirit and 1 Blackberry.

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Currently, these are the only things players can do in The Sims 4 to increase the chances of Sim having a twin or triplets unless they want to trigger the cheat.

How Twin Cheat works in The Sims 4

Sim 4 Sim Use Computer to Write

To trick Sims into having two, three, four, five or even six babies at once, cheat will have to be enabled in The Sims 4. Once a Sim gets pregnant, get the Sim’s ID with their first and last name. You can get this by typing:

  • sims.get_sim_id_by_name first last name

Then force additional babies using this cheat:

  • thai.force_offspring_count SIM ID NUMBER OF CHILDREN

  • For example, thai.force_offspring_count 1341302010235 5 will force Sim ID 1341302010235 to have 5 babies at once.

The best way to have twins in The Sims 4

If the player used this cheat, best to let pregnancy take up natural time in the game to complete. Stacking pregnancy rate cheats on top of multiple spawning cheats can cause problems in the game. Which says, pregnancy mod in The Sims 4 will work fine with this cheat.

The source: Carl’s Sims 4 Tutorial

The Sims 4 Currently available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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