The scariest Dragon Ball characters

dragon ball is one of the most popular anime of all time, with the series being revered by many as one of the best shonen anime that opened the doors for this medium to take over the world. The stories of Goku and the rest of his crew as they continually face massive doomsday threats make for a truly awesome watch.

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dragon ball is by no means a scary show, although some of its character designs can be quite chilling indeed. This is especially true for the following characters, who were the stuff of nightmares when they were introduced. While their eyesight gradually became more normal over time, viewers still remember the initial shock and fear they felt when they first saw the following characters.


10 big ape

Viewers were shocked when they saw the great ape in person for the first time. This gigantic creature wreaked absolute havoc and could not distinguish between friend and foe.

The fact that Grandpa Gohan died because Goku turned into an ape is really heartbreaking and shows how cruel this transformation is. Luckily, most Saiyans removed their tails after everyone was made aware of the dangers surrounding this form.

9 Demon King Piccolo

The Demon King Piccolo reveal is nothing short of terrifying. This aged alien being was extremely powerful and constantly stalked Goku and his friends.

Before he could die, he spat out an egg so his will could live on in a younger body. This creature is the piccolo we all know and love and shows how much this character has grown over time dragon ball.

8th Frieza in his third form

There’s a running joke that talks about how Frieza’s third form looks like a Xenomorph, slightly poking fun at that form’s hideous design. There’s a reason many people consider this shape the scariest of all.

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This third form of Frieza doesn’t last all that long, but it does have quite a lasting effect. In fact, most viewers were pretty happy they didn’t have to stare at Frieza’s most sinister form any longer than necessary.

7 cooler in its final form

In which Dragon Ball Z Filming it is revealed that Frieza has a brother who is trying to hunt down Goku and make him pay for killing his brother. This entity is called Cooler and has another fifth form that serves as an upgrade over Frieza’s fourth form.

Cooler’s final form is pretty scary indeed, and makes it pretty clear that he’s quite evil. Luckily, Goku manages to transform into a Super Saiyan and defeat Cooler before he can destroy Earth.

6 Dr.Gero

The revelation of dr. Geros android body in Dragon Ball Z is pretty rough to look at. An old man’s face is creepy enough before viewers managed to get a glimpse of what was under his hat.

Watching his brain eerily float around in his see-through head is pretty gruesome to watch. It’s possible that dr. Gero could have had a more lasting impact on the series, but the callous way in which his creations killed him nullified any possibility of that happening.

5 imperfect cell

Cell’s structure in the anime is nothing short of outstanding. For the most part, viewers can only see the silhouette of his mysterious enemy before he reveals his true colors and how nightmarish it looks.

Imperfect Cell might be Cell’s weakest version, but he’s still a force to be reckoned with. His bug-like features and sinister tail have stuck in fans’ minds for years after this villain’s dust bite.

4 Organic Broly

Broly himself is a rather sinister antagonist in the Dragon Ball Z movies. His bulky build and blinded eyes are enough in and of themselves to make him look creepy.

However, the synthetic version of Broly is nothing short of a nightmare. He’s like a sentient mud that looks like something out of a horror movie and definitely not something people would expect from a series Dragon Ball Z.

3 kid buu

The murderous killing sprees that Kid Buu regularly pulls off should make it abundantly clear that this character is anything but good. In fact, even from the introduction of this form, his bloodlust is so evident that viewers can’t help but feel a shiver down their spines.

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Kid Buu’s first act as a villain is to destroy the entire earth, which is certainly a way to bring in his immense power. This, coupled with his psychotic nature, makes him the most vicious and creepy transformation of Buu in this saga.

2 hirude yarn

Dragon Ball Z: Dragon’s Wrath is a great film that expands on the amazing moves that Goku has access to in his Super Saiyan 3 form. But many also know it Wrath of the Dragon for the sinister appearance of his main antagonist.

Hirudegarn is a huge beast who is initially split in half at the beginning of the film. However, as the film progresses, the two halves become one and the beast wreaks absolute havoc on Earth while appearing like a monster straight from Hell.

1 Merged Zamasu after an injury

For the most part, the antagonists have been introduced Dragon Ball great are not that nightmarish. Sure, Beerus’ looks and appeal actually make him look pretty scary, but he turns out to be quite a fun and engaging character with an immensely likeable personality.

The same cannot be said for Zamasu, who is a truly hideous being and would like all mortals to be wiped off the face of the earth. He looks even more nightmarish after being merged with Goku Black and injured as his immortality was only associated with one being.

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