The scariest cities in horror games

Any good horror game needs a good environment to really set the atmosphere. Some horror games take place in environments unfamiliar to humans, like space or the deep sea. And others take place in unsettlingly familiar settings like a small town or big city.

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Part of what makes horror games set in cities scary is that all the horrible things happen to innocent people who are just minding their own business. It plays on the fear that bad things can happen to anyone, anywhere, and that sometimes the people who pose the greatest danger are the ones closest.


8/8 Little Hope – The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope

The second of The Anthology of Dark Pictures, A little bit of hope takes place in the ghost town of the same name. Four students and a teacher are stranded in the deserted town after a bus crash. While searching for a way out of town, several members of the group experience visions of Little Hope’s past, in which people who look like her are being tried and sentenced as witches.

After each vision, they are hunted down by their doppelgangers and savagely killed if they move wrong. Even without the doppelgangers, the town’s eerie emptiness and dark, hidden history make Little Hope one of the last places you’re stranded.

7/8 The Pale City – Little Nightmares 2

The Pale City is where most Little nightmares 2 occur. Mono and Six cross different areas of the foggy and run-down city on their way to the signal tower.

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Not only is there an ominous and menacing dark structure in the background, but its signals seem to have distorted the city and its inhabitants into mindless and nightmarish creatures. With the size of Mono and Six, the Pale City looks even more massive and oppressive. It doesn’t help that every resident is hostile to Mono and Six, and every area is riddled with deadly traps.

6/8 Tall Oaks – Resident Evil 6

Tall Oaks was a town in Resident Evil 6 which suffered the same fate as Raccoon City almost fifteen years ago. Due to President Adam Benford’s decision to reveal what really happened in Raccoon City, an assassination plot was hatched to both silence the President and cover up the US government’s involvement in Umbrella.

With BOWs called Lepoticas, nearly the entire population of Tall Oaks quickly became infected and turned into zombies. Zombies aren’t the only things that pose a threat in Tall Oaks. There are two new enemy types in the series, one called the Shrieker that stuns the player and attracts zombies, and a large and powerful enemy called the Whopper.

5/8 Raccoon City- Resident Evil

Who knows them resident Evil Game series should be familiar with the city of Raccoon City, the site of the first outbreak of Umbrella’s bioweapon, the T-Virus. Several games in the series take place in Raccoon City or cover what happened.

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A seemingly normal place that Umbrella used as cover for their experiments. The events ofResident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 saw the city devastated by the T-Virus outbreak, turning most of the city into dangerous zombies.

4/8 Old Town – Dying Light

in the dying light, almost all of Harran is teeming with the infected as the place has been quarantined from the rest of the world. The first area in the game is the slums, which were already in disarray before the outbreak. The slums are spooky in their own right, but Old Town is the spookier of the two locations in the game.

Old Town has all the Infected types and introduces really terrifying ones like the Demolisher, which is huge and strong and can hurl walls and cars at the player. There are also screamers that are non-violent but can stun the player and summon swarms of infected to the area they are in if allowed to scream.

3/8 Oakmont City – The Sinking City

Eldritch horror and small towns seem to go hand in hand, especially in The Sinking City. Set in the 1920s, players will accompany private investigator Charles Reed on his journey to the city of Oakmont to solve the mystery behind the great flood that submerged most of the city and the strange hysteria gripping many Oakmont residents .

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There are terrifying creatures called Wylebeasts that Reed must fight, causing physical and psychological damage that drives him insane. Even the residents are unfriendly as Reed is seen as an outsider.

2/8 Yahar’gul The Unseen Village – Bloodborne

Every location in gothic eldritch horror game bloodborne is terrifying in its own unique way. Even the hunter’s dream has its terrors lurking within. But no place is as spooky as Yahar’gul the Invisible Village. The location is unlocked later in the game once Rom, The Vacuous Spider is defeated.

The scenery alone looks like it was born out of a nightmare, as the twisted, petrified corpses of the townsfolk can be found fused into walls or crouched in corners everywhere. After the Blood Moon rises, whether the player has gained enough insight or not, the Small Amygdala can be seen roaming the place, and there are many of them.

1/8 Silent Hill – Silent Hill series

silent Hill is both the name of the game series and the city where most of the games take place. On the surface, it seems like the quintessential New England town, but it’s anything but. Those drawn to the city find themselves trapped in their own personalized nightmare worlds.

Even the dense fog that covers the whole city is spooky and that’s not even the different types of monsters lurking in the fog. Even without all the monsters, Silent Hill is home to a dark and fanatical cult known as the Order, whose devotion to their god has led to numerous terrible deeds.

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