The return of camouflage toast explained

The live streamer called Disguised Toast has spiked in popularity in 2020 thanks to Between us, but is also one of the online characters responsible for the game’s viral popularity that occurred during the ongoing pandemic. A member of the OfflineTV content creation team, he often plays with Twitch streamers such as Pokimane, Scarra, and LilyPichu — as well as Valkyrae, who has an exclusive contract with YouTube — but until recently, could mostly only be found on Facebook Streaming.

This is because a few years back in November 2019, Disguised Toast signed a contract with Facebook and he recently revealed why he switched from Twitch to the platform now owned by Facebook. Meta. However, this only occurs because Toast is back on Twitch after his contract with Facebook ended and possibly signed a hugely profitable deal with the Amazon-owned website.


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Why Toast Disguise Twitch

Toast leaves the game on facebook

Previously, Disguised Toast didn’t reveal too many details about why he decided to leave Twitch other than that he doesn’t regret switching to Facebook. In one Interview with The Hollywood Reporter However, shortly after the move, he said it was because he “felt a bit optimistic in terms of [his] “But now he’s talking about how huge the Facebook contract is compared to Twitch, ‘disgracefully low,'” according to Wang, about 30 times less.

Not only that, but when the Toast rep tried to negotiate a better deal, they were told that Twitch already had Faker, another Asian streamer, implying that two personalities weren’t necessary. Asia with large and profitable contracts on this platform. What Members offlineTV point out that Faker is an expert League of Legends Players and streams very rarely compare, adding insult to injury (although he’s been streaming much more often lately).

Toast in disguise returns to Twitch

play facebook game in disguise

Not sure exactly why Camouflage Toast is back on Twitch following his successful deal with Facebook, but one can infer that it was due to an even better deal through the Amazon-owned streaming site, which is more commensurate with the value added. his increase. Because just earlier this year he said that he is very happy with Facebook Gaming, it is possible that he has been offered an even better contract with Twitch. And it makes sense that the company will end up treating Toast as a hot commodity after Between us popular. There may also be other personal reasons why he wants to leave Facebook, such as the site controversies, but it is unlikely that a substantial amount of money at least did not play any role in the recent move. of Disguised Toast.

His announcement to leave Facebook Gaming came on November 17 and was followed by a video tweet captioned “new platform”, which featured Toast eating a cake pulled from a Twitch duffle bag. He was live at the same time, effectively drawing audiences into his game streams. In the future, he will appear on two of his channels on Twitch, his main channel Camouflage Toast where he has over 2 million followers as well as one under his real name, Jeremy Wang.

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