The radical honesty of ‘trust’ is the perfect digger for ‘inheritance’

Sandwiched between delicious bleak Inheritance and Limit your interest‘the crunchy kings sit Safe, which trades gossip for honesty, which can be as exciting and heavy as any show on HBO’s Sunday menu. Take the fourth episode of Season 5 this week, in which Issa has to deal with the devastation of what she wants to do about her relationship with Nathan (Kendrick Sampson) after she actually cried in her mouth in last week’s episode. . “I have to ask her what my tears are like,” Issa told Molly (Yvonne Orji) and Kelly (Natasha Rottwell) throws Nathan at a beach party. “I know they’re salty.”

But despite the sodium content, these tears were noticeable. They were the first dams to break in accepting Issa’s closeness outside of her friendship with Molly or her unfavorable relationship with Lawrence (Jay Ellis). Before that, we saw what the revival of their relationship meant for each of them. They go on dates, buy gifts for each other, send memes, jokes and advice to each other – filling each other’s cups after a really hard break. They are in Prentice Penny words, “admit that their relationship is unstable … if they don’t bring it up, it can hurt.” They seem to have found a good depth, but both still feel like a romantic partner to be loved. Nathan, with his gentleness, may be the same person Jesus always waited for.

It took a minute to get there. Throughout the episode, Jesus constantly doubts that Nathan really sees this for him. Does he want to be a friend, to be less loved? Didn’t he stay with Jesus after crying, is it a sign that the tragedy of the sad girl is too much for him? “I shouldn’t have kissed you,” Nathan says at the tiki club, his eyes wide and his eyebrows raised as if to say: but girl, I would do it again. Issa is also trying to get the property and admits that it would be a mistake to invite him to sleep before he is ready. These lines are said to lie in order to feel safe enough to continue a friendship, which in their view, their behavior, is a way of relying on each other’s struggles and caring for each other. These are the things that romcom is based on. In “Error, okay ?!” we learn a lot about Nathan through his nephew Thomas and his wife Velma, who Nathan lived at some particularly dark time in his life.

There were a lot of tensions throughout the episode: between Issa and Nathan, between Molly and the two men she could have avoided, and between Nathan and her two former roommates. But this is the last one that reveals the real honesty of the episode.

Nathan can’t escape his storm because Velma introduces the idea that Nathan is a person who leaves difficult situations. “You never know how a night with Nate Dog Gon will get you,” jokes Thomas and his cousin. “You might be behind a box of milk,” Velma said. These sensitive jokes continue until Nathan and Thomas talk outside the club, which they can’t join. It turns out that Nathan believed for years that the reason for their disregard was Velma’s desire to get him out of his place. “It wasn’t in Velma,” Thomas finally admits. “To be honest, I’m the one who didn’t feel comfortable with you. You arrived virtually without warning, so you would come home at the end of the day or in the middle of the night, leaving the door open. I have children, man. These behaviors, we learned, were in fact a manifestation of a kind of mania. We never knew Nathan was a neurodivergent, and apparently he didn’t know it until later in his life. “I just wanted them to see that I had put my life together,” he told Issa with a stern look.

“Both eventually broke down their barriers and took on the real and gentle vulnerability we only saw between him and Lawrence.»

It is here that we finally see that Nathan and Issa come to a kind of equality of relationship. Both eventually broke down their barriers and took on the real and gentle vulnerability we only saw between him and Lawrence. Issa was afraid of hope – so afraid of the anticipation of love that it seemed as if she was “always waiting for the next shoe to fall”. But she overcame her fear and decided to risk it with him, which was just as heartbreaking. Inheritancedamn it»Is violently satisfactory.

#NathanHive could win this season. Who knew that eyes of light and calm tone would bring him so much kindness. However, the growing anticipation of getting here – from the easily solvable lies of the first episode to Jesus ’detective work in determining that Nathan doesn’t hit the pigeon on the beach – is a gentle response. Safe unlike many shows with a pride. There’s an investment to be honest, whether it’s heartbreaking or not, like the last episode, where the events of Issa finally end with Lawrence “for good” – it provides the show with a sense of humanity. Jesus and Nathan are both unstable; both deal with abandonment and dismissal and have little time for each other to do so. No more wool on the eyes: if it hurts, leave it. But at least let’s be real: we wanted to kiss and maybe even kiss again. | The radical honesty of ‘trust’ is the perfect digger for ‘inheritance’


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