The premiere of ‘Real Housewives in Beverly Hills’ was a TV masterpiece

Am I proud of the fact that The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Is the season’s premiere the best entertainment I’ve seen in my entire life?

Of course not. Citizen Kane is horrifying. Who is Steven Spielberg? There is a program called Wire? Pilot of Smash feel vibration.

And do I enjoy counting down the days until Erika Jayne must atone for her brutal and angry self-victimization in a carefully choreographed way that equals damage control and entertainment value on reality TV? Again, no. But I’ll never pretend that I’m not some old human McNugget chicken. (You know what I’m talking about, the thing that sits in a box overnight and you still take a bite while you wait for your coffee to brew the next morning.) And so do you.

This is our dry McNugget TV. That is, we don’t love it, we love it. But it’s still just as good.

If you watched Real housewives over the last 16 years (like we won’t admit we’ve had, but certainly have been), this is the volume the series has built on. That’s because it’s something that the franchise — which has seen tables flipped, underwear inhaled, and prosthetics used as projectiles — can never be staged.

We’re at the point where the women on these shows have studied the series like its modern Shakespeare text and behaved accordingly. Still, the franchise is ostentatiously rehearsed and predictable, Beverly Hills has somehow emerged as the most unpredictable.

God bless my lord and savior Andy Cohen, but even he couldn’t mess up a season premiere in which a woman was vilified for her lack of empathy with her husband being accused forced to embezzle millions of dollars from orphans and widows to finance her wardrobe and music career including the song “XXPEN$IVE” as the episode Monday payment because another actor was robbed with a gun during filming.

For some, the preceding paragraph encapsulates the decline of civilization. For me, it’s cinema.

It is, we will admit, an experience that exists, tortures to see The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

The accusations against Erika Jayne and her ex-husband are so dark, and her bitterness about it, so upsetting, that we shouldn’t trigger it by confirming the fact that it’s not. Really a great TV. And after news broke last year that Dorit Kemsley had been burglarized while at her home and begging criminals that if they were going to kill her, at least spare her children, urges her She thought, “That’s horrible, but also the new season has been filmed?!” It wasn’t a proud moment.

But a decade and a half of this has turned us into monsters. And the monsters are eating deliciously.

“A decade and a half of this has turned us into monsters. And the monsters are eating deliciously.”

If you have watched the previous part of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, you know, the way Erika Jayne handles the real-time drama about her marriage is causing a stir amid investigations into millions of dollars stolen from orphans. Orphan is really amazing and absurd. It’s disconcerting that she agreed to film in all of this, and it’s even more astonishing that she behaved as defensively as she did.

You also know that the behavior of your co-star and her friends is equally wild.

My favorite thing as a seasoned reality TV fan is watching the cast try to adjust in real time to how they behave and react to things to be their “best”. maybe with the public — just to see when it aired how drastic they were. miscalculated their loyalty and actions.

That was certainly the case with last season, when the entire cast except for Sutton Stracke refused to ask Erika real questions and then failed to protect or support Sutton as she staggered on her own. (very appropriate) that. Erika holds a grudge against her for asking fairly trivial questions from the perspective of the headlines, and the rest of the cast has tragically left Sutton to dry, like a bizarre high-top shirt hers is coiled on the clothesline.

After a failure in room reading, it’s funny to see how the cast evaluates how they should try to make up. Kyle Richards, for example, is completely possessive until wrong. And Garcelle Beauvais continues to be the Greatest Housewife in the confessional, who recounts the exact right thing while never saying it to the group.

The series’ editors and producers are also taking notice, as they appear to be framing the season around the rivalry between Sutton and Erika.

Erika is clearly on a spiral and doesn’t own the gravity of the situation, let alone her public image. We come up with inspirational content: “When you order a Taco Bell and you don’t remember it, but the wrappers are in the kitchen, that’s a problem…” And also delusional content: “Bravo can make it real. doing their due diligence, I don’t “I really don’t know,” was Erika’s response when asked about the details of her case.

But Sutton’s slanderous accusations are now being turned to villainous status. It’s not just with Erika. Lisa Rinna is carefully positioning her as a rival by arming her crutches My least favorite housewives: talk about what’s been said “in the press”. In this case, it’s even more meta: what was said above See what happens live.

It’s frustrating because it’s such a good TV show that we’re watching to see exactly this: how these women reacted not just to the Erika Jayne scandal, but to how they reacted. in the early reactions to Erika Jayne’s scandal. Those are funny house-shaped mirrors lined with a recognizable rabbit hole on the camera, that’s exactly what Real housewives talk about.

Given the potential for intrigue in that plot, it’s unexpected that something else is so dramatic that any time an actor talks about that one controversy, it seems cliché. That brings us to Dorit.

It’s a strange position when you don’t know exactly why a rational human would allow herself to be on camera for 24 hours after intruders broke into her bedroom with a shotgun. guns and threatened the lives of her children. But what Dorit is experiencing is undeniably incredible.

There’s an argument to be made that, as a public figure filming a reality show, robbery is going to be an inevitable topic of conversation, so why not open everything up in front of the camera? turn? However, the raw emotion – overshadowed by a very elaborate dinner at Kyle Richards’ home – delivers the impactful footage to the point of being almost uncomfortable to watch, in a way reality TV rarely does. get more.

There is a carefully crafted scene about Dorit and her children who have just returned home from a trip while her husband, PK, remains in the UK. There is security camera footage of thieves breaking into her home. Dorit, quite painfully, recounts exactly what they told her while pointing a gun to her head and stealing her jewelry and handbag. At one point, she even stood on the ground recreating the challenge for her friends.

I cry.

Is it completely crazy that PK agrees to meet his wife for the first time after she was nearly murdered while trying to save the lives of their children at Kyle Richards’ home, with Kyle in his pajamas because she Was hurt like that? It’s correct. Of course. But being a reality TV fan means not thinking about those things. Don’t think about why one would want to have a camera in such a moment or the emotions that may or may not be real around it.

It was a heavy, uncomfortable episode about RHOBH. That’s why we are always grateful to Lisa Rinna. Everyone was sobbing because of what Dorit had gone through. Lisa then asked if she should throw Harry Hamlin’s birthday party she had planned for the next day. Priorities. The premiere of ‘Real Housewives in Beverly Hills’ was a TV masterpiece


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