The plot to broadcast the murder of Gretchen Whitmer shows how far rights have fallen

More than any other story other than the January 6 right-wing coup plot, the plot to assassinate Governor Gretchen Whitmer exemplifies the escalating threat of political violence, the decline of American civil society and the growing threat of the Republican Party are willing to justify, reduce, and at times, even encourage extralegal extremism as a means to a political end. its value.

However, the trial of four of the 14 alleged members of the Michigan domestic terrorist organization, Wolverine Watchmen, who had planned the kidnapping and public murder of Whitmer, a Democrat, was part of the trial. has escaped the attention of the national media. Americans ignore this trial, where a verdict is expected any day now, at their own risk.

In making their case, prosecutors detailed how the Wolverine Watchman had amassed an arsenal of weapons, ammunition and military equipment, had repeatedly tracked Whitmer’s motel and set up a series of contingency plans to ensure that their primary task of governor enforcement is successful. According to prosecutors, this was a real conspiracy, not a fantasy or drunkenness.

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Kent County Sheriff’s Office / Handout

According to an undercover FBI agent who had a hand in the hate group, and two members of the same group who pleaded guilty and became government witnesses, the conspirators’ last hope was to kidnap Whitmer. , restrained her and broadcast her execution live on the Internet. They also expressed eagerness at the murderous law enforcement agents assigned to protect Whitmer, seeing them as traitors working on behalf of the “tyrant”.

The similarities with ISIS don’t end with the desire to broadcast an assassination attempt. Understanding that they would soon be surrounded by police officers and FBI agents, the conspirators made it clear, without knowing their conversation was being recorded, their intention to carry out a suicide mission . In some discussion, they explained that, most likely, they would have to quickly “take down” Whitmer just before their own death.

Javed Ali, a professor of public policy at the University of Michigan and a former senior director of counterterrorism at the National Security Council, told me in a recent email exchange that the conspiracy against Whitmer , “the largest terrorist plot in the United States since 9/11,” represents a turning point towards right-wing violence:

“The sheer number of FBI investigations, to which Director Wray has admitted to more than 2,000, violent events and plots such as January 6, and the Whitmer abduction, the substantial number of accounts and Social networking platforms host or facilitate the toxic metabolism, he said, of ideas and beliefs, and most likely a very large group of Americans believe in them,” he said. Even if those decades include horrific terrorist attacks, such as Timothy McVeigh’s bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, they are “nothing,” according to Ali. at the scale of the present landscape”.


President Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally on October 17, 2020, in Muskegon, Michigan.

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The contemporary landscape has a personality cult like Donald Trump’s Jonestown, blatantly nationalist Republicans in Congress and right-wing pundits, like Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones, who listeners are like the skinheads on the street corner. It is therefore not surprising that threats of violence against public officials have become an alarming habit.

In just a small sampling of school districts, Reuters found 220 examples of death threats against school board members. Similarly, the Brennan Center for Justice reports that one in six election officials have received direct threats against themselves and their families since November 2020. In hopes of “preventing” themselves. stop stealing”, right-wing activists have turned vicious and devoted to pointing out that USA Today The political threat reports could “jeopardize the 2022 midterms,” ​​given the widespread resignation of election officials.

The threat of right-wing violence doesn’t just come from extremist organisations. In a close examination on January 6, Robert Pape, a professor at the University of Chicago and one of the world’s leading academic experts on terrorism, found that most followers insurgency is not affiliated with militias or white extremist organizations, and closely resembles the average Republican. Voters than members of the Wolverine Watchmen. Through extensive polls, Pape has also found 21 million right-wing Americans willing to declare that “the use of force is justifiable” for political purposes.


Protesters attempt to enter the Michigan House of Representatives room and are being stopped by the Michigan State Police following the Michigan United Patriots’ Patriotic Rally for Freedom against the reopening of businesses. on the steps of the Michigan State Capitol in Lansing, Michigan on April 30, 2020.

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Threats of violence against Whitmer began not with a failed plot, but with the storming of the Michigan capitol building in Lansing in April 2020. President Trump instructed his supporters to lose their minds. “liberate Michigan”, and so they obeyed his orders – bringing guns into the stadium, police officers around, and shouting about the deaths of Whitmer and other state officials to ” oppose” COVID-19 restrictions on businesses. The same Wolverine Watchmen, who would later discuss the plan to assassinate Whitmer, participated in the siege.


Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer spoke at a news conference after 13 people, including seven men affiliated with the Wolverine Watchmen militia, were arrested for allegedly conspiring to take Whitmer hostage and attack the building state capital, in Lansing, Michigan, USA, on October 8. , 2020.

Office of the Governor of Michigan / Handout

When details of the terrorist plot were published in the press, Dar Leaf, Republican Sheriff of Barry County, Michigan, initially defended the suspects, claiming that they were just trying to carry out a “case citizen arrest” by the governor. More notably, Trump continued to lead the Michigan audience in brutal chants of “Lock Her Up,” and then “joked” that the plot to kill her “might be a problem, but maybe not.” it has to be.”

The trial against the Wolverine Watchmen itself was attempted to overthrow through violence. On March 30, Detroit Free Press reported that the FBI raided a home in Michigan in response to death threats to the presiding judge in the case, the attorneys and a former FBI informant assisting the prosecution.

But no amount of detail or gruesome amount of evidence can deter those seeking to downplay the plot against Whitmer. The right continues to ignore it, while nominally “left-wing” commentators such as Glenn Greenwald and Krystal Ball argue that, without evidence, the charges against the Werewolf Watchman are nothing more than a lure. FBI “Deep State” coax.

In my conversation with Javed Ali, the counterterrorism expert directly addressed conspiracy theories, “The level of commitment towards and the specific operational steps taken to accomplish the goal.” Kidnapping goals – tactical gun training, improvised explosive device manufacturing explorations, two dry surveillance runs into Governor Whitmer’s second mansion, and the purchase of other equipment, such as a stun gun – seems like defenseless.”

To Ali’s assessment, two members of the Wolverine Watchmen who pleaded guilty stated that no member of law enforcement recommended the kidnapping or murder of Whitmer.

The lack of widespread condemnation for the assassination of an elected official, especially coupled with the escalating levels of violence against school board members and election officials, is a disaster for American democracy. Anthony DiMaggio, political scientist at Lehigh University and author of the brilliant new book, Fascism Rises in America: It Could Happen Heretold me in a recent conversation, “When you have a Republican defending, defending, and encouraging insurgents on the Capitol and a right-wing media room praising violence, politically on the part of citizens, such behavior may become more frequent.In an age of insurgency in the Capitol, kidnapping plots against state governors, and mass shootings, it is dangerous and foolish to write all this out as blasphemy and gossip.”

Popular experts with wide audiences are crafting a sophisticated terrorist plot, while much of the American public has a seemingly blasphemous attitude toward the level of threat it presents.

It is difficult to discern how to accurately describe a society that can no longer unite against fascist campaigns to murder sitting governors and overthrow elections, but the words “popular” owner” and “sane” are not mentioned at all.

A tornado was forming overhead, and many Americans decided to fly kites. The plot to broadcast the murder of Gretchen Whitmer shows how far rights have fallen

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