The perfect image captures how Halo Infinite cosmetics are lacking

A Halo Infinite player creates a graphic that compares the new game’s progress and cosmetics to the older game and finds what Halo Infinite wants.

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Fan Halo Infinite had two weeks to dive into the game’s free multiplayer beta, and responses seem to have been decisively mixed. Some players are enjoying the game’s solid mechanics while others seem to be hanging on to the rewards offered and limited progression Halo Infinite currently offering. One fan neatly summed up the difference between Halo Infinitethe evolution of and Halo Reachprogression in an image.

A Redditor has gone through the vast library of the past Halo game and solve Halo: Reach, a 2010 release, serves as the fifth game in the series. In spite of Halo Infinite model its season after Halo: Reach, it seems that the new game still has many ways to catch up with its predecessors.


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Redditor took a screenshot of a character taken from the current multiplayer release of Halo Infinite–which is still in beta– and a word Halo: Reach and put them side by side for comparison. According to the post title, Halo Infinite character was screenshot after 41 hours of gameplay and Halo: Reach Characters have been screenshot taken after 32 hours of playing on the PC version. While both characters are clearly wearing the Spartan Special Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor, Halo Infinite the character only seems to be wearing a bright blue version of the default armor design while Halo: Reach The character features sporty orange accents and a helmet that conjures up images of an Ancient Greek or Roman helmet.

While Greek or Roman helmets can be chosen for more impact than style or ease of purchase, it seems that players have an easier time – or at least faster – to get new cosmetics in Halo: Reach than Halo Infinite. And not only that, cosmetics are more obvious. Are known, Halo Infinite cosmetics have more in common with Apex Legends than before Halo Game. Rear group Halo Infinite announced that the game will feature quirky cosmetics and boast more customization options than any other game in the franchise. However, it seems that fans have yet to find these cosmetics and customization options, possibly because Halo Infinitebeta state continues.

As of writing, fans seem divided on the topic criticize Halo Infinitethe evolution of. Some users note that they prefer lighter and more practical helmets, with one user directly stating that a Greek or Roman helmet looks “free”. Another group of users debated Halo Infinite only available for two weeks explain that it lacks cosmetics. There will probably be more options after the game officially launches.

NS Halo Infinite The Multiplayer Beta is out now on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, with the full game’s release on December 8.

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Halo Infinite’s Battle Pass and LTM seem easy to fix on paper

Halo Infinite’s Battle Pass development is a tagline in the current multiplayer beta, but the system currently in place isn’t irreparable.

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