The Pentagon’s delusion says climate change is as much of a threat as China

For it build a great army, Taiwan space penetration with the squadron when the squadron of top fighters, continued industrial and military espionage, and island building in the South China Sea, not to mention that it only built up an area where it can practice targeting US ships, you might think that Red China poses the greatest threat to America and her interests abroad.

Not so, according to Pentagon spokesman John Kirby (who has privately admitted that dozens of families of American soldiers are stranded in Afghanistan). According to that illusory Pentagon machine, “climate change” is as much a threat as Red China.

When asked”And the bigger threat, climate or China? ” by a reporter named Lucas at a Recent Pentagon press conference, here is Kirby’s response:

I think we get paid to look at all the threats to our national security. And I don’t know that nobody is good at making some sort of relative analytical judgment about that. You’ve heard the secretary talk about climate as a – real and existential national security threat, and it’s not just for the United States but for nations around the world. And we see China as the number one pacing challenger for the department. Both are equally important. Both – are challenges the minister wants to focus on senior leadership at the Pentagon, as well as many others.

Lucas, annoyed at important details from a man who was always hesitant to give, then asked “Does China consider the climate problem as much as the government…?“Kirby replied by saying:

I think it’s disappointing that we don’t see China at the COP – a missed opportunity because – because they are also a huge emitter and a contributor to this kind of climate change. that we are seeing. So the short answer to your question is, they haven’t demonstrated the climate leadership they could and should have.

Then, Lucas, asking Kirby to stand on whether the angry sun monster or the red China is the more pressing threat, is asked”So if you were ranked second, climate or China, which would come first?“Kirby, in response, gave one of his uncharacteristic responses:”Lucas, I think I’ve answered your question.

While he won’t explicitly say it a second time, hidden in Kirby’s first response is the idea that Red China and the angry Sun monster, or perhaps Mother Earth herself, are relationships. equal threat. Although he defended by saying that America considered (he used the past tense mysteriously)”China is the number one speed challenger for room, ” he added that “Both [China and the climate] are equally important.

There are two related parts of the response.

The first is his use of the past tense when referring to China as America’s number one “speeding challenge”, by which we can assume he means “threat”. That may be a misnomer, but it can also be an alarming remark. In terms of values, his comment implied that the last administration, Team Trump, saw China as the number one threat, but the new administration, Team Brandon, did not. Why not? Well, that leads to the second related comment.

Apparently, the “secretary,” Lloyd Austin, sees “climate change” as just as much of a threat to America and her interests as China. That may not be true but, even if it is, climate policy and Mother Earth are not part of the Pentagon’s goal. It was supposed to focus on winning wars, not on atmospheric CO2 or the harmful effects of cow farts.

Under previous administrations, winning wars was something the country focused on, with little effect, as Afghanistan shows. Under the stewardship of this administration, it is clearly allowing that climate change underpinning, or at least the views of both sides equally. | The Pentagon’s delusion says climate change is as much of a threat as China


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