The Origin of Chocobo in Final Fantasy

Chocobo, besides cactuar and moogle, is one of the staples Final Fantasy mascot. They first appeared in Final Fantasy 2 and has appeared in every title in the series since, as a companion, foe, pet, and even the main character in a spin-off series. Loved by gamers, Chocobos are often compared to horses for being large and easy-to-understand birds that the characters use to get from place to place. Their designs are usually yellow and about the same size as an ostrich, but there has been a wide range of patterns seen in the game in different colors and weights.

The story behind these feathered friends dates back to the 1980s, when they were first designed by Koichi Ishii, who designed the moogle. Ishii is the artist for the original Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy 2, and has worked across many other titles, where his work ranges from designer, director, graphic supervisor, and producer. The plot of what the chocobo was inspired by is really endearing, as the design is based on Ishii’s childhood memories of befriending a chick.


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What Chocobo Inspired by?

Baby chocobo among the flowers.

The chocobo seed was planted in Ishii’s life as an elementary school student. During that period of his life, he actually bought a little chick from the carnival market and fell in love with the animal. In an interview published on Final Fantasy 20th Anniversary Ultimania , Ishii even mentioned that he built a small cardboard house for the chick and raised it as an adult. However, when it was an adult, his parents gave the chicken to neighbors who kept chickens and told Ishii that the chicken was too old to take care of. Ishii is heartbroken, and the chick never leaves a memory. When he decides, he wants to make a companion animals in Final Fantasy 2, this chicken thought and he drew his first chocobo design during his lunch break.

As for what inspired the word “chocobo”, it was actually an idea that came to Ishii because of chocolate balls, a popular confection in Japan. Apparently, chocolates were his childhood favorite snack, and the jingle for one of their commercials was imprinted in his head as he drew the chocobo pixel art of his childhood. head. So between the name and the design, Chocobo is a nostalgic symbol created from childhood memories.

Ishii wants chocobo to be more than just a combination in Final Fantasy 2and want them to be treated like partners. However, that dream didn’t quite come true in the final version of the game, and chocobos were used only for transportation. The same thing happened in the third game, much to Ishii’s disappointment. It was in there The ultimate fantasy adventure where Ishii has the freedom to create and demonstrate chocobo as a partner rather than just a vehicle. Ishii considers that title to be the title that truly embodies his concept of chocobos, as they are decentralized characters that are closely linked to the main characters.

How Chocobo Grows

Tidus with chocobos.

Along with Ishii’s chocobo design, Iconic music theme was created by Nobuo Uematsu and it was decided that the chocobo would say “kweh.” As the game progressed, so did the chocobo designs, but not as much as they always resembled Ishii’s original work. As for the original Chocobo spin-off series, the chocobo design was actually by the game director and character designer, Toshiyuki Itahana. He redesigned the chocobo to be less polished and cuter for the sequels.

In Final Fantasy 7 and the games that followed, chocobos took on many different roles, from summoning to being part of racing minigames. In Final Fantasy 13-2 and Final Fantasy Tactics, the chocobo can be both a playable character and a support character. As for Ishii, he’s been out of action for quite some time. Final Fantasy game after he made The ultimate fantasy adventure in 1991 and did not return until 2002 as a director Final Fantasy 11, the first Final Fantasy MMO game. He doesn’t expect chocobos to become a mascot for the series, but is delighted by their popularity and assured that they will be an important part of the show. Final Fantasy 11 both a pet and a way for players to move.

Because the Final Fantasy 11, Ishii wanted players to form attachments to their chocobos and introduced chocobo breeding into MMO operations. Of course, these chocobo MMO ideas and mechanics would then be applied and used to the now super popular MMO, Final Fantasy 14. However, when asked what Ishii considers the most honest game about his idea of ​​Chocobo, he continued The ultimate fantasy adventure. As for how chocobos have been used over the years, he says he no longer has control over the animals’ appearance, but hopes that they will continue to be treated well.

Final Fantasy 2The remake is available on Android, iOS, Steam, and Windows.

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