‘The North Water’ On AMC+, A Drama About A Shamed Doctor Trapped With A Psychopath On A Doomed Whaling Ship

When the manufacturers of Northern country wanted to shoot scenes in the sea in the arctic style, they wanted to do it right. So they shot at 81 degrees North latitude and hit the ice there. The BBC announced tuyên This is the farthest north that any TV series has ever been shot. So to say that the filming conditions were harsh is an understatement. But, the visual results are amazing. Does the story match the image?

Opening scene: We heard a man gasping and panting in the dark. He looked like he was having sex with a prostitute, but he continued to pound and pant even after he was done.

Gist: We follow this gruff man around the streets of Hull, England in 1859. As he tries to exchange his drink for his knife, we find that this man, Henry Drax ( Colin Farrell), is a gruff man with no taste for violence. to get his way. When a man at a bar buys him the drink he wants, he then asks him to buy him another drink. When the guy told him to “damn it” while he was making love to a concubine, Drax followed the two of them into a dark alley and used a brick on top of him, coldly pulling his body. out to hide from the woman’s urging. .

Meanwhile, Patrick Sumner (Jack O’Connell) is hired as the ship’s doctor on a whaling ship headed to the North Pole. As he gets on board, Captain Brownlee (Stephen Graham) talks to Sumner about his experience as an army surgeon in India; Sumner was shot in the leg, and watched other soldiers killed or die. What Brownlee didn’t know was how that experience affected Sumner. Bownlee has its own problems; The ship’s owner, Baxter (Tom Courtenay), tells him to sink the ship for a good insurance policy.

We found out when Sumner went to a pharmacy to get supplies and asked him to sneak in some absinthe. Sumner went to a local pub and stole a glass of absinthe while journaling about his horrifying experiences, including a scene of a local boy he tried to buy back with a stolen ring after shot.

As the ship departs, Cavendish (Sam Spruell), the first mate, invites the doctor ashore at their first stop to visit the local distillery. This is where Sumner first met Drax. At the distillery, Drax begins a brawl, knocking Sumner down, triggering a flashback. When Cavendish and Drax brought the still-wasting Sumner back to their home, they rummaged through his belongings, finding papers indicating he had been miserably discharged. All of that will help them later if needed.

First hunting activities include shooting, clubbing and skinning of seals. Drax, the ship’s worker, is exceptionally skilled and brutal at his job. On the second day, an all-out order forced Sumner to go to the ice rink. As he tried to bring his shirt back to the ship, he saw Drax in the distance and called out to him. Drax kept moving.

Northern country
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What shows will it remind you of? Arctic background of Northern country, the timing and slow tempo reminds us of the first season of another AMC show, Horror.

Our Take: Adapted by Andrew Haigh from Novels by Ian McGuire same name, Northern country like Horror which rewards viewers for patiently staying with the show after the first episode. The first episode is mainly to establish the personality differences between Sumner and Drax, and how the two of them will interact in later episodes.

Farrell does a great job playing Drax as a snort brute. It’s not that Drax isn’t smart, but his worldview is “kill or be killed,” due to the harsh things that have happened to him in his life. He’s rough and psychotic, but he’s also cunning; he wanted to get Sumner drunk so he could dig for clues. Farrell has played a variety of roles in his career, but seeing him play Drax still feels like a welcome departure from his usual.

O’Connell, however, was more emotionally burdened as a Sumner. His inner demons are just beneath his seemingly erudite exterior, and he is a distant flashback from a drooling or sadistic mess like Drax; At this point, we’re not sure. He’s on a whaleboat to escape those demons, but what he realizes early on, especially as he struggles to make his way through a frozen ravine in the glacier where he’s hunting, that those demons were with him. This will likely turn out to be his rival to Drax, especially when things on board turn murderous.

Because the first episode largely introduces us to those two characters, and the characters to each other, it moves pretty slowly. There’s lots of conversation, lots of side-scrolling – like Drax watching a pig get slaughtered on his way to the pub – lots of character-building dialogue. And that’s okay. But you need to be a fan of these kinds of dramas, with bearded guys piloting giant 19th-century sailing ships, to want more by the end of the episode.

We doubt that the remaining four episodes of the limited series will continue, as the ship actually fulfills its doomed mission as an insurance claim. But if you want a good idea of ​​the two main characters, the first episode does a good job of setting things up.

Gender and Skin: Except for that first scene, there aren’t any more sex scenes. And no skin.

Farewell shot: Sumner nearly drowned in the cold trench that split the ice, but then he returned to India and suddenly popped out of the water.

SleeperStar: We like Stephen Graham in whatever he does, so we hope to see Brownlee more involved in the story in the future.

Most Pilot-y routes: When Sumner is kicked in the head while lying on the ground during a fight, we hear the usual sound effect used to indicate someone has been knocked down, the high-pitched scream one hears in the back of his head. an explosion or impact injury. At this point, that’s cliche.

Our call: STREAM IT. In spite of Northern country moving a bit slow, the performances more than make up for the confusing pacing of the first episode.

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Heating Northern country On AMC +

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