The NFL’s COVID Plan Pisses Off Anti-Vaccine Players—but It Just Might Work

Will the NFL star wide receiver leave the game instead of being vaccinated for COVID-19? Thursday night, DeAndre Hopkins, a three-time all-rounder with the Arizona Cardinals, offered the same. In a hastily deleted post, Hopkins wrote on Twitter: “I never thought I would say this, but decided to put my team in a position where they would hurt me because I don’t want to be vaccinated, which will lead to my future in the NFL. has been. “

Hopkins was not the only football enlightener to make his suspicions public. Leonard Furnett, a runner who helped the Tampa Bay Boccaners last season, made it shorter. “Vaccine I can’t do that …” he wrote about an hour after Hopkins. (His tweet was deleted shortly after.)

Although no player has said so openly, the possibility of complaints being filed by the league itself arises. Earlier on Thursday, a note was sent across the league stating that there would be no update to the 17-game schedule to accommodate the possible outbreak of COVID-19. as first reported by Tom Pellis from the NFL Network.

Instead, a team that doesn’t fit enough players loses the game. If that wasn’t enough motivation, no one on the team in question or the opponent that week would get paid. For the NFL’s minimum wage player, it will be a fine of about $ 39,000. The star players could be planted with seven numbers, some of whom haven’t always done a bad job.

Last month, the NFL also pointed to a threatening stick. During the 2021 season, there would be unwanted players with more restrictions compared to their vaccinated siblings — daily testing, physical restraints both on the road and in team facilities, long-term quarantine for exposure, rest with colleagues at bars and hot spots, and so on.

Regardless of the owners of the league ‘ conservative tendencies and the great donations of the GOP, when it comes to keeping their incredibly valuable enterprise going, these policies stand in front of the clothing store. In any way necessary and in together with a union of players, they push their workforce to get the jab.

The Hopkins and Furnett hairdressers attracted a lot of attention and were probably a bunch of agents and agents looking furiously to get their clients to the air, but in reality, the NFL and NFLPA efforts were mostly fruitful. Pro players surpassed many American compatriots in their age group when it comes to vaccinations. according to Judy Battista of NFL Media, 14 teams hit a maximum of 85 percent and 78 percent of all players received their first dose.

To some, these measures seemed excessive and even punitive. “[R]ead know the rules as you know your plays, ”Las Vegas Raiders return Jalen Richard tweeted in vaccinated colleagues. “[W]play in jail this year and you should do the same. ”One player apparently cared about his union on Thursday for not getting behind.

The vaccine’s reluctance comes as the Biden administration seeks to reach out to sections of the population amid an increase in both cases and hospitalizations. vaccinated areas.

But on the grounds of dissatisfaction emanating from vaccinated NFL players, they see it as a matter of privacy, the need to study the issue more or a wide receiver of Buffalo Bills Cole Biasley the insistence of the vaccine offended “my lifestyle and athletes of my values” – they imitate a large number of people: Too much information is confused and drowned out, ripe for the exploitation of any hacker.

Defender of the Carolina Panthers Sam Darnold didn’t seem to understand that despite “being alone” and “not having a family or something like that,” his decision posed a risk to others. Montez vodka, the defensive end with the Washington football team, was confused about the importance of the vaccine and thought it was a kind of cure for those who had already contracted the virus. Others, like Darnold’s colleague Christian McCaffrey, Defender of the New York Jets Zach Wilson, and a defender of the Minnesota Vikings Kirk Cousins, refused to respond at all while pressuring reporters. (Lest anyone think this is limited to just one sport, Baseball League players repressed or ignored the nonsense like “The big plan makes no difference.” When she was told if she had been vaccinated in May, LeBron James did not reply: “Everything that has such a character is all a family conversation.”)

The NFL players retired due to health reasons, while they were still at their peak. In 2015, a killing athletes when they found out about it, they put big contracts on the table long-term health effects from play the game, including repeated blows to the head. Later, on Thursday, Hopkins clarified – again, it looks like it was likely that an agent or two talked to him from behind the scenes that he wasn’t seriously considering ending his career.

He did cryptically after one word: “Freedom?” after which the online response came under pressure. In response to the Los Angeles Rams processing, Jalen Ramsey addressed those on the wall, Hopkins said one of his girlfriends was dealing with severe physical consequences. This was also removed.

Perhaps, though, the NFL has inadvertently faced a path of changing a few hearts and minds. Not necessarily in terms of league ranks, but with a wider population. Only one compensated loss, such as the New England Patriots or the Dallas Cowboys column, is added.

What if it was an important action in which the winner could have made the playoffs and the loser sent for once a year? Several hours of intense sports commentary, by fans and outraged experts, were both about not sacrificing for the sake of great well-being and the promise of glory. Football, after all, is the real national game of the country. And if these grider warriors were willing to dig it out and regulate everything Facebook-fueled afraid they will avoid, how many red Americans can be inspired to follow them? | The NFL’s COVID Plan Pisses Off Anti-Vaccine Players—but It Just Might Work


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