The new world’s crafting system needs another revision

It’s officially been two months since New worldReleased, and although the game’s launch date was a huge success, followed by an all-time high of over 910,000 concurrent players on Steam a few days later, the MMO had to go through a patch. quite difficult. The honeymoon period for multiplayer is more than a week or two from the game’s release and the first instance of the game breaking duplicate glitch Just discovered by the community. At the time, Amazon was slow to act, and since then, player confidence in the developer has dwindled due to various other issues and secret changes that have ruined the experience for some.


Said above Secret changes were pushed with New worldthe latest major patch of, the Into the Void update from less than two weeks ago, and some of those ended up punishing solo players with limited content and ways to reliably get better gear. Another change has been made to the way crafting skills in New world active, making it difficult for players to get any skill up to 200 as the experience required to level up occupations increases dramatically. Amazon Game Studios originally planned to make the change but also increase the experience players can get for each of their crafts to balance things out, but this plan has gone flat and now many developers Crafting is stuck.

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The new world’s crafting method has changed and how to change it back

New World Tanning Station

Collect skills and crafting skills are intrinsically linked, as players can spend time gathering resources virtually for free in the world, then return to the settlement to refine them and then craft. Create items from them. However, the process is not completely free, and crafting will take a toll on the player’s finances when crafting high-level items with expensive materials, meaning it should be worth both the experience and the cost. possible economic profit. Unfortunately, this is not the case due to flawed design choices in New world.

After November update, New world players no longer gain much experience when crafting items, meaning their trading skills are often much lower level than those of crafters before the update. In fact, the change to experience wasn’t made retrograde, in the sense that those who had reached level 200 in their desired crafting skills could and still could benefit from them. , while everyone else has to spend more time and resources to achieve that same goal. To give an approximate estimate, players who craft 100 high level items when at level 150 of the respective crafting skill will most likely end up at levels 190 to 220, while currently 200 similar items That would take someone between 150 and about 170.

This is completely disproportionate and it makes leveling up trading skills much more expensive and frustrating when in reality it’s the end of the game for solo players at the moment. So, New world should now modify its crafting system again, but this time either make the changes take effect again or simply make it less frustrating for people to level up.

MMOs often involve a lack of additional content with increased farming time for anything, and brooding can be a reality in some games. New world is no exception and players are suffering from some poor decisions that lead to a much larger game impact than anticipated, both in terms of PvE content and crafting – especially as they sometimes have may be bound together. In the end, although it may be too easy to career advancement in New world before the change, what the update did was slow down the game, and that’s not always a good thing for MMOs where player counts are dwindling.

New world Now available on PC.

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