The new world may not exist if the transfer of wealth is disabled again

It’s been almost two months since Amazon Game Studios’ launch New world, is highly regarded as a new MMO game on the market. New worlddebut was huge, with concurrent players on Steam peaking at over 700,000 on launch day and then over 913,000 within a few days. However, New world quickly ran into issues that destabilized the community and leaned into the negative, all while the game’s economy was inflated by gold miners running rampant for weeks before being banned.

Amazon has responded to these issues by increasing communication with the community about what is working and plans for the future. Many of those convicted fraud or abuse in New world was eventually banned, but the glitch was still an issue, to the point where players have now found another exploit to cheat items, Gold, and trophies. This resulted in a small number of players becoming richer than most of the population of New worldand Amazon had to disable all forms of asset transfers, including transaction postings, to resolve the issue.


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The impact of the new world economy shutdown

new world to link all transaction posts in the game improve economy reduce travel costs better experience

Whenever the entire economy of New world is paused, the game is affected for a variety of reasons as a result. For starters, when the economy is temporarily shut down to identify and remediate mining practices, the game stays online and so do all the systems tied to Gold transfers and taxes. Also, there’s no Invasion or Pause War timer, which makes it difficult to get into both modes as players may need to upgrade their gear or purchase potions and repair kits. cure from the trading station, but could not.

As a result, invasions are barely defeated, which means that many settlements end up having their crafting stations demoted, with no way to stop or improve them again due to the move. wealth is blocked. This also leads to New world maker and gatherer pay a heavy price for the exploitation of others, because they are hindered in terms of crafting as stations degrade, and in terms of collection because they cannot sell what they collect or make. As a result, some players are stuck with full memory and inventory, meaning they can’t really play the game until the wealth conversion is enabled again – this usually takes a couple of days. and some long term maintenance.

Players whose experiences are ruined by exploiters tend to become unhappy, which shows New worldThe population that was already declining fell even more over time. It also caused some players to quickly resent the cheaters, filling platforms like Reddit with posts about why Amazon should permanent ban New world criminal right away. This also calls for input from players who believe that Amazon should implement a way to track the individual items being traded, by doing so, correcting transactions and removing items. get cheated and Gold will be easier.

In general, the main problem is that disabling all forms of transactions is not the solution to this problem; instead, it creates another game that can put players who really like the game off. There may not be an easy way to deal with the economic damage of MMOs, but New world may not survive the discontinuation of other property transfers, as players can easily lose faith in the game.

New world Now available on PC.

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