The new Jim’s Earthworm TV series means it’s the right time for a new game

When Earthworm Jim Originally released on multiple platforms in 1994, the game received a warm reception from critics as well as fans. Players have enjoyed its run-and-gun gameplay and its incredibly humorous story, about a worm that lives in a muscular robot suit to battle a gang of unique space villains. evil.

The game spawned several successful sequels, as well as the beloved classic Warner Brothers animated series, also titled Earthworm Jim. Now that Interplay has announced that the character will be returning for a new animated series, it’s the perfect time for a sequel to the venerable series.


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Animated series Earthworm Jim should re-record the original

Earthworm-jim-show Cropping

Earthworm Jim, the animated series, ran for two seasons from 1995 to 1996 and was a hit with fans of the game. Its popularity has been fueled by a strong voice cast, including Dan Castellaneta – better known as the voice of Homer Simpson – voiced the hero worm.

The show pitted Jim against many of the game’s absurd villains, such as Psy-Crow, Evil the Cat, Professor Monkey-For-A-Head, and Bob the Killer Goldfish. Its surreal plot also chronicles the earthworm’s efforts to manage the periodic transformation of his friend Peter Puppy into a ferocious monster and to dodge a bull he previously had. launch into space. It has a lot the moment of breaking the fourth wall, which was in line with the trends at the time and as seen in other popular cartoons of the 90s, such as Animaniacs.

The New Earthworm Jim TV seriesThe tagline of ‘is “Beyond The Groovy”, a reference to Jim’s spaceship, and there was a trailer that featured Jim explaining himself more about the show to an interviewer. The trailer has received rave reviews for its humor, and fans are eagerly awaiting to see if it can recapture the original’s quirky humor while appealing to modern audiences. .

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How Earthworm Jim 4 can take advantage of the new animated series

Earthworm Jim 4 Trailer

With promises of an upcoming animated series, now is the perfect time for Interplay to release its long-awaited sequel. Earthworm Jim game. Earthworm Jim 4 was announced in 2008, but has remained largely dormant since then until it was recently announced that it would be developed for the upcoming Intellivision Amico.

The new one Intellivision Amico . Control Panel It’s a compelling proposition in itself for fans of classic gamers and Earthworm Jim feels like a perfect product. While the game’s new trailer has drawn some criticism for its basic appearance, it clearly demonstrates that the game will have a very similar look and feel to the classic original.

With the famous nostalgia cycle following the “20-year rule”, now is the perfect time to revive Earthworm Jim franchise, as fans of annelid’s antics in their childhood have now become adults with plenty of cash to splurge on the revival of their favorite movie. Classic IP. This phenomenon explains why many popular series of the 90s are making a comeback and will certainly secure a lot of publicity for a sequel. Earthworm Jim game.

Crucially, however, the title offers more than just a tireless reinterpretation of the original. If it doesn’t impress fans, it could potentially lead to another multi-decade spree in the abyss of nonconformity. Earthworm Jim.

Earthworm Jim 4 is being developed for the Intellivision Amico.

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