The Myers Briggs® Personality Types Of LOTR Characters

The Myers-Briggs® Personality Test is a enjoyable and creative manner of diving into the psyches of characters from standard tradition. It is also a manner of shedding extra gentle on the explanations explicit characters make sure choices all through the course of a narrative, whether or not they’re stalwart heroes or insidious villains.

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When J.R.R. Tolkien wrote Lord of the Rings, he concentrated closely on quite a few sturdy and conventional archetypes. These alone do not make them who they’re, however their actions and decisions all through the story can simply be damaged down by referencing the Myers-Briggs® system.

Up to date on August 2nd, 2021 by Derek Draven: There are such a lot of characters in Lord of the Rings that it is a good suggestion to try a number of extra, and the way their personalities line up with the Myers-Briggs® Character Take a look at. It is a enjoyable and fascinating manner of breaking down the most effective characters in standard tradition, to study their motivations, the reasoning behind their actions, and the alternatives they make all through the course of the story. Whether or not it is a sensible wizard corrupted by the temptation of energy, a dwarf who likes to struggle as a lot as rejoice, or a Hobbit counting on his personal idealism to get him by way of the worst time of his life, there is a Myers-Briggs® sort for all of them.

15 Arwen – ENFP (The Champion)

Arwen fleeing from the Ringwraiths to save Frodo in Fellowship of the Ring

Arwen simply suits into the Champion function, steadily breaking out of her inflexible duties so as to steer characters onto the trail of proper. She was additionally relentless within the pursuit of her objective of being with Aragorn, no matter shedding her immortality as a consequence.

When Elrond expressed reluctance to become involved within the last warfare in opposition to Mordor, Arwen managed to influence him to have a change of coronary heart. All of those traits quantity to an extremely inspirational character who wasn’t afraid of breaking custom, to not point out risking her life, to face up for what she believed in.

14 Boromir –  ISFJ (The Protector)

Boromir at the Council of Elrond in Fellowship of the Ring

Boromir is well known for his now-legendary meme status, however he is finest recognized for his corruption by the One Ring, however that is an unfair evaluation. In actuality, he was a powerful and succesful chief, and a soldier dedicated to defending his folks and people he cared about. The truth is, of all his fears, the shortcoming to guard the residents of Gondor was certainly one of his worst.

It was these fears that will enable him to turn into corrupted by the Ring, which is the true tragedy. Protectors wish to be seen as dependable, noble and reliable, and Boromir was no exception. Sadly, he turned extra paranoid that he wasn’t dwelling as much as these expectations, due solely to his personal actions.

13 Éowyn – ISTP (The Crafter)

Éowyn within the halls of Rohan in The Two Towers

Éowyn had a difficult life all through the occasions of The Lord of the Rings. Not solely did she lose her father and mom, however she misplaced her cousin, as nicely. She endured in sorrow, solely to look at her beloved uncle lose his thoughts and essence to Saruman’s thoughts management. To prime all of it off, she was pressured to face by whereas her brother was banished from Rohan.

She was additionally not blissful about the truth that she couldn’t choose up a sword and struggle alongside her kin for the sake of her nation. As a Crafter, nonetheless, Éowyn quickly discovered ingenious and inventive strategies for getting round this cultural hurdle and serving to to save lots of the day in opposition to Mordor’s forces on the Battle of Minas Tirith.

12 Faramir – ESTJ (The Supervisor)

Faramir prepares to fire an arrow during the battle of Osgiliath in Return of the King

Faramir was very very like his older brother Boromir however was far much less inquisitive about placing himself on the market because the face of a frontrunner. He did his job, stored his head down, and remained humble within the face of it, regardless of his excessive stature inside Gondor’s military. Supervisors are recognized for pursuing their work in a methodical and systematic method, which could be very very like Faramir.

They’re additionally devoted organizers who worth the ideas of predictability and effectivity over all else. When Osgiliath was overwhelmed by Mordor’s forces, Faramir did not hesitate to order a strategic retreat, whereas his father Denethor would have sacrificed each man stationed there out of spite.

11 Gimli – ESTP (The Dynamo)

Gimli resting after a battle against Saruman's orcs in The Two Towers

At first look, Gimli seems to be too impulsive to have a Dynamo’s persona, however that is not fairly the case. Sure, he steadily stated and did issues that have been rash, however they’d a logical objective behind them. Dynamos are likely to assess conditions very quick and provide you with quick options, which is why he did not assume twice earlier than making an attempt to destroy the One Ring along with his axe on the Council of Elrond.

This trait could have gotten him into hassle on many events, but it surely additionally helped flip him into one of many greatest warriors in the Lord of the Rings franchise. Dynamos are additionally the lifetime of the get together, and their humorousness is unbridled. This, in fact, suits Gimli completely, particularly when there’s alcohol concerned.

10 Saruman – ISTJ (The Inspector)

Saruman talks with Gandalf about the One Ring in Fellowship of the Ring

Saruman stored himself away from the world with out completely isolating himself, which is the mark of an Inspector sort. He had a big function to play within the affairs of Center Earth, typically giving council, or taking decisive motion when it got here to essential issues associated to overseas and home points.

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Though the white wizard would fall to Sauron’s temptations, the traits of the Inspector nonetheless lingered. Saruman sought to implement order by way of techniques and establishments, he valued precision and process, and he yearned to implement social order – all noble Inspector traits that have been amplified and distorted by his personal evil ambitions.

9 Pippin – ESFP (The Performer)

Pippin sings a song for Denethor of Gondor in Return of the King

Pippin went by way of a captivating character arc in The Lord of the Rings, switching from a category clown to Guard of the Citadel, based mostly purely on being sobered by the seriousness of his quest. All of those traits are why he can be labeled as a Performer or ESFP.

Performers are described as fun-loving, heat, enthusiastic, talkative, tactful, curious, and supportive. Sarcastically, these traits are what irritated Gandalf essentially the most, even when he secretly held a keenness for the younger lad. Despite the fact that Pippin turned greater than he was at first, he by no means misplaced what made him so lovable within the first place.

8 Théoden – ENTJ (The Commander)

Théoden and his men prepare for the Battle of Helms Deep in The Two Towers

Sturdy-willed, logical, outspoken, and an excellent chief, Théoden can finest be summed as a Commander, and the explanations are a lot. He wasn’t the most effective King or chief within the collection, however what he lacked in knowledge, he greater than made up for with conviction, braveness, and a powerful ethical compass.

Théoden was a cussed King, however he all the time had the most effective pursuits of his folks at coronary heart. This is likely one of the the explanation why Sauron and Saruman have been so eager on controlling him. Ultimately, this dedication to the ideas of goodness is what led him to reply Gondor’s name for assist, regardless of Gondor refusing to do the identical previously.

7 Legolas – ISFP (The Composer)

Legolas prepares to draw his bow and arrow in Lord of the Rings

Legolas can be labeled as a Composer below the Myers-Briggs® Character Take a look at, and numerous the traits of this sort are native not simply to him, however to Elven-kind throughout the spectrum. Composers are described as empathetic, spontaneous, loyal, gifted improvisers, and one with nature. Though some Elves are much less sanguine about qualities like kindness or tolerance, they nearly all the time match the bulk.

Other than Legolas’ loyalty, his spontaneity and expertise for improvisation have been displayed many occasions all through the movie collection. That is notably true throughout battle sequences when he discovered inventive methods of taking out his enemies, which is certainly one of several major differences between the film and novel versions of the character.

6 Sam – ENFP (The Champion)

Sam tends to his garden outside his home in Return of the King

It is apparent that Sam was born with the ENFP Champion mindset, and that is evident in how he pertains to these he cares most about. Champions are creative by nature, which works together with Sam’s love of gardening. To him, it isn’t only a job, however an artwork type, and a manner by which he can specific his fondness for all issues “good and inexperienced.”

Sam can be captivated with folks and their actions, and he shows nothing however loyalty, compassion, and heat in direction of his family and friends. He is an idealist by nature, even when issues are at their worst. It is these traits that allowed Sam to push Frodo far beyond his limits for the sake of what they each thought was value combating for.

5 Elrond – INTJ (The Mastermind)

Elrond leads the Council to decide the fate of the One Ring in Fellowship of the Ring

Elrond would undoubtedly be categorized as a Strategist below the Myers-Briggs® Take a look at. It was he who initially led the creation of the plan to destroy the One Ring within the fires of Mount Doom. He is additionally the person who helps flip the tide of the warfare by heeding his daughter’s confidence and pushing Aragorn to recruit the Lifeless Military.

Strategists are described as aloof, competent, agency, analytical, logical, and very organized. All of those traits are precisely how Tolkien wrote the character, and the way Hugo Weaving portrayed him on the large display. It is easy to identify the INTJ’s tendency to place logic earlier than emotion, particularly in his relationship along with his daughter Arwen.

4 Aragorn – ISTJ (The Inspector)

Aragorn after being crowned king of Gondor in Return of the King

Aragorn simply falls into the Inspector function, which is described as sensible and logical. It was these traits that brought about Aragorn to keep away from his function because the King of Gondor for thus lengthy, as he firmly believed he wouldn’t be match for the function as a result of compromised historical past of his bloodline.

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Inspectors are additionally loyal, sincere, cautious, calm, and steadfast – all traits Aragorn demonstrated persistently all through the collection. Even throughout essentially the most irritating of conditions, Aragorn stayed true to his duties, whereas remaining even-tempered and targeted. Additional, his protectiveness over his Hobbit associates is self-evident.

3 Galadriel – INFJ (The Counselor)

Galadriel smiles at Gimli's shyness in Fellowship of the Ring

Galadriel is definitely probably the most fascinating and imposing characters in all of Tolkien’s works. A part of her highly effective presence is an outdated soul inside a superb type, and charisma unmatched. Her standing as each a information and a mentor to a number of characters within the collection simply suits her into the Counselor function.

These people are described as being devoted, deep, reserved, progressive, motivational, intense, and insightful. Galadriel reveals all of those qualities within the movies, generally to the purpose of scary others along with her unbridled energy and pressure of will. With out her, it is fairly doable the hunt would have come to a grinding halt in brief order.

2 Gandalf – INTP (The Architect)

The Architect title sums up a lot of Gandalf’s character. They’re described as personal, impartial, adaptive, unpredictable, targeted, skeptical, and clever. All of those traits completely go well with Gandalf, in addition to different wizards like Radagast the Brown. Gandalf seemed for the deeper that means in issues, and his philosophy helped form his personal actions and people of his associates.

Gandalf spent an excessive amount of time pursuing data, and it paid off by permitting him to impart wisdom to his comrades, as evidenced by his best quotes. He additionally performed his playing cards near his chest as a rule. Architects are likely to have a higher understanding of human nature than most, which is why Gandalf was such an efficient decide of character.

1 Frodo – INFP (The Healer)

Frodo tells Sam that Gollum is near in The Two Towers

Frodo Baggins would finest be described as a Healer, even when that took a flip for the more severe within the third movie. This persona sort is ruled by a way of boundless idealism, a dedication to reality and honesty, and an unyielding sense of compassion in direction of others. This was finest demonstrated by how non-judgmental he was in direction of different characters, be they a pal or stranger.

Moreover, Frodo’s virtuous and idealistic views are additionally what make him an INFP. His dream of ridding himself of the Ring and returning house to The Shire is what bought him to the top – with a little bit assist from Sam. His idealism would give approach to pragmatism by the point the story ends, however the parts of what made the character who he’s largely stay.

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