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When Skyrim As one of the highest rated RPGs ever released, it is also famous for the sheer amount of bugs and glitches that persist, even 10 years after its release. Players can traverse the world, get stuck in level geometry, unable to complete quests, or even let their horses fly through the air. While many SkyrimIts glitches and bugs can be frustrating for players to deal with, there are other bugs that can also be extremely useful.

Of course, the use of these bugs is not recommended for first-timers, as most of them take away a large part of the game. Skyrimbeginner’s experience. Instead, they’re best reserved for players who want to tackle the game at its highest difficulty or see how far they can push its system on subsequent plays. This is especially true now Skyrim: Anniversary Version just released, potentially bringing more fans back into the game to see new content.


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Super Balance in Helgen

Helgen skyrim features

The opening of Skyrim has become iconic thanks to the game’s legacy and the subsequent memes it spawned. It sees the player facing execution just before the city of Helgen is consumed by a dragon, which they barely escape with the help of an Imperial soldier or a Stormcloak. However, players have discovered that those soldiers can also help them level up their stealth and combat skills extremely quickly in the early game. Sneaking and pickpocketing or attacking the character multiple times will reward the player with quick experience. It was so fast that some players had to absurd degree before even leaving Skyrimthe guide of.

No cooldown when Dragon screams


One of the biggest additions that Skyrim work for The Elder Scrolls is the birth of the dragon voice. By harnessing the power of the dragon language, players can learn and perform some strong screams in Skyrim, with the only limitation being the cooldown. However, after acquiring the Amulet of Talos and the device that enhances the player’s alchemy abilities, the player can create and drink a recovery-enhancing potion before removing their Amulet of Talos and putting it back on. Each time the player does this, the amulet’s cooldown reduction is reduced, and it can be repeated until the player no longer has a blocking cooldown.

Stealing with a basket


Since players can create many different types of character construction in Skyrim, many builds are not very profitable for looting. This can make it a bit difficult to get certain gear or complete the game’s Guild of Thieves quests. To help players get through those sections, there is a very useful trick that only requires a basket or bucket. To perform this trick, the player simply places the basket over the NPC’s head, which causes a glitch that prevents the character from seeing anything the player steals. It’s much more effective than one might expect, and it’s a bit strange that one of the best parts of device for a thief in Skyrim is a simple woven basket.

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Universal free housing

Screenshot from Skyrim showing the Tundra Homestead in Whiterun.

Houses can be a very useful thing for players to have, especially if playing in the new version survival mode for Skyrim: Anniversary Edition, requires the player to sleep and disables fast movement. For players who don’t want to wait to accumulate some small fortune to buy multiple homes spread across the province, there is a very useful glitch that speeds up the process.

First, the player must get the gold they will need to buy a house for the dialogue option to appear, although they won’t use it. The player must then talk to the town’s manager and choose to buy the house before exiting the conversation right before choosing “I’ll get it”. The player must then choose an option, exit the chat, use the Slow Time feature, deposit all their coins in a nearby container, and then continue the conversation. This will allow the player to buy a house without allowing the manager to take money from the player.

Play as Both a Werewolf and a Vampire

werewolf thief skyrim

Play as a werewolf or Vampire Lord in Skyrim opens up a lot of possibilities and options for players. Both have their own specialized skill and ability trees for the player to use, and a glitch could even allow the player to use both at the same time.

To do so, the player must be a vampire lord and have Serena as a follower. The player must then become a werewolf through the Companion quest. The player must then activate their transformation into a vampire lord and then drink right from the fountain to transform into a werewolf. Players will know if it works when they awaken as werewolves and then transform into vampire lords. The player must then return to their normal form before talking to Serena to turn them into a vampire lord. This way, they’ll get the benefits of both forms while not having to feed like a vampire.

Copy item

Skyrim Anniversary Fearsome Fists Gloves Guide

A specific way to ensure that a player’s character is extremely strong in Skyrim, or to alleviate some of the hassle of replaying, is to duplicate items. Cloning can be extremely powerful when done on Skyrim‘s legendary item that the player can only get one at a time and it’s not too hard to do.

To make the glitch, players first need the item they want to clone, as well as any followers. The player must then go to whichever door the game switches to the loading screen when in use. On one side of the door, players should drop every item they want to clone and tell their follower to pick up each of those items. The player must then quickly go through the door and then immediately return as it will only work if done fast enough. If the glitch is done correctly, the items will return to their original location where they were dropped as well as in the player’s inventory.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Currently available on PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Switch, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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