The most powerful versions of Ultron

If Marvel had a dollar for each time they brought back Ultron as a villain, they would probably have enough to buy Disney outright. Aside from that, there are only so many times that a comic book or screenwriter can keep bringing Ultron back before the robot’s power levels rise to ludicrous exaggerations. Ultron is a character that has progressed exponentially over the decades since it first appeared in 1968.

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Now, there’s an Ultron that can fly, an invulnerable Ultron, and an Ultron stronger than Thanos with the Infinity Stones/Jewels. It can be a pain to keep track of all the versions of Ultron, which has all the breakthroughs in his power trends. Despite that, this is how he rates himself. These are some of Ultron’s best models at the moment. Don’t treat it like a loose rating because it’s impossible to gauge Ultron’s arbitrary power and feats.

MCU Ultron

Battle scene in Age of Ultron


  • Movies with real people

  • Vengeance Squad: Age of Ultron

Surprisingly, the MCU’s Ultron, which also marks Ultron’s first appearance in live-action, can be considered one of the weakest characters on the team. This Ultron failed to defeat the Avengers and all he tried to do was cause property damage and kill a lot of innocent people in a provincial city. That says a lot about Ultron’s popularity and abilities in comics and other means.

With that said, this variation Ultron’s is still a formidable opponent to the MCU’s rather reserved Avengers. He’s a threat to the end of the world, impressive enough considering he’s only in his infancy in this movie. What more could he do if he matured and gained more knowledge?


Ultimate Ultron / Ultron-6

avengers-066-20 ultron-6


  • Comic

  • Avengers # 66–68

In comic books, this is the moment when Ultron begins to learn the weaknesses of his familiar enemy, the Avengers. This is also the first Ultron to defeat the Avengers successfully. He did so by taking over Vision and renovating his exoskeleton with Adamantium or some kind of alloy with a strength close to that of Marvel’s fictional metal.

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This allows Ultron to become invulnerable. Moreover, he was already very smart at this point and was also able to change shape by rearranging his molecules. Compared to the MCU Ultron, this one is much scarier and deals more damage despite being the older version.

Hank Pym Ultron



  • Comic

  • Ultron’s Rage plot

Hank Pym created Ultron in the comics instead of Iron Man and Pym which has questionable morals and loads of psychological problems. This was very well reflected in his robot creation. Ultron even ran into some fatherly issues, where he longed for Pym’s approval.

Ultron then took it to the extreme and literally merged with Hank Pym (just like he did with Vision). So he gets the wisdom of Pym, one of the sharpest in the comics. The results were dire as this Ultron was able to disguise himself as Pym and also use his Ant-Man powers, which he used to deceive and nearly destroy the Avengers.

Earth-10943 Ultron

Earth-10943 Ultron in the comics


  • Comic

  • Avengers (Episode 4) #5 (2010)

Of course, Marvel simply can’t let Ultron win outright in the main storyline or precisely because this would cause problems for the franchise. Thus, they introduced their parallel universe or comic “what if”, and the more successful Ultron introduction than on Earth-10943.

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Now, this Ultron can not only defeat all the Avengers in his world, but he can also kill them forever. He did so by borrowing some of Kang the Conqueror’s powers and shuffling time and time travel to get a huge advantage over the Avengers.

Ultron-19 / Extremis Ultron

female ultron of mighty avengers


  • Comic

  • Mighty Avengers plot

The Avengers that the previous Ultrons often fought and defeated often consisted of the vanilla gang. Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, etc. Later versions of the Avengers have a more stellar lineup, especially in Maybe Avengers (Captain Marvel, Wonderman, Sentry, Ares, etc.). Most of them are heavy hitters and each of them can single-handedly go against the Hulk.

That doesn’t matter for this version of Ultron, which spawns from Iron Man’s extreme armor. It can shapeshift, hack entire worlds, and toy with all of the aforementioned Thor and Hulk-level Avengers. They could only stop it thanks to a deus ex machina loopholes

Ultron the Ruler of the Phalanx

Ultron the Ruler of the Phalanx ascends to the throne


  • Comic

  • Annihilation: Conquest plot

When the Mighty Avengers defeated Ultron – to no one’s surprise, he actually didn’t die. Apparently, his consciousness still exists around and is attracted to another energy source far away from Earth, specifically the Babel flame. It is a world inhabited by the Phalanx, a race of organic technological aliens. Ultron, consciousness and all, has managed to assimilate them all, thus endowing him with an incredible army.

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With this army of Phalanx, Ultron invaded the Kree’s dominion and even succeeded in conquering much of their territory. With his newfound strength and army, he raises his ambitions and even forcibly merges with Adam Warlock, one of Marvel’s most powerful creatures.

Ultimate form Ultron

golden ultron from ultron age


  • Comic

  • Age of Ultron (2013)

Age of Ultron, not to be confused with MCU movies, is a comic plot explore a possible backward future where Ultron has won and ruled the world. This is by far the most successful version of him, despite having abilities almost on par with Earth-616 Ultron.

That’s because this Ultron takes a page from Earth-10943 Ultron, who can control the timelines where he appears as the victor. So he was able to create the most powerful yet sensible version of himself here called Final Form Ultron or Gold Ultron.

Ultron Forever

Ultron Forever version in comics


  • Comic

  • Avengers: Ultron Forever

Avengers: Ultron Forever is a one-scene series that explores the “what if” scenario when Ultron becomes an Asgardian. He did merge with some superheroes anyway, so the screenwriters at Marvel had to take this possibility into account. Needless to say, this is his most almighty Ultron.

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He did not go for the power of Thor, but the force of Odin. This has given him huge potential and also grants him some cosmic and magical abilities. Exploiting Odinforce allows him to stop time and even bring people back from the dead.

Galactus Ultron / Earth-22666 Ultron

galactus in comics


  • Comic

  • Marvel Universe 2001 Millennial Visions

With the ability to merge with stronger or more intelligent beings, Ultron only needed to forge the ultimate villain alliance and merge with Galactus. Well, that’s not him; It was the Silver Surfer who used Ultron’s parts to resurrect Galactus. He thought it wouldn’t go wrong for some reason.

It was wrong. This version of Ultron is quite similar to Galactus but more sinister and more adaptable. Since Galactus has an infinite source of power, Ultron has also harnessed this ability. Thus, he can consume worlds and galaxies, and can also control all behavior of matter and energy. Thankfully, all of this was explored in an alternate universe. Otherwise, it would be too much for the main timeline.

Ultron Infinity

infinity ultron from MCU


Galactus may be the hungriest creature in the universe but he’s still quite instinctive and not too bright. Thanos is still a bigger threat than that creature, especially with the Infinity Stones. So what if someone like Ultron got his hands on Thanos’ favorite rocks? What is that Marvel’s What If…? Recent Discovery TV series.

Ultron captured one of the Infinity Stones and used his AI intelligence to make full use of it. Using that one stone and Vision’s body, he shot half of Thanos holding the five stones. Then, conquering the known universe and defeating the Watcher is a step forward for Infinity Ultron.

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