The most powerful minion weapons, ranking

With the second season of The Rise of the Shield Hero Anime now over, the fanbase has gathered their thoughts and formed a multitude of different polarizing opinions about it. The second season of the series attempted to fuse exclusive elements of the original light novel, manga, web novel, and even their own elements into one story, and no matter what the end result would be, this choice would always bring aspects that would make the confuse viewers.

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One example is the minion weapons, also known as the “Seven Star Heroes” since the concept of minion heroes and their relationship to cardinal heroes is still one of the most frequently asked questions about worldbuilding. So, hopefully to help clarify a few things, let’s take a look at some of the most powerful minion weapons seen in all three versions of TRotSH and explain a bit more about how they work.


8th The Vassal Book

First up is the book minion’s weapon, which might surprise some people given how powerful it seems to be. This weapon is used by Kyo Ethnina, one of the users of Vassal Heroes from the world that Glass, L’Arc and Therese are from (let’s just call it Glass’ World). Well, Kyo isn’t nearly as common in the anime as it is in the manga, but the minion book still showcases a lot of his abilities and powers compared to some other minion weapons.

But keep in mind that a lot of this has to do with elements outside of the book itself, such as how Kyo harnesses the energy of the Guardian Beasts, being able to take on a new body after death, and his cold-blooded actions emanating from him Mentality of seeing this world as a “game” like the other Legendary Heroes do. But on its own, the Book Vasall Weapon is a great support weapon. Although its power-up method, Revised Edition, is still a bit confusing and seems noticeably weaker than the methods many other minion weapons use.

7 The minion scythe

Let’s move on to an exciting minion weapon, the minion scythe. This is, of course, the weapon used by fan-favorite character L’Arc Berg Sickle. Well the scythe is obviously a fantastic weapon visually as its appearance is commonly associated with the concept of death or the grim reaper. And in the RedSH In most other Isekai settings, that assumed strength is usually the real thing.

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For one, it appears to be primarily an offensive weapon with fantastic attack power. Second, his power-up method, Spirit Enchant, is incredibly similar to one of the legendary spear power-up methods, both of which are insanely powerful. And third, The Scythe seems to have many methods of getting past any type of defense or obstacle, as L’Arc has shown an ability that uses the enemy’s defenses to deal equivalent damage, an ability that uses a spinning disc of energy fires at a distance and even AoE tornado skills.

6 The minion hammer

The minion hammer is a weapon that both anime and manga fans might have forgotten. It hasn’t been explored much in the series other than the fact that it was previously wielded by one of Raphtalia’s ancestors named Natalia. Funnily enough, in the web novel, it’s actually Raphtalia who eventually becomes the owner (but the anime and manga seem to follow the light novel).

Regarding its use as a weapon, the hammer features one of the most absurd power-up methods, weapon form synthesis, which allows the wielder to copy the unique abilities of different hammer forms and “paste” them into another form. And the fact that it’s a minion weapon of the Legendary Shield, but also a “counter” to it with its impact damage means that even Naofumi with all his various abilities would still fight it

5 The Vassal Fan

Another minion weapon from Glass’ World, it’s the weapon used by Glass himself, the Fan! There are a variety of reasons why the fan is so high up. For one, it’s particularly strong on Glass as she comes from a race of Spirit People who can be buffed or nerfed with skills/items focused on SP (AKA Soul Power) recovery. Because of this, Glass’s innate talents work in synergy with the Fan’s Power-Up method, which appears to absorb the magical residue emitted by enemies when they attack.

Second, the fan has a variety of different moves that work in a variety of different adverse situations. Like L’Arc, she has a move that uses an enemy’s defense against them, a projectile attack, and lots of AoE attacks. Last but not least, both the martial arts Glass learned growing up and the innate ability of the fan means Glass has a greater advantage the longer the fight goes on.

4 The minion katana

The katana minion weapon is another weapon that anime fans have recently come to know, as it is the minion weapon that Raphtalia “chosen” when they were cast into the world of Glass. As a weapon, the katana shares many similarities with the scythe. For one thing, it’s almost exclusively an offensive weapon with many skills focused on high-damage, hi-speed strikes in exchange for almost no defensive skills.

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Second, it has many different abilities that Raphtalia can use to attack different facets of the enemy, such as: B. Abilities that consume MP, HP, SP, or one that even throws an ability back to the attacker. And third, like the scythe, its power-up method (called refinement) is incredibly similar to the legendary spear, and both methods are utterly absurd.

3 The vassal mirror

Coming to the mirror, another minion weapon that hasn’t been seen or explored in depth for too long, but is absurdly powerful from what fans of manga, LN, and web novels know. As well as being another weapon that’s defense based like the shield, the mirror is much more focused on “reflecting” attacks onto the attacker and seems a lot trickier too thanks to the concept of a “mirror” that has a lot Gimmicks to use from applications like refraction, acting as a “gate” and more.

The previous user of the vassal mirror was a reincarnated person named Albert, which was eventually used by Kyo. Well, Albert was already strong, but the thing is, he hasn’t even used Mirror’s power-up method, Culinary Boost. Although this method is simple it is a bit hard to explain but basically the food the user cooks can provide permanent stat bonuses and give the user and those who eat the food something called “Food EXP” while eating becomes. But because Albert didn’t want an overweight “harem,” he never used it.

2 The minion projectile

Ah, the Projectile Vasall Weapon, aka the weapon that finally gave Rishia the ability to actually fight. With the projectile weapon, Rishia can fight from afar and use her naturally intellectual mind to outwit her opponent.

The projectile weapon, as the name suggests, can be basically anything that could be used as a “projectile”, from a throwing knife to a gun, and that is its strength. But beyond that, the power-up method, Microtransaction Enhancement, literally makes other power-up methods better or more successful depending on how much “G” or money is invested in it.

1 The vassal staff

At the top of that list, of course, is the vassal staff. And surprisingly, the user of this weapon was probably introduced before even the Cardinal Heroes introduced themselves, since it’s being held by Aultcray Melromarc XXXII (aka “Trash”). Not only does this wand inherently increase magic casting and massively reduce the time it takes to cast, but its power-up method, Magic Rank, allows the user to increase the efficiency of their own spells or the spells of a of the other heroes as long as possible. They work together.

And in a world of magic like this, especially since this strain has a “soft magic” system, a minion weapon that focuses on boosting magic is obviously the strongest.

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