The Most Popular Majors Among Prospective College Students in 2022

When selecting a college, students look for majors that will provide them with the most in-demand skills, ensuring a stable career. Yet deciding what to study is a challenging task that many students fret about; understandably so, given that it is a decision that will affect their lives for years to come.

Looking for the most popular majors in 2022? Take a look at our comprehensive guide to spark some inspiration and choose the right one for you.


In today’s world replete with personal brands and their appeal to audiences, marketing is by far the most popular major in 2022. Marketing major focuses on how businesses operate, including their corporate strategies and management style. Marketing is the art of crafting appealing brands and understanding the needs of customers – skills sought after by an ever-increasing number of companies.

Content is one of the most important components of marketing. This is why it’s essential to hone your writing skills if you’re considering this major; opt for professional dissertation help online to understand how solid papers should be structured. After all, how can you build a strong brand if you don’t understand all the nuances of language?

Computer Science

In our overly-digitized world, every aspect of daily life is increasingly dependent on computers. This makes computer science one of the most popular majors among prospective students wishing to master software engineering, programming, web design, and more.

Computer science graduates are most often hired by IT firms, where they can earn some of the highest salaries on the market. Yet if you’re a genius bursting with ideas, you could start your own business or build the next Facebook all by yourself!

Liberal Arts

Liberal arts education has been available for students since 2000; it offers a more eclectic education rather than the traditional approach of focusing on a narrow list of subjects.

Many students choose liberal arts education because they are unsure of their career goals after graduation. This could be an ideal major if you still need some time to figure out your plans. Furthermore, an increasing number of companies are looking for candidates with a broader range of knowledge.


A communications major will teach you the fundamentals of effective communication as well as how to apply it in the fields of media, marketing, and business. Good communication skills allow students to form meaningful relationships, work in diverse fields, and be active global citizens. Therefore it’s no surprise that a communication major is among the most popular in 2022.

English Literature

Many students choose to study English literature as a major. Courses are designed to nurture creative exploration of miscellaneous works of literature, employing extensive reading and expressing ideas in elegant prose.

If you choose English literature as your major, it is important to prepare in advance and hone your reading and writing skills. What’s more, you should impress the admissions committee with a one-of-a-kind motivation essay. Seeking professional help from trustworthy service providers will ensure that you write college essay in a creative and error-free way. It can also help you develop all of the necessary skills for writing stellar essays of your own.

Summing Up

A wise choice of a major will ensure that you spend your college days grinning from ear-to-ear, satisfied with your studies, as well as future employment with the best companies on the market. We hope our comprehensive guide shall give you a good starting point in determining what interests you. Best of luck!


Joanne Elliot is a school teacher and blogger. Ever since Joanne can remember, writing has been part of her life. Joanne writes instructional blogs to help students make wise career choices. Hundreds of students have benefited from her advice, and the number is growing.

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