The Most Impressive Visual Changes of The Last of Us Part 1

The Last of Us Part 1 Recently released and a remake of a very popular game, comparisons between it, its original 2013 version and its 2014 counterpart are inevitable. Whether it’s worth it for them, fans can now try for themselves from a consumer perspective. While the gameplay may not have changed as much as fans had hoped, The Last of Us Part 1 is certainly a superior effort.

As a matter of fact, The Last of Us Part 1The most notable improvement of is the optics. This was always clear from the initial announcement trailer, as well as the sneak peeks that leaked afterward, and subsequent trailers that Naughty Dog released to highlight some of the changes players will notice in the remake. The Last of Us Part 1 is generally much more impressive than the original in terms of graphical fidelity, but there are a few specific areas where the remake’s visuals are most impressive.


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The cinematic and emotional moments of The Last of Us will continue to be added

Revamped facial animations really push The last of us‘ Original cutscenes with even better performance rendered on PS5. That’s not to say that the original game’s facial animations didn’t manage to outdo each other in performance, because they did. But regarding The Last of Us Part 1 With an elevated level of fidelity, the performances are certainly a monumental snack from the remake. For example, Joel clutching a dying Sarah or a traumatized Ellie is just as devastating as in the original game, but the performances are accented.

David’s somber “Little pieces” line and Joel’s irate “I believe him” line are examples of when dialogue packs a harder punch when characters’ facial animations are more closely aligned with their actors’ performances, which is great in cinematic and emotional cutscenes is to be seen. Subtle nuances in characters’ performances that may not have been represented before are now evident, and details such as streaming tears or reactionary flinching are clearly represented. Aside from the main characters, the overhaul of the NPCs is stunning, with few reminiscent of their previous character models, taking on a whole new look in the remake. However, there are two other features related to it The Last of Us Part 1‘s visual enhancements that stand out even more than those of his character models.

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The environments and workbenches of The Last of Us Part 1 leave the biggest impressions

It’s easy to appreciate the fidelity of the character model in cutscenes that the player can’t interact with. Rather, moment-to-moment gameplay shows just how phenomenal it is The last of us Part 1‘s environmental art is. Exploration is reborn as players enjoy traversing The last of us‘ linear planes with a current coat of paint. This captures the essence of again The last of us in a bustling state that only a current-gen remaster or remake could achieve, and it’s succinctly how incredible the game’s new lighting is.

Daylight pours through crumbling buildings, glowing infectious spores and particle effects are clear and sharp, and rain and water effects are now beautifully realistic. The Last of Us Part 1, hence has a heightened atmosphere due to how it’s envisioned on PS5, and if it wasn’t clear that the remake has superior visual quality in character models alone, it becomes very apparent when players examine the environment around them.

In addition, intricate details can be seen on each workbench. The remake takes over The Last of Us 2‘s workbenches, offering the same magnified view of pistols, rifles and the like as players upgrade them.

Joel is then seen crafting mod attachments and reassembling firearms on each workbench table. These details are an amazing celebration of The Last of Us Part 1The graphical fidelity of , and alongside the environment graphics and character models, the remake’s visual improvements are pretty amazing.

The Last of Us Part 1 is now available on PS5. A PC version is currently in development.

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