The most gruesome deaths in Resident Evil Village

resident Evil bloody, brutal deaths are no stranger to him. As each game in the franchise releases (and re-releases), the Deaths get more creative and gruesome. The steady gradient of the engine’s stunning graphics offers more opportunities to create graphical death sequences.

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Resident Evil Village, the newest game in the series, is one of the most graphically enhanced games in the series to date. With good graphics, characters, and a dark story, there are bound to be multiple death sequences that will turn players’ stomachs. Not only is it hard to watch the deaths of some of the main characters, but it can also make the most die-hard gamer see through the eyes of Ethan Winters as these creatures brutally murder him.


8th Elena burns alive

For many players, Elena’s death seemed unnecessary. Resident Evil Village It has been rumored that there are multiple playable characters, with Elena likely being one of them. This feature was obviously scrapped in the final product, resulting in a disappointing character death that really should never have been.

Despite this, Elena’s death is still brutal no matter how players think about it. After running back onto a burning wooden platform as her father-turned-one of the savage lycans called her name, it becomes clear that her decision to run to his side will be the last she will ever make . The fragile platform begins to crumble and she diligently tells Ethan to leave before the platform gives way and Elena falls into the blazing flames.

7 mother Miranda

Mother Miranda’s final death sequence, while beautifully animated, isn’t the most gruesome death as gore goes. After Ethan lands his final punch, Mother Miranda squirms and spits up blood before calcifying and drawing her last breath.

Though her death itself isn’t a bloody mess of guts and gore, Mother Miranda delivers a bloody, uphill battle for players, both experienced and novices. Her raging screams at her daughter Eva, whom she tried to bring back to life by infecting Ethan’s baby daughter Rose with the megamycete, haunt her to the end.

6 Donna Beneviento

House Beneviento is already the stuff of nightmares, with a giant deformed fetus and creepy murderous dolls stalking Ethan around every dark corner. Donna Beneviento’s death is both sad and somber, with her first and only words spoken through herself (rather than her doll, Angie): “Don’t go, I can’t let you,” suggesting that she really Ethan wanted to spare Mother Miranda and the other lords.

After Ethan finds Angie in her life-or-death game of hide-and-seek, Ethan repeatedly stabs her with scissors until the illusion eventually fades, and it is revealed that he himself was stabbing Donna the entire time, eventually killing her.

5 Karl Heisenberg

Heisenberg had one of the coolest final transformations of the four Lords. His power lies in magnetism, so for his final transformation he transformed into an amalgamation of heavily armored mechanical parts equipped with saws and other deadly machines. The boss fight was unique and challenging with a suitably brutal death sequence.

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After landing the final blow, Heisenberg (still in his gigantic metal form) staggers back and ponders his plans to ultimately betray and kill Mother Miranda. Then his mass of mechanical parts explodes in a mess of metal and fire, ultimately killing the sadistic, power-hungry Fourth Lord.

4 The Sacrifice of Ethan Winters

Ethan’s fight for survival against all odds in Resident Evil 7 had fans who cheered him on throughout life Resident Evil Village. After defeating Mother Miranda, it becomes clear that the beloved protagonist will no longer see his precious daughter grow up.

In an act of sacrifice, Ethan hands Rose over to Chris Redfield. He snatches the detonator from Chris and bids Rose one last goodbye before charging back to the spot where he killed Mother Miranda and detonated the bomb that would destroy the megamycete and the village once and for all . A secret ending sequence features a young Rose visiting Ethan’s grave and discovering that the protagonist is truly dead.

3 Eaten by the mutant baby

The mutant fetus that roams the halls of the Beneviento house is already humiliating as it is. Its puffy, black eyes, large mouth, and eerie human baby sounds are enough to give players goosebumps as they carefully maneuver around each dark corner.

If the player is caught by the deformed fetus, an ugly, gruesome death sequence awaits them. The baby laughs happily as it pulls Ethan’s legs into its large, toothless, drooling mouth and slowly devours him alive. As the death sequence plays, players can hear the baby childishly comment “yummy.”

2 Moreau

Of the four Lords, Moreau felt like one players could almost empathize with. His overwhelming insecurity in both his looks and his service to Mother Miranda almost makes players feel guilty for taking the piece of rose he is guarding. Don’t feel too guilty; He makes players pay for him to take the bottle back, which would make him lose Mother Miranda’s respect.

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Its final mutant form is a large, grotesque beast with eyes on its back. The appearance of his final form is enough to gag players, but his death sequence is even more terrifying. After landing the final punch, Moreau begins to inflate himself with the acid he once attacked with. He howls in pain, screams for Mother Miranda, until his suffering finally ends in an explosion of acid and guts.

1 Crushed by Urias’ hammer

Urias is one of the first boss fights that the player must face. While not the most difficult boss fight in the game, being one of the first, Urias is brutal and ruthless in his goal of killing Ethan. Urias wields a giant hammer, which differs from all other Lycans in that they typically carry nothing at all.

When the player dies from Urias, he repeatedly smacks Ethan to death with his large, heavy hammer. He struck once, twice, and again, repeatedly crushing his torso into a puddle of broken bone and blood. The death sequence is one of the first encounters, and seeing through Ethan’s eyes as he is bludgeoned to death by this massive werewolf turns your stomach.

Resident Evil Village is now available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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