The most famous anime beastmasters

Humans have been fascinated by other animals since the beginning of time. It has led to a multitude of Beasts are tamed and bred for one purpose or another, be it for food, produce, protection, or companionship. Humans have documented how various animals lived, died, survived, and thrived for centuries, and some have attempted to communicate with them on their level.

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We haven’t quite learned to walk, talk, sing, squeak, and screech with each animal. But the idea a beastmaster has appeared many times in fiction. It has appeared in books, movies, and anime. Here are the most famous creature controllers in Japanese cartoons.


7 Arachne Gorgon, Soul Eater

The clue here is pretty much right in her name. Her fellow sisters Medusa and Shaula have the ability to manipulate snakes and scorpions to their will. However, her big sister Arachne was the most impressive of the three. A former consort of Death, she creates her own organization, Arachnophobia, to overthrow his Death Weapon Master Academy.

Aside from a variety of magical attacks, such as attacking a person from within their mind, she can control a legion of spiders that she keeps within her body. She often sends them around the world so she can see things through her eyes and receive information. So no matter what people do, they are part of Arachne’s World Wide Web.

6 Shido, GetBackers

This list would not be complete without THE Anime Beastmaster. Shido “Beastmaster” Fuyuki started out as a member of VOLTS and became one of their “Four Kings”. After that group broke up, he was inspired by his old friend Ginji and his “GetBackers” and started his own search service.

Like her, he would retrieve any lost item for a client, usually with the help of his friend Emishi and a variety of animals. On the face of it, he’s capable of getting her to do his bidding. However, it is more that he is able to communicate with them on their level and therefore asks them for a favor. He considers them his friends, so it’s more of a mutual consent than a control.

5 Squala, Hunter X Hunter

Squala was a member of the mafia and worked as a bodyguard for Neon Nostrade. If it were up to him, he would have left the underworld and lived a peaceful life with Eliza, one of Neon’s servants. He wasn’t a licensed hunter, but he could use Nen to help him out of sticky situations.

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Nen has a variety of forms. In Squala’s case, he used it to talk to dogs. They would also do a lot for him: sniffing food for poison, opening doors, running errands, spying on people, and serving as normal guard dogs. In return, he would take care of them as his pets. That’s quite a lot, especially since his conversations with his canines would be in some sort of bark-based Morse code.

4 Koji Koda, My Hero Academia

Huge and rugged as he is, Koji is actually quite gentle and introverted. He’s so shy that he’d rather use sign language than speak directly to his classmates at UA High School. Some even assumed he was mute until he took the opportunity to speak to them. However, he feels much more comfortable around animals and talks to them much more openly.

His Quirk, Anivoice, allows him to talk to all kinds of animals and get them to do his bidding as long as they are within earshot. His ability even works on bugs, though he’s scared to death of them. Still, his greatest moments are in My hero academy involved using insects for reconnaissance and overcoming his fear by commanding a mass of bugs to swarm around his opponents.

3 Shino, Naruto

There are some characters out Naruto who could count for this list. Naruto is in his Fox Spirit form (and was originally a fox in human form in the original one-shot). Jiraiya could summon toads to help him. Tsunade could mentally bond with a magical snail. However, the Naruto Character that comes up the most when people search for Anime Beastmasters is Shino Aburame.

He and his clan were imbued with insects called kikaichū from birth. They carry out the host’s commands to feed on their chakra. Shino can use them to create duplicates of himself, shield himself by forming a dome out of them, or enclose his opponents inside and in turn feed on their chakra. He can even track targets by planting a male bug on them and then having a female bug track their scent. Or discourage others from chasing him by letting them play around with his chakra patterns. points for creativity.

2 Princess Shirahoshi One Piece

look at this girl Isn’t she tidy? Wouldn’t some think she’s… kind of well-known? She is the youngest daughter of Neptune, ruler of the Ryugu Kingdom. She wants to see the wide world beyond the ocean and can talk to fish and other sea creatures. That’s about as far as the Ariel comparisons go, though, as there’s nothing small about this mermaid.

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It’s so big it could hold Luffy and his friends in the palm of your hand. She has the strength to support her size and is one of the fastest swimmers in the sea. While she can talk to regular fish like her Disney counterpart, she can also summon giant, carnivorous ocean monsters called the Sea Kings to do her bidding. This power, inherited from her family’s connection to Poseidon, makes her one of the strongest characters in One piece.

1 Ash Ketchum, Pokemon

Does that really need explanation? The only way to avoid Pokemon is to either travel back in time after 1996, or travel far into the future when all that’s left are roaches, tardigrades, and Keith Richards. Still, in case anyone somehow missed Pokemon or can’t tell Ash Ketchum from Ash Crimson, here’s a little explanation. By the time kids turn 10, they can legally become official Pokemon trainers: people who capture the titular animals through Pokeballs and then use them to challenge other trainers to battles.

They don’t use any special powers, quirks, nen or anything like that. It’s all in the training and how the trainer bonds with their Pokemon. Ash started with just one, Pikachu, and had a rough time with the little electric rat. But in several series, films and specials, he has befriended many Pokémon and won many tournaments with them. He wanted to be the very best and over time he succeeded.

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