The most emotional moments in Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy doesn’t pull much punch when it comes to its storytelling. Players will come across some references to comic book characters like Richard Rider, The Avengersand Spider-Man as they play through each chapter. All of the Guardians storylines are thoroughly explored through dialogue, while some of the fun scenes with Mantis and the fun surprises associated with Adam Warlock keep the plot engaging.

However, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy really shines in its most emotional moments. The game’s talented cast all have time to showcase their abilities in these scenes, creating some memorable interactions that will stick with players long after the credits are over. While there are plenty of emotional moments to choose from, some of them turn out to be especially great. Apparently, the SPOILERS for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy will be seen below.


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Star-Lord, Drax and Nikki refuse the promise


Marvel’s Guardians of the GalaxyThe story line is full of standout moments, with many succeeding in making the player feel something. Gamora’s reveal that she killed Nebula is a solid scene, even if it’s a bit rushed. Similarly, Rocket overcomes fear of water to save his friends will probably make every player proud of him, especially as he reveals why he was so afraid of getting wet in the first place. Most Guardian collections also come with a sad story.

However, the most unforgettable sequence came from the Misfits team’s rejection of The Promise. The first player to be rejected is Peter Quill, where he finds himself returning home to his loving mother. Successfully defeating Chituari, Quill enjoys brief moments of happiness with the Guardians and the form of his long-lost parents. However, the player must eventually break this promise, control Star-Lord when he pushed his fake mother away and shot her until she died.

While it’s clearly a sad scene, it pales in comparison to Drax breaking the Promise. Through the help of Mantis, the player enters Drax’s mind and sees how cruel Magus’ deception is. After losing to Thanos, the gamer was able to witness Drax chatting with both his wife and daughter. His actual confusion is horrendous, as is the realization that this version of his family isn’t real. Drax’s comment that he doesn’t want to be alone again is a serious blow, and the moment he kills fake versions of Hovat and Kamaria is heartbreaking.

In the end, it was Nikki’s rejection of the promise, a moment that led to some of the best dialogue in the game. Not only does Star-Lord have to accept that her ex Ko-Rel is dead, but she also has to convince Nikki that her mother’s death is a good thing. Nikki’s grief feels so real here, with Guardians of the Galaxy fan need to help her understand that she is not to blame for what happened. With this happening shortly after realizing that Quill is not Nikki’s biological father, there is a lot of emotion in the exchange.

Even the fact that Cosmo is trapped in The Promise is sad, as the player learns the time of the space dog like a normal dog. When Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy have many strong points, its story presentation is the hallmark of the game, with The Promise being used as a great narrative device. When players don’t laugh at the naughty jokes between different teammates, they can end up in tears as the characters deal with their trauma.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy currently available on PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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