The Milky Way is responsible for Jardaan, Sc Calamity and Remnants of Andromeda

Since BioWare first introduced the new Block effect game, fans have been speculating about what it could be. So far, BioWare has alluded to the narrative of both the Milky Way and the Andromeda Galaxy, has hinted at new ships and technology, and, most recently, puts an emphasis on the Geth. Latest Block effect The poster shows a crater that looks a lot like Geth’s face, as well as a dead Geth. Many believe, based on what has been shown, that 4 . block effect will canonize the End of Destruction.


This raises a lot of questions on top of countless others, and then there’s the overall galactic threat that needs to be considered. Introducing something new between Andromeda and the Milky Way, while still explaining the connection and timing is a huge feat. Basically, if the Milky Way presents a new threat, it wipes out all of the Fairy’s importance; conversely, if it’s a threat of the Fairies, then why is the Milky Way only involved/occurring at the same time?

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Of course, there’s no real explanation right now. 4 . block effect many more years to come, even with these teasers. But, the problem of the source of threats would disappear if the Milky Way were a threat, and maybe Andromeda supported this.

Andromeda Mystery Stretching Block Effect


To the end Mass Effect: AndromedaThe plot’s, there are more questions than answers. Specifically, there is still an atmosphere of mystery surrounding Jardaan, Scourge, and Remnant. To understand this, it is well worth it understand Andromeda timeline. The Andromeda Initiative goes away in 2185, Andromeda the story takes place in the year 2819, and for the most part Remnants are believed to have been created around 2400-2500. “Centuries” before the Andromeda Initiative’s arrival, a weapon was activated on a Jardaan space station causing calamity, and then Jardaan just left.

For the most part, a lot of important dates are approximations, not definite answers. This is presumably to bring in some storytelling time; for example, the Jardaans were thought to have been a super-advanced race in 1600 BC and Mass Effect: AndromedaAngara’s believe they were created “several centuries ago”, having colonized a number of Helens while also experiencing their own dark times in history. Ergo, really, a lot could have happened in Helenus between 2185-2819 With so many dates this is still relevant. Overall, the timeline isn’t pre-set and has a lot of interpretations, as presented from Andromeda and Angarans’ point of view in the game.

The Scourge was known to be a weapon, which led to Jardaan’s departure from the Helenus Cluster. Why this weapon exists, what is its purpose, and how the “Opposition” deployed it on a Jardaan space station is another question. And why Rest is deployed and used is another matter. Much of this, however, can be seen in the context of the Milky Way.

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Connecting Andromeda’s Story Mass Effect and ME4 Teaser

4-quarian mass effect

Here is a theory: after Reaper’s War, the Milky Way is clearly split. There is no Mass Relay, but there is a lot of destruction, Geth technology and Reaper technology left behind. It is known that Geth used Mass Relays to study other galaxies, possessing some knowledge superior to them. With their destruction, it is possible that the research of Geth and the technology of Reaper – notable people from Deep space to the Milky Way in a total of six months – leading the way in major technological advancements.

With this, and learning about the Andromeda Initiative, it is possible that the Milky Way has developed a way to get to Andromeda 600 years faster. It may not mess with Andromeda ships for their own space travel and this supports the so far mysterious timeline 4 . block effect. NS Damn Geth looks fresh in one tease, but Liara looks much older in another one—Which makes sense since she is someone who can live that long if it shows two different time periods.

So the theory is simple: use advanced harvester technology and Geth’s research on Andromeda, highlighting the importance of both, the Milky Way was rebuilt more quickly and it was possible to develop technology for faster space travel than was available prior to the Reaper War. It makes sense when someone asks why Jardaan is so focused on terraforming Andromeda — the Milky Way is preparing it as a new home for itself and for those to come.

Many believe that the Jardaan has existed for centuries, but that would be indicated by the ruins, of which there is nothing biological. It is possible that the Opposition is the true First Human Contact of Helenus, with the Milky Way’s Reaper technology and various races known by the Opposition as the Jardaan. After all, history can mix the two.

series effects andromeda villain archon kett

What allows this further is Mass Effect: AndromedaKett’s, who did not arrive a few decades before the Androm Fairy Initiative, seems to have passed through other segments of the Androm Galaxy before then. They had not encountered, from what could be seen, the Remnants or Jardaan before – because the inhabitants of the Jardaan, or Milky Way, had left for their home galaxy. Archon won’t be so obsessed with technology that racing has encountered before.

Perhaps the Opposition, figuring out why the Milky Way shaped their galaxy, didn’t want to invite all these races there, and so had a revolution of their own. This would be consistent with the cyclical nature of the franchise and history, and so the Opposition appears to be an ally that has deployed Jardaan’s own weapons against them. Why did a minority race, as it is now believed, descended from Helenus so long ago to have such weapons? The Milky Way may have been prepared for something akin to a Reaper-level threat, and humanity will be looking for deterrence-style weapons after the Reaper invasion.

Perhaps the Opposition is the Angara ancestor, who, because of the Jardaan intervention, had to recreate a lot of their culture. It would seem odd if the Milky Way made them maliciously or created them as a way to play God or as a welcome party to the world. Andromeda Initiative, but if they are developed from Opposition, it will increase.

The rest could have come from Geth and Reaper technology, explaining why the Humans of the Fairies Initiative were able to interact with it but barely understood. It requires some level of AI to use… this again, can be explained by Reaper technology. But, most importantly, The surviving structures appear to be well structured around a human-sized alien species… Or just humans and other inhabitants of the Milky Way.

It will be explain Liara, it will explain the timeline, it will explain the early mysteries of Andromeda, and it will tie the two galaxies together. What exactly? 4 . block effect What will do to reveal all this and use it appropriately remains to be seen — perhaps not all of this is unknown or perhaps the inhabitants of the Milky Way, including Even Liara, come back. In the end, though, this is just a theory, but it will be an interesting twist to watch.

A new one Block effect The game is under development.

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