The Madame Blanc Mysteries On Acorn TV, Where An Antiques Dealer Solves Murders In The South Of France

There’s something about the classic mystery series that’s so enjoyable to watch, even in this era of “challenging” streaming series. It’s like putting a puzzle together; you’re using your brain, but not in a way that makes you too tired to watch. That’s probably why the series that Acorn has put on its service, whether they produce or import, are so beloved; Series like these are rare to find, even on broadcast networks. The latest is The Mysteries of Madame Blanc.

Opening scene: A man got into the front seat of a van with a very shiny ring; The ring is a large ruby ​​surrounded by diamonds.

Gist: In the village of Sainte Victoire, in the south of France, Rory White (Peter Gaynor) reckons the find will be the biggest score yet for the antiques business he runs with his wife Jean (Sally Lindsay), who has since become a newcomer. back to Manchester. But not long after he got in the car and sent Jean a video of the ring, he fainted while smoking and crashed into a tree, killing him instantly.

Back in Manchester, grief-stricken Jean is told by her estate lawyer that they are near bankruptcy, and when Jean sees that the ring is not among her influence, she decides to go to Sainte Victoire to find out if where did it go? She’s the antiques expert between the two of them, and she knows that ring can be worth between 70,000 euros and millions of dollars, depending on its history.

When she flew in – she wasn’t a great tourist, that’s why Rory was the one to stay at their mansion and show her his findings via FaceTime so she could can appreciate them – she meets Dom Hayes (Steve Edge), who not only has a taxi company but is also a handyman. Dom and Judith Lloyd James (Sue Holderness), who ran into Dom at the airport, assumed that “Mrs. White” is Rory’s mother, and both are surprised when Jean gets off the plane.

This is where Dom lets “Madame Blanc” know that Rory is frequently seen with another woman who doesn’t really socialize. She even sells antiques to the likes of the sheriff; Jean is annoyed when the signature on the sales receipt is not hers and the Rolex he claims to have bought is a very bad fake.

She believes that Rory’s death was not an accident. However, the first order of the business is tracking that ring. That mystery takes Jean and Dom in many directions, including Xavier (Narayan David Hecter), son Gloria (Sue Vincent), the village mechanic (and Dom’s good friend).

The Mysteries of Madame Blanc
Photo: Mark Cassar / AcornTV

What shows will it remind you of? The Mysteries of Madame Blanc quite similar to the other mystery series Acorn has launched over the past few years, from the Ms. Fisher series, to My life is murder, come Agatha raisins.

Our Take: If anything stands out about The Mysteries of Mrs. Blanc, it was a performance by Sally Lindsay, who also created and wrote the series. She’s front and center, and Jean White makes for an interesting drama. First, she’ll spend the entire first season trying to figure out what happened to her husband. But in the meantime, she’ll have to face murder after murder in what turns out to be Cabot Cove in the south of France, with all the colorful characters in town hiding secrets of their own. .

What also makes her an interesting adventurer is her expertise in antiquities. Valuable and old antiques will likely be part of the mystery of each episode, so it looks like the shows will be a cross between the allied and all. Murder, She Wrote pass with Antique roadshow.

The scenery in Sainte Victoire is also a highlight, from the seascape to all the quaint buildings that give the perfect look of the dilapidated Old Country village that Americans love so much.

There’s nothing revolutionary about the series, so it will depend on Lindsay’s charm and her chemistry with Edge, which was already pretty good in the first episode. The two of them will be partners in solving crimes, and if the episode’s mysteries are halfway through, and the story continues on the murder of Rory – and his mysterious lover – no neglected, it will be a fun movie first Season.

Gender and Skin: Not available. It’s not that kind of program. In fact, this is the kind of show that kids who are mystery fans can watch with their parents.

Farewell shot: The same smoker who watched Rory’s crash – believed to be his mistress – watched Jean enter the mansion, after she discovered that Rory’s lighter was laced with cyanide gas.

Sleeper Star: We mentioned Holderness as Judith Lloyd James. Her husband Jeremy is played by Robin Askwith, and the two of them bring a bit of lighthearted humor to the show, especially when they really don’t get along in public.

Most Pilot-y routes: We need a bit of history about Sainte Victoire, and why it seems like a lot of old English people live there.

Our call: INSTRUCTIONS IT. If you are looking for one of those mystery shows you can watch and try to solve along with the main character, The Mysteries of Madame Blanc Fill out that bill very well.

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