The Last Straw: Retailers Ravaged by Smash and Grab Lootings Urgent Letter to Congress

After enduring the devastating burden of mass looting for so long, American business owners, the usual victims of riots, has finally had enough and is standing in front of incompetent (or bad) government officials not only for riots and looting, but sometimes even create such antisocials, against private property activities on.

In fact, the problem has gotten so bad that even Big Business, which is often liberal, is standing up and complaining about flash mob looting.

In one Letter to Leaders of the National AssemblyExecutives from 20 major companies, including CVS, Walgreens and Nordstrom, have complained about the situation retailers are facing today and called on lawmakers to pass legislation that would make criminals plundering the crowd difficult to sell the goods they stole.

A passage of great significance and urgent argument:

“Retailers have made significant investments to combat organized retail crime, but as they note in today’s letter, criminals will continue these brazen thefts for as long as they can sell. Anonymize your stolen goods through online marketplaces. Fortunately, there is growing consensus among business leaders, law enforcement, and a bipartisan group of policymakers that the INFORM Consumer Act is an important and appropriate step toward prevent the situation. Preventing these crimes starts with making it harder for thieves to sell stolen goods online. We urge Congress to seize this opportunity to help protect communities, families, and consumers.”

Two more sections, describing the solution (the INFORMATION Consumer Act), have this to say about how to effectively combat the rampant problem:

There’s no simple answer to stopping organized retail crime or the sale of counterfeit goods – but the key to stemming this growing wave of problems is transparency. If a customer purchases a product from a local retailer or e-commerce site and the product is damaged or defective, the consumer knows exactly who to contact. Have accountability. In the current environment, criminal networks and unscrupulous businesses have exploited a system that protects their anonymity to sell unsafe, stolen or counterfeit products without the need to visit. law. This lack of transparency on specific third-party markets has allowed criminal activity to flourish.

The INFORM Consumer Act is a simple, bipartisan measure that will increase online transparency for all markets, make it easier for consumers to identify exactly who they are buying from, and help It’s hard for criminals to hide behind fake screen names and false business information to barricade illegal products while evading law enforcement. The law has united retailers, consumer groups, manufacturers, law enforcement and everyone who is serious about stopping the sale of counterfeit and pirated goods sold online.

The letter was sent on behalf of the Retail Industry Leaders Association, its website status, consists of “More than 200 retailers, product manufacturers, and service providers together account for more than $1.5 trillion in annual sales, millions of American jobs, and more than 100,000 stores and manufacturing facilities. production and distribution centers at home and abroad.”

Congress, full of BLM supporters on the left, is unlikely to take action on such a bill, as it would mean taking a firm stance against crime, which the wing would not. Left hating the police does not seem to want to do.

However, this letter should be a wake-up call. The CEOs and companies listed are neither conservative nor reactionary. If anything, they’re on the left. However, they still argue that it is time to crack down on crime and crime, something that was previously difficult to believe even for a few short months. That’s probably because, as reported by ZeroHedge:

The retail industry has been ravaged by a wave of vandalism and skirmishes in free cities, where progressives have downgraded retail theft from a felony to a misdemeanor. Retailers, such as the electronics store Best Buy have seen margin slide in its latest quarterly report to make the thefts.

Major retail chains across the country are on alert this holiday season for criminal gangs. Some stores even have redesign their front entrance to prevent robberies.

At this time, many law-abiding Americans are suffering from crime thanks to the softness of their crime policies. Perhaps this letter will be the canary in the coal mine and awaken Congress to the crime problem. The Last Straw: Retailers Ravaged by Smash and Grab Lootings Urgent Letter to Congress


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