The Last of Us Part 1 price controversy explained

The Last of Us Part 1 was the latest in a long history of Naughty Dog and PlayStation leaks, unofficially announced a while before its rightful reveal at last month’s Summer Game Fest. This certainly dampened the shine of the official announcement, but not the excitement of what was shown for the game, which Naughty Dog has been billed as a remake. In it, Naughty Dog claims that the original The last of us Experience is rebuilt from the ground up with modernized gameplay, improved graphical fidelity and other improvements on PS5.


The last of us Part 1Naughty Dog’s cinematic announcement trailer offered these promises along with the words of Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann, who explained that the remake’s fidelity has improved thanks to recreated facial animations that are more consistent with Naughty Dog’s original vision. For many fans, the excitement of returning is after The last of us enough as a sale. However, some fans have considered it The last of us‘ priced inappropriately based on their idea of ​​what a remake should and should constitute The Last of Us Part 1 does enough to deserve its remake rating.

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Fans debate whether The Last of Us Part 1 is a cash grab

The idea of The Last of Us Part 1 The term “Cash Grab” comes from fans expressing skepticism about how much the game will actually be improved and whether those changes are enough credit to make it worthy of its price tag. Before any gameplay was leaked – and unfortunately a lot was leaked after the initial discourse – the fans decided that The Last of Us Part 1The visuals of was hardly reason enough to rationalize the game’s cost.

Of course, this is entirely subjective from fan to fan, and many individuals will likely have their own personal reasons for not being satisfied with paying a certain amount for something. The last of us‘ Visuals are arguably still pleasing and may not have needed a facelift, and perhaps most fans’ dissatisfaction comes from being unsure The last of us needs a remake first.

The Last of Us Part 1 So apparently being a cash grab stems from the belief that Remake The last of us its unneccessary. That was suggested The last of us The jump to its third-generation PlayStation is an opportunity for Naughty Dog to take full advantage of the game, while counter-arguments claim it’s a fantastic way for new audiences to get to know it in a definitive way.

Along the way, Naughty Dog only offered obscure explanations of what will and won’t change The Last of Us Part 1. The following leaks finally showed fans what the gameplay looks like in The Last of Us Part 1and many fans were disappointed to see no discernible differences or improvements.

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The lack of discernible gameplay improvements in The Last of Us Part 1 has fans concerned

These leaks showed brief combat sequences where Joel has animations identical to those from the original game, and a leaked screenshot also showed the controller button layout, which showed no signs of vulnerable crawling or dodging mechanics. This immediately showed fans that The Last of Us Part 1 would not accept bout of The Last of Us 2as fans may have previously assumed.

Rather, Druckmann had hinted at improved combat and AI during Summer Game Fest, and as host Geoff Keighley mentioned he was excited to see it The Last of Us 2‘s gameplay in The last of us Part 1, Druckmann has neither confirmed nor denied whether that would be apparent. He instead alluded to new “animation systems and AI systems,” but didn’t explicitly say whether fans should expect the combat and gameplay The Last of Us 2 be converted into The Last of Us Part 1.

Nonetheless, this has sparked renewed controversy with fans who don’t see how this game is worth its price tag, especially after seeing that the gameplay is more similar to the original than they had hoped. Some fans argue that The Last of Us Part 1 Based on everything that’s been shared at this point, it’s more of a remaster than a remake, but whether it’s more of a remaster or a remake shouldn’t detract from how much work the developers put into it.

Fans should now lower expectations, but still be excited for what The Last of Us Part 1 has to offer

While it may have helped Naughty Dog to explicitly state how similar its gameplay would be to the original in order to live up to expectations, it also never explicitly said in its defense that the gameplay would unfold the way the fans envisioned it had hoped for. Instead, fans are officially getting improved accessibility features in The Last of Us Part 1 This will no doubt be a boon to many players, as will new AI systems and other improvements.

Some of these improvements are likely to come from The Last of Us 2 too, even if the dodge and prone mechanics aren’t among them. Perhaps the decision to omit these mechanics The Last of Us Part 1The gameplay of was born out of a desire to keep the controls and gameplay of the original game, but that hasn’t been said one way or the other. In what looks like a response to leaks or a premeditated and planned decision, Naughty Dog recently released a feature and gameplay trailer, officially setting expectations for what players can look forward to.

It’s difficult to be entirely sure how much has been improved until fans play it and see for themselves throughout the experience, such as the workbench changes that have obviously carried over The Last of Us 2. Still, the controversy is sure to linger well into the release window, but ultimately it’s up to fans whether they think it’s worth the price or not.

The Last of Us Part 1 coming to PS5 on September 2nd.

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