The Last of Us Part 1: All Workbench locations

Over the period of The Last of Us Part 1players collect different types of weapons, from firearms to throwable items, which will be useful in different scenarios. But as Joel and Ellie get closer to their goal, the obstacles they face become more difficult and their starting gear may not be as useful as it used to be. This is where workbenches come into play.

Workbenches are an important mechanic as they allow players to upgrade their weapons with the parts they collect. Weapon upgrades are key to survival, and the higher tier upgrades require finding the relevant tools. There are a total of 11 workbenches for players to find The Last of Us Part 1with some chapters having more than one, and tracking down each of them will reward players with a trophy.


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The suburbs

As they make their way through downtown, Joel, Ellie and Tess are pursued by a group of runners and are forced to take refuge in a nearby garage. After climbing through, players will find themselves in a loading bay where a truck is parked. This turns out to be the basement area of ​​a museum, and players can find a workbench at the far left of this room.

Bill’s town

In the next section, players arrive at Bill’s Town and encounter the eponymous BillL: a suspicious but resourceful survivor. He will help Joel and Ellie find a car and guide players through the city to various locations, avoiding and eliminating infected people blocking the path. Players can gather resources and get new weapons on their journey, but most importantly, the next workbench becomes available in the basement of the church where Bill has set up a safe house.


workbench 1

At the beginning of the chapter, players have the option to take out a group of hunters before heading into a garage that Ellie and Joel work together to move inside. Inside are bodies of previous Hunters’ victims and a set of stairs to take in order to advance. Before heading up through a door on the left, however, players can loot resources in the dormitories on the right, and there’s a workbench in the room directly across from the stairs.

workbench 2

During this segment, players become separated from Ellie and Joel must find a way to escape the walkers who have gathered in the hotel basement by returning power to a locked door. After players have found their way out, they have to climb a flight of stairs and there will be two open doors in front of them when they reach the next floor. The open door on the player’s left is where they can find the next workbench.

workbench 3

After Ellie wedges a laundry cart under the garage door for Joel to pass through, players can use the same cart to prop it up against the wall using the yellow caution tape. It’s then possible to hop over a series of fallen shelves to find another workbench directly to the right to further upgrade weapons.

The suburbs

After escaping the sewers with Henry and Sam, players must look for an open garage with a basketball hoop attached to find the nearest workbench. This garage is on Second Street in the Suburbs, just before the abandoned ice cream truck that Ellie and Sam are talking about with their elderly companions.

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Tommy’s dam

After petting Buckley outside of the control room, players should follow Tommy inside to begin the turbine test. The workbench is located in an area to the left of the main area in the control room, and it is recommended that players complete any desired upgrades at the workbench before speaking to Tommy again, as it becomes inaccessible once the story progresses.

The University

workbench 1

This first workbench is in the same room where Joel is first able to obtain the flamethrower, meaning players can immediately start upgrading it to add extra damage to an already devastating weapon. There is an open loading dock that players can enter with a yellow forklift parked in it and the workbench on the left side of the room.

workbench 2

After climbing into the science building through the large opening in the wall, players can immediately head left to an open door. Once you go through this door, there is a workbench on the right.

bus depot

workbench 1

Behind a rusted FEDRA container, players will find a single medical triage tent with a workbench inside.

workbench 2

Players are temporarily prevented from getting past a metal gate, but Ellie is able to get around and open the door for Joel. In this room players can go up a short flight of stairs and the last workbench is on their right.

Search and interact with each of the available workbenches in The Last of Us Part 1 will reward players with the Prepared for the Worst trophy, taking them one step closer to platinum.

The Last of Us Part 1 is available for PlayStation 5 and a PC version is in development.

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