The infamous Dem Rashida Tlaib grins as he talks about his dream of releasing all his children in federal prison

That smile.

That was the smile of Michigan Democratic Representative Rashida Tlaib when she said yes, she supports the Breathe Act to free federal prisoners and no, she does not support the release of all prisoners. federal prisoners. But sorta does.

Correct. No smile.

Tlaib appeared to be driving Jonathan Swan crazy during last Monday’s Axios TV show when he tried to press her on what exactly she believes about the Breathing Act.

“But that’s like in plain text!” he exclaimed as she denied defending the principles of action.


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Tlaib has been identified, along with Democrat Representative Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts, as a supporter of legislation that has so far not entered Congress.

NS Breathing Act “Creating a concrete prison elimination roadmap by [r]equip the US Attorney General and the Secretary [Health and Human Services Department] formulation and implementation of the population reduction plan. ”

The move stems from an effort by the Black Movement to reform the US criminal justice system, according to New York’s Journal. Cut.

Does Rashida Tlaib really want all federal prisoners to be released?

MBL’s goals include ultimately closing all federal prisons, closing all federal immigration detention centers, abolishing Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and drug enforcement federal, displease the police donate welfare and environmental programs and pay indemnify for the descendants of slaves.

Swan asked Tlaib: “The Breathe Act proposes to clean up federal detention facilities within 10 years. “To what extent have you grappled with any potential downsides of individual social release currently in federal prison?”

Despite the release of mock photos of the jailing of people with substance abuse problems, mentally ill young adults with difficult families and problems with whether people can be rehabilitated. or not, Tlaib finally admits that some people should be in prison.

And mainly because we don’t know how to recover them.

“But in your vision, is there – whatever the ratio is – a small percentage that needs to be behind bars?” Swan counterattack.


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Tlaib agreed, but added, “I’ll have to look at each individual case and figure them all out,” giving no indication that she could personally determine the proper course of action for each prisoner. individual federal personnel.

And then, with a smile, she talks about the successful rehabilitation efforts she knows of.

Perhaps her smile and her battle with Swan took away her true belief in the Breathe Act’s purpose of freeing federal prisoners – no matter how evil or violent. But she’s enough of a politician to know that she can’t just step out and say it.

Did the smile take her game?

The Breathe Act was proposed to replace the George Floyd Justice Policy Act, which was defeated by the Senate earlier this year after its passage by the House of Representatives. That bill calls for a national registry of police with unacceptable records, bans roadblocks and improved police training, according to the report. NPR.

The Black Life Movement serves as an umbrella organization for about 50 groups, according to MBL’s website.

Tlaib’s congressional district serves parts of Detroit, suburban areas to the west, and the area known as the Downriver area, southwest of Detroit. Although Tlaib is Islam, her county does not include Dearborn, which is inhabited by a large Muslim population west of Detroit. The infamous Dem Rashida Tlaib grins as he talks about his dream of releasing all his children in federal prison

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