The indie horror game needs to stop trying to be PT

PT was released in 2014 and the mystery title was quickly revealed as a “playable trailer” for Silent Hill. Fans of the survival horror series were disappointed that the promising game was never released, as its team of contributors was set to feature a stellar lineup that included Hideo Kojima, Guillermo Del Toro, Junji Ito and Norman Reedus.

Huge popularity and critical acclaim PT which means it continues to be influential. In the years following its release, many horror games have been inspired by its atmosphere and setting, as well as by the gameplay innovation of having a loop that forces the player to go. through the same area, subtly (or not so subtly) changing it each time to make them nervous and scared. This exposes a major flaw in development practice when deep, genre-defining titles, such as PT inspire the masses — lazy or poorly behaved.


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The skillful mechanic turned PT into a horror masterpiece

Screenshot showing Lisa in the red hallway in PT

Although just a trailer for an unreleased game, PT Still considered by many fans and critics alike to be the best horror game on PS4. The fact that the game is no longer available for download only adds to its reputation and mystique, and there are still calls for PT be republished.

Many aspects of the game have received rave reviews, including impressive visuals, intricate and layered story, and scary sound design. However, special praise was given to PTcentral conceit, which sees the player walking through the dark and eerie hallways of an abandoned house. They go down a hallway, turn right, go through the bathroom entrance and the front door is locked, then go through another door that seems to lead down to a basement, only to appear again at the start of the same lobby.

NS high original structure of PT allows the mini-game to alleviate some particular fears, destroying fear slowly and inevitably. In the initial loop, the bathroom door is closed and locked. During the next loop, something can be heard hitting it from the other side, as if trying to escape. In a later loop, the door opens, inviting the player to look inside.

In spite of PTIts actual puzzles are considered somewhat complicated, the “corridor loop” mechanic has allowed its story to unfold with terrifying skill. Following the game’s following circuits, the player is immersed in a surreal horror nightmare that seems to have come straight from a David Lynch’s Movies. The use of a creepy radio to broadcast plot twists, or just garbled and creepy noises, further adds to the game’s unbelievably creepy atmosphere and also a nod to Silent Hill series roots ‘.

The mechanic also helped make the effect of the only scary jump in the game. By role-playing some of the jokes of “walking simulation, the game has many players convinced that its uproar atmosphere and creepy visuals will ultimately be unprofitable, especially PT features no combat mechanics. After several rounds, some die-hard horror fans may have even been mesmerized by the game’s claustrophobic, claustrophobic atmosphere, preparing them perfectly for the iconic jump scare. by Lisa. This created one of the greatest moments in horror game history, as demonstrated by the numerous YouTube scream-filled reaction videos circulating at the time.

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Horror game that uses PT .’s loop lobbies mechanics


Imitation is the sincere form of flattery. PTsuccess and critical acclaim Understandably created a wave of copycats, and in some cases, inspired great horror games. In other cases, however, players get frustrated by what appear to be low-budget clones. The problem is that, even if the games themselves are a solid experience, there are simply too many indie horror titles that use the “repeating corridor” mechanics that it has become a tired cliché.

A developer deeply inspired by PT To be Team Bloober. The Polish studio is known for its horror titles, which have developed hits like Scary classes and medium, as well as the critically acclaimed cyberpunk horror game The Observer, starring the late Rutger Hauer. Both Scary classes and The Observer usury from PT, the latter even has a deliberate homage in which the game’s protagonist has to traverse a loop of corridors over and over again. In this case, the inclusion feels more like a clever subversion of the hoax rather than a hoax, as players know their character is experiencing “mind hacking” due to enhanced their cybernetics, closely linked to the game’s plot and theme.

However, there are a bunch of other titles that have borrowed many words PT, consists of Evil inside, Visage, Those who stay, and Park, each of which has some combination of spooky houses and repeating corridors. However, these are great examples where the hallway never ends or its obvious relationship with PT wasn’t able to make the game in its entirety, resulting in it performing poorly among many fans. At worst, they run the risk of becoming lazy.

Evil within, in particular, has received negative reviews not only because of the never ending use of the hallway but also because it looks like a copy of PT. Critics considered the game to be too short, the puzzles dull and unimaginative, and the repeating premise of hackney and derivatives. The poor performance is certainly proof that horror movie creators have to find new and innovative ways to implement mechanics rather than simply reskin PT

However, horror fans need not be disappointed as there are still plenty of examples of innovative games out there. Mundaun used its unique art style and European feel to evoke films like Midsommar to the chilling effect and the upcoming title Wrong us has one of the scariest teaser trailers in recent memory. Even Abandoned, briefly believed to be a rogue game that serves as a facade for a Silent Hill, has the potential to be attractive.

Many horror games released in the past seven years are certainly indebted PT, became a pivotal moment in the history of horror games. However, it also becomes a great example of how shameless asexuals will be seen by the community as nothing else, while affections have successfully implemented inspirational mechanisms. This has also become a great game.

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