The half-demon princess lost some fans after season one

Yashahime: Princess Half Demon which first aired in October 2020 and is currently in its second season. Anime serves as a sequel to Inuyasha, a popular Isekai anime that appeared from 2000 to 2004 with the final act being done from 2009-2010. The sequel looks a lot like other anime sequels, one in which the story follows the children of the previous main characters. (a prime example is Boruto).

Like most anime sequel following the children of the previous protagonists, Yashahime is the smaller part between itself and the original program. However, Yashahime was actually considered inferior to most of the sequels in terms of how it treated the characters of the original series. Some fans Inuyasha didn’t have good things to say about the sequel, questioned the quality of the series and felt alienated. With season two currently underway, there’s been a notable split with viewers, with some still seemingly preoccupied with season one’s issues.


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How Yashahime Lost Inuyasha Fans

Rin is in a coma in a tree.

Yashahime there are a lot of typical problems that come with franchise sequels, the main problem of all being that it doesn’t match up with its predecessor. However, the show has parts that leave a bitter taste in fans’ mouths. These sections in write about the original characters and their roles in the sequel.

The first disputed decision came to Inuyasha and Kagome’s fate. The iconic duo disappeared and as a result they couldn’t see their daughter grow up. In season one it was revealed that Sesshomaru trapped the pair in Inuyasha’s black pearl to save them from a powerful demon. As a result, the main characters from the main show are absent and fans feel a bit betrayed that Sesshomaru will trap them for so long and have no faith in their strength after all they’ve done. passed in the original program. After all, Inuyasha and Sesshomaru had a shaky relationship that was leveled in the anime, but now in the sequel, Sesshomaru has stolen 14 years of their lives without any consent or discussion. While this saved their lives, fans felt like Sesshomaru little development of character respect for others has returned to zero with this extreme act.

Sango fans were very disappointed because her absolute absence in the sequel, it seems that she is happily just waiting for Miroku to achieve enlightenment while taking care of the children. Miroku and Sango’s relationship was a weak point in the original show due to its outdated and inappropriate humor, but at least Sango had her moments as a strong action woman. Looking back, fans are annoyed with her passive role, especially the problem with her being introduced as “Miroku’s wife” instead of just Sango. Fans also can’t believe that Sango and Miroku won’t find a way to save Inuyasha and Kagome or at least take the initiative for Setsuna and Towa’s lives.

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Last, and certainly not least, many fans were angry about what happened to Sesshomaru and Rin. The two become a couple, which makes it heartbreaking for many to watch the difference in age and dynamics between the two. Rin’s pregnancy problem also asked questions in discussions. This has been argued with various conclusions that she was anywhere from 14 to 18 years old when she gave birth to the twins. This has led to ongoing controversy and controversy among the fan base, with many discussing that the story normalizes some suspicious behavior. Rin and Sesshomaru had a very cute father-son relationship in the original show, and the sequel took that away from fans who loved their non-romantic love that has always had the strength of a father and daughter.

The new characters are also unloved, with Moroha being the most loved and Towa being the least favorite of the three central characters. Unfortunately, Towa is the main character while Moroha is closer to the supporting character. NS Unpopular villains Riku and Kirinmaru were also not affected much. Fans agree that the new characters are neither too great nor too terrible, which doesn’t make up for the original cast’s treatment.

What fans have to say about season one and two

Sesshomaru hugged the twins.

Easily find negative reviews from fans, from calling Yashahime come worst anime sequel they’ve ever seen come felt cheated by the way the show treated the original characters. Reddit is filled with threads questioning the quality of the show, claiming to ruin the original show, and hating how it ended the first season with nothing to worry about. Fans on Tumblr are just as frustrated, with a lot of tension surrounding the series and the jokes about it never existed. Basically, Yashahime created divisions among the fandom, with many questioning the quality and purpose of the series. However, there are people who like the show and some who don’t mind its more questionable elements, like the episodic story of Sesshomaru and Rin’s relationship. Hence, there are continuous arguments in Yashahime fandom theme.

Season two isn’t over yet and there’s already one mix of fans saying it’s better and others saying it’s the same. So while things may be on the rise, some fans have already left Yashahime behind after its first season. If the show gets better, it might be too late for many Inuyasha fan.

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