The game Chocolatier is haunted should be inspired by

Haunted Chocolatier is already one of the most anticipated releases, but hopefully it will draw inspiration from some of the other biggest hits.

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Despite the mysterious atmosphere surrounding it, the excitement towards Haunted Chocolate Seller among the fans Stardew Valley is pretty much through the roof. ConcernedApe’s farming simulator has won the hearts of many, as it is filled with content and is regularly updated with more. Notice of Haunted Chocolate Seller shows how passionate fans are Stardew for more info from developer solo. Unfortunately, information about the project is still pretty scarce since it was announced just under a month ago, and according to the game’s FAQ, it’s still in the early stages of development.

Haunted Chocolate SellerHowever, the game’s announcement trailer shows a lot of what fans can expect from the game, including aspects that will set it apart from the rest. Stardew Valley. The two games will obviously be compared, but it seems Haunted Chocolate Seller is branching out and testing new gameplay mechanics. There is a long list of games it can draw inspiration from, but the titles below speak to the specific elements of the game that were introduced in the game. Haunted Chocolate SellerThe first trailer of the reveal.


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Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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Comparison between Mule series and Stardew Valley has been done since the farming sim was released in 2016, but Haunted Chocolate Seller seems to be expanding on an element of Stardew that Mule Known For: Home Decor. Players can decorate their house in Stardew, but it was never the main focus of the game – though Haunted Chocolate Seller seems to be focusing more on decorating the inside of the player’s chocolate shop. Hopefully, ConcernedApe should take a look New horizons for inspiration in understanding what makes interior decoration so satisfying in a video game.

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ConcernedApe commented on how Haunted Chocolate SellerYour fight will be different from Stardew Valley‘NS. The indie developer says that fight for Haunted Chocolate Seller have been built from the ground up and are not just copies of the studio’s previous work, so it would be nice if they The Legend of Zelda: The Awakening of the Link for inspiration on top-down sword fighting mechanics. NS Zelda The game, both the original and the recent remake, is generally considered to be the best 2D combat the series has to offer and makes good use of the dimensions available to it. Haunted Chocolate Seller looks like it’ll have a more combat-focused gameplay reminiscent of the early days Zelda titles, so hopefully it will be one of the best in the series for tips.

Luigi’s Mansion

The role of ghosts in Haunted Chocolate Seller It’s still a bit of a mystery. It’s clear from the trailer that they’re on the helpful side of Casper over the vengeful angry spirits that frequently pop up in the horror media. That said, it’s unclear whether they will be their own characters or resemble animals in Stardew: named by the player but functionally the same as the rest of the pack.

If they end up becoming individual characters, then hopefully Haunted Chocolate Seller take a page out Luigi’s Mansionbooks and pack them full of characters. All the ghosts named in Luigi’s Mansion There are lots of quirky personalities that help make each character feel unique and like part of the history of the prestigious mansion. Even if the ghosts in Haunted Chocolate Seller ultimately less unique and like the ghosts Luigi encounters in his game, they can still have their own characters in the same way that Luigi’s ghost enemies have personalities based on their ghost type. .

Haunted Chocolate Seller is in the process of development.

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Stardew Valley Creator Worried

The announcement of the Haunted Chocolatier is certainly exciting, but it looks like ConcernedApe is working on even more projects based on the FAQ.

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