The funniest construction in super automatic pets

Super automatic pet is a game that came out not too long ago but suddenly became popular recently. Nowadays, there are many ways to build a team Super automatic pet and a lot of different synergies that the player may not know yet.

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Many of these have been seen in countless runs content creators like Ludwig, Sykkuno, Stanz and Northernlion have made it on their streams, but there are still a lot of other things that haven’t become part of the meta yet and are just pure fun to try, as is the case with unique builds in so many other games. In any case, here are some of the funniest builds in SAP that’s still quite possible to get the player to win ten games.

Sniper Build: Mow ‘Em Down

Super Auto Pets - PNG Of All Sniper Pets overlaid with an image of a monkey with a sniper

Sniper Build is one of the more famous examples, but that doesn’t make it any less interesting. And, as an added bonus, it is a great opponent for how to build Dodo + Rooster or Turkey + Fly, two builds run under the current meta. And, as any veteran gamer probably knows, metas can sometimes ruin a game. These builds can have any variant of Pets such as:

  • A few dolphins or a high school dolphin

  • Crocodiles and dolphins

  • A dolphin with a leopard on its head

  • A snake with a tiger behind

  • Or, finally a high power Leopard with a Tiger behind it.

Players can use any variation of any of the examples above, but the goal with this build, like any Sniper in any game, is to cause as much destruction as possible before the enemy can react. Whether this is by completely KOing the enemy’s most important unit, wasting all of their Food items, or destroying their synergy before the battle even begins, it doesn’t matter. important.


Many Scorpios and/Or Big Bad Scorpios

Super Auto Pet - PNG of the Scorpion and the Oversized PNG of the Scorpion Pet overlaid on the image of a 50 HP 50 Pow scorpion in the game

Normally, Scorpio (and no, not that scorpion) is used at the front against large tank units that the enemy has scaled up in their entire run. And, to be fair, there’s nothing more satisfying than watching 1/1 Scorpio take down a 50/50 Bison with Garlic Armor. But, there’s a lot going on against Scorpio on the front lines, even something as simple as the Melon Armor. To get around that, players experimented with running multiple Scorpions and placing them in odd positions like second and fourth on the team.

Or, alternatively, there are even some people who have run major Scorpio builds focused on turning their 1/1 Scorpio into 50/50. That way, even if the unit in front has Melon Armor, the 30 damage taken from its 20 damage shield will instantly kill the unit.

Tiger + Literally Just About Anything = Fun

Super car pets - PNG of Tiger Pets overlaid with images of tigers and party celebration

This entry is pretty much just here to say people run Tigers more, and run them behind Pets that people don’t expect. For example, how about running Tiger after Whale eats Deer? As long as the Whale is on the third square and the Deer is on the second, the Whale will now spawn two Deer instead of one. There are also:

  • Tiger + Hedgehog level 3 deals 12 damage at the end of combat.

  • Tiger + a Level 3 Octopus now deals 10 damage to all enemies before each hit.

  • Tiger + a level 3 Skunk to reduce the opponent’s two highest health animals by one HP.

NS Tiger is just a unit that makes the game more fun overall, so don’t be afraid to experiment with it.

Microbe in the middle

Super Auto Pet - PNG of a bacterial pet overlaid on Malcomn in the center of the cover art as if it were bacteria in the middle

Microbe barely plays much Super automatic pet as it should be, and that’s a pity. To be fair, it’s an Expansion Pack animal. Look closely, and it’s clear that Microbe is just a better bat, depending on where it is located.

For example, if the player places two large armored or garlic-covered units in front of the Bacteria and all of their weak units behind it, the large units will run rampant, while the weak ones will take over. impact the fight by adding three damage per battle thanks to the Weakness debuff that now applies to everyone.

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Or, alternatively, running a Microbe in the second slot with a level two Turtle and two bulky units behind it is a great strategy that almost feels like cheating.

Self-damage Savant: I swear I’ll make the Hedgehog work

Super Auto Pet - PNG of All self-damage units overlaid on image of smug looking sound

Self-damaging constructions are probably the most fun to run, with the least chance of success. Of course, this is about running Blowfish, Badgers, Hedgehogs, even Elephants. The best combinations that fans have found so far are:

  • Run in front of a level two to three Badger with a Melon Armored Bull behind (or alternatively, a Deer/Spider/Eagle).

  • Run Whale eats a Hedgehog and the rest of the team has Melon Armor or Garlic.

  • Run an extremely powerful Level Two Elephant right after a basic Hedgehog. Then have the Camel run with a level two or three Blowfish behind it to activate the maximum Blowfish ability.

There are many ways to make Pets damage themselves SAP, they just require a little creative thinking.

Legendary level 1 super unit

Super Car Pet - PNG of 50 HP 50 Pow Pig Pet overlaid on image of Buff Pig from family guy

This is a forbidden build that people give up early on to get a nice tier three or four unit to dump their full scale in. But, what if the player spends the first three rounds picking a level one to focus entirely on?

Be it Fish, Beaver, Mosquito, or even Pig, this build revolves around getting Apples into the device early and getting a scaler like Rabbit, Shrimp, Penguin or Giraffe to make it as big as possible as fast as possible.

The Northerlion Special: The Crab Cascade

Super Auto Pets - PNG 50 Hp 50 Pow Bison with 4 crabs in the background overlaid on an image of two crabs

Crabs run SAP meta for a bit, and there’s a reason for that. Basically, The ability of the pet in SAP activated based on unit’s strength, which means that 3/3 Crab’s health steal will activate after 5/5 Crab has it.

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Using this principle, the player can build a unit’s health up front, then place weaker and weaker crabs behind it, all armed with meat. The end result could be a 30/30 unit in the front, with something like three crabs in the back, all with 30 health and Meat attached to them.

1-Up Fiesta: A convoy of buses

Super Auto Pets - PNG Of All Units Benefiting From Mushroom Item Overlaid On Real Life Mario-Like Mushroom Image

This build idea should be greatly improved when running Turkey + Fly, but that’s not nearly as exciting. Basically, players running this build need to find a few of them (family friendly of course) Food items from mushrooms as soon as they start spawning and it also requires:

  • A buff spider

  • An eagle

  • A second or third level deer.

The player then simply places the Mushroom on their three favorites and places a Tiger behind it. Of course they can run this build with any variant of multiple Deer, Rooster or even Cricket depending on the scale, but Premium Deer works best simply because of the Splash Damage that Congenital bus yes.

Double Caterpillar + Tier 2 Turtle AKA Butterfly’s Hole

Pet Super Car - PNG Of Tortoise With Two Caterpillars Behind Covered On Butterfly Image

This is a less odd build and more of a good build. For Extension Pack users (yes this game has Expansion Pack), the idea of ​​running two Caterpillars is a bit toxic. Running one is risky enough, like Caterpillars need time to scale up to level three and have bad base stats. But, run two? That’s just a claim to be disqualified from three wins.

That said, if the player manages to hold out, they will essentially become unstoppable with their Butterfly army gaining Melon Armor.

Chicken “Hail Mary” Build

Super Auto Pets - Highlighting the Chicken Pet and how it can beat a bunch of store pet stats

Finally, let’s talk about Pet Chicken, one of the most “sleeping” Pets of the bunch. Chicken’s skill basically works the same as Dragon’s, but instead of scaling the current team, it scales all current and future Pets as if the player had purchased Canned Food.

If all requirements are met, the Player can reserve one slot for Chickens and another to buy and sell tier 1 units for the rest of the game. Then when they get six or seven wins, they can literally buy something like 40/40 units from the store and just put them on their team. And, thankfully, this build pairs incredibly well with the Dog’s abilities, making it much more viable than it first appeared.

Super automatic pet now available and free to play on both PC and Android Devices.

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