The Forest: What Happened to Timmy

Like many survival horror games, Forest tells the story of a parent searching for a missing child in a terrifying setting. Forest The gameplay may lean more towards the survival aspect than other survival horror titles, but it has plenty of creepy and terrifying monsters to keep the horror element alive. Are from Silent Hill, Lonely parents searching for their children has become an important element of the genre, as has become a broader trend in gaming. With more and more games exploring the parent-child relationship, many horror games have moved on to explore more complex stories around parenthood, as was the case with Forest and Timmy’s ultimate fate.


Many franchises like The last of us, Bioshock, and Telltale’s Zombie Discover the loss of parent figure. While there is usually a big threat to the child characters in these games, they survive in the end. Forest make this the cause by giving the player a primary choice that will affect both the ending and Timmy’s fate. Game inspired by like of Cannibal tribe and lineage, So naturally, the story is dark, bloody, and challenging. Timmy’s fate is further darkened by the playable character of his father, Eric, and so the final choice is made heavily. When Our Last One raises the question of how far a person would go to protect their child (whether adopted or not), Forest emphasizes that there may be a line that is too morally objectionable to cross.

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Importance of Timmy


In games that explore the parent/child relationship, the child often has to be protected or rescued from violent forces (especially in the survival horror genre). Thus, in many ways, the child is the main driving force of the game, and protecting or rescuing them is the “victory” of the game. As the game became more and more morally complex, the idea became complicated, but at the beginning of the game the main goal is rescue Timmy from mysterious and monstrous mutants. The plane crash and the kidnapping of Timmy are the catalysts for the action in the game, and the search for Timmy is the main driving force of the player. Timmy is even the one who left clues for Eric to find, bringing the story to its final conclusion.

In the search for Timmy, the player will eventually explore a desolate underground laboratory in the Sahara Therapeutics to find out the identity of Timmy’s kidnapper. Dr. Matthew Cross, a former researcher at the lab, kidnaps Timmy to sacrifice him to an artifact known as the Resurrection Obelisk to revive his deceased daughter. Thus, grieving and heartbroken parents play both protagonists and villains in this game. The scattered drawings of Timmy causing the player to find him imply that Timmy is still alive, but unfortunately by the time Eric finds him, Timmy has already sacrificed himself for Obelisk. Eric finds Cross dead, and also witnesses Cross’s daughter turned into a cannibal monster, was resurrected by the Obelisk requiring a living child sacrifice.

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Timmy’s Final Fate

the forest is dead

It is often said that losing a child is the worst pain a person can go through, and Forest puts the player in this unimaginable situation but in a completely surreal setting. Eric discovers another artifact, the Power Obelisk, which functions like an EMP device and can bring down planes. It is thus implied that this is exactly what Cross did, and that the player, as Eric, must choose whether to repeat his actions in hopes of resurrecting his son. There are two different endings from this point, based on whether the player chooses to use the Obelisk, and neither can really be considered “good” endings. Instead of, replace, Forest given two challenging situations.

If the player chooses to use the Obelisk and crashes the plane, it means he has kidnapped a child himself. and revive Timmy. The game moves on to a year later, in which Eric and Timmy are appearing on a talk show. Eric is promoting a book he’s written based on his experiences on the peninsula, but suddenly Timmy starts convulsing in the same way that Cross’s daughter, Megan, did before she mutated. . However, Eric comforts him and the game passes into the following years and reveals a tougher, older Timmy. It is clear that Timmy is searching for the mysterious peninsula from his youth, while also preventing the same physical mutations as Megan, implying that he is influenced by the Obelisk but has been controlled in time.

Another ending shows Eric burning a photo of Timmy, and then choosing to stay on the peninsula. While this ending is pretty bleak, it doesn’t require Eric to sacrifice another child. Similar to a general topic above many horror media, Eric ends up destroying Timmy’s photo as his last connection to his previous life and accepting the peninsula’s frenzy. The player can continue playing the game, but Timmy can never be resurrected, and so the story becomes the story of a man who goes insane after losing his child.

Of course, the other ending is also difficult. Although it is not explicitly shown, the implication that Eric kidnapped and killed a child to rescue Timmy is a burden that both must bear. Because apparently Timmy was affected by Obelisk, then it’s not clear whether this option is better for Timmy or for Eric. In this respect, the game presents scenarios that are emotionally difficult and gives the player the opportunity to choose the best path for himself.

It is not yet clear who will participate next game Children of the forest, but it’s possible that the playable character could be an older Timmy, which makes the choice to save him a classic. The title of the sequel is of special interest because it contains the word “sons”, but it could be a completely new story with a similar theme. What is certain is that the sequel will be as bloody and grotesque as the first, and will likely present players with some equally difficult moral choices.

Forest Now available on PC and PS4.

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