The first tangible evidence of a large red wave arrives in November 2022

Two remarkably different lessons from the Virginia and New Jersey mid-year elections taking place in Washington, DC

On the Democratic left, the hardliners are doubling down on their transformative agendas (apparently in the belief that their most recent nominees aren’t moving enough forward). ministry to rally the Democratic base).

Meanwhile, they are further blaming their election defeat on a secretive but ubiquitous army of “white supremacists,” which now includes a growing number of Americans. African-American enlisted.

Here, the political drama never seems to change. But at what point does an overrated race tag lose its political appeal?

For the rest of us (at least those living in the real world), the result is a sure sign that America’s fascination with real progressivism may be short-lived. short time, despite the best efforts of MSNBC Ideology opposite.


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The reader need not listen to me for the latter conclusion, as it seems that a growing number of Democrats have historically hesitated to pursue a more “normal” policy in the future.

Indeed, the adjective burst from the lips of moderate Democrats, who suddenly inferred their growing vulnerability in the immediate aftermath of the twins. election surprise.

All that is good news for the country – if the proponents are serious and if the proponents are willing to endure a large dose of vitriol guiding them from the stands have awoken.

But what does “normal” really mean in the context of today’s policy debates? Ponder that fundamental question while pondering the following:

Will there be a red wave in 2022?

Does “normal” mean restarting our domestic natural gas revolution that just two years ago created American energy independence?

Does “normal” mean the Biden administration will stop nominating candidates calling for the collapse of our oil, coal, and natural gas industries?

“Normal” means that Washington will now recognize the so-called quality of life killer inflationary is here for the near future?

Does “normal” mean Washington will stop spending money like drunken sailors? (With apologies to the drunken sailors.)

Does “normal” mean that Washington will eventually recognize a southern border that threatens stability, chaos, and dysfunction — and do something about it?


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“Normal” means that Washington will reject the concept of compensation (megabucks) for migrants illegal border crossing?

“Normal” means that local boards of public education will respect the concerns of public school parents when it comes to the good educational status of their children?

“Normal” means that our armed forces will re-perform their primary mission of protecting the national security of the United States?

“Normal” means ridiculous proposals such as “beat the police“Will it be properly thrown into the dustbin of history?

Does “normal” mean that cultural elites and legacy media will stop campaigning to smear working-class American values, concerns, and attitudes?

“Normal” means the mask requirements are inconsistent and vaccine mission that doesn’t match real science that can (eventually) be abolished?

Does “normal” mean acknowledging that sober and indecisive leadership only makes China, Russia, and Iran more aggressive?

I could go on, but you get it.

Its use of the most radical elements of its progressive wing has produced embarrassingly bad results in two states reliably with only a year in the way of the Biden administration.

Whether or not there is sufficient support for course adjustment back to “normal” will be determined by whether those pre-midterm results are understood as merely a fork in the road or recognized as useful evidence. the first picture of a rearrangement cycle next November.

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Huynh Nguyen

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