The final season of Euphoria’s Chaotic Season ends in a bloody gun battle — and the death of a beloved character

On Sunday, Happiness ending the second season in Disappointing and messy fashion is predictable. Cal Jacobs appears differently though His storyline is coming to an end twice already. Cassie flew out of the handle. Kat is mute. Rue is miraculously clean and doesn’t seem to benefit $10,000 she owes Laurie. Elliot plays guitar.

This season’s finale is a completely messy and disjointed attempt to find a cohesive story in all the madness of season two. For the most part, it looks like Rue is still grieving with her father, as we cut the same flashback we saw throughout the season, where she delivers a eulogy at his funeral while wearing his hoodie. We are reminded that Lexi is also grieving her estranged father. However, the whole story of grief, in both cases of the characters, feels more like a helpful explanation for convenience than an emotional experience that creator Sam Levinson really wanted to explore. break. So even though the hour literally starts off with a bang, both Rue and Lexi’s characters are in trouble.

“All my life, my heart has longed for something I cannot name” (a quote by French poet André Breton) begins where last week’s episode ended. Fez is about to attend Lexi’s play when Custer tries to coerce him into committing the murder of Mouse. Last week, it seemed Faye is helping her boyfriend. But to our pleasant surprise, she was quite a loyal teammate to her roommates, instructing Fez not to react to Custer and even lie to him. However, her attempt to save the day is thwarted when Ashtray stabs Custer in the neck because that’s the only thing he knows how to do. From that point on, the fate of the duo became quite predictable.

Meanwhile, an enraged Cassie decides to ruin Lexi’s play by taking the stage and tearing her to pieces for insanity. She calls Lexi an “outsider” who is “not yet alive” and attacks her doppleganger when she shows up to re-enact Cassie’s infamous humpback carousel. Cassie and Maddy call each other C. Suze tries to intervene because the school’s faculty doesn’t seem to exist. Lexi could hardly defend herself and began to cry. It’s funny how this part of the episode turns out to be pure comedy, while Fez and Ashtray are basically Zero Dark Thirty.

In the audience, Rue glanced back at Elliot, who didn’t seem like the type to show up at any school. But we found out quite by accident that he’s an art fan when he plays guitar and sings a song for Rue after she comes to his house to make amends.

Elliot is perhaps the most controversial character of the season, considering the stretch he drives between Rue and Jules and the fact that his presence doesn’t seem to matter much. The fact that he ended this season trimming a 4-minute song could prove that Levinson has no idea what he’s doing. Happiness but found Dominic Fike attractive. Regardless, he is a talented vocalist. So there is that.

Back at Fez’s house, Fez reluctantly decides to take the blame for Custer’s murder and orders Ashtray to surrender to the police waiting outside. But Ashtray decided to grab a bunch of guns and hide in the bathroom. This leads to a long, dramatic series of gunfights that are actually quite impressive in terms of how awe-inspiring and tense it is to experience. At the same time, it’s odd that the most heartbreaking part of this episode focuses on the Ashtray, since we’ve never been asked to consider or care about who he is other than a stoic mercenary.

“At the same time, it’s odd that the most heartbreaking part of this episode focuses on the Ashtray, since we’ve never been asked to consider or care about who he is other than a stoic mercenary.”

The ashtray accidentally shoots Fez from inside the bathroom, and the ashtray is shot in the head by a member of the SWAT team. Shockingly, Levinson doesn’t show us a murdered child, but we’re still enraged when we hear gunfire.

During the gunfight, we cut Nate drinking, driving, and loading a pistol. He goes to a barn where his father is hanging out with his new stylish friends and listens to Kylie Minogue. There’s really nothing for Nate and Cal to hash out at this point. We understand that Cal has left Nate permanently wounded and we have watched him experience every symptom of PTSD at this point. However, Levinson seems to understand that he let Cal out of the story a little too easily a few episodes ago and that he should probably be arrested for his sex crimes. Similarly, Nate threatened Cal with a gun but ended up handing him over to the police. This whole scene feels like a chore that could have been handled three episodes ago.

The rest of “All My Life, My Heart Hasned for A Thing I Cannot Name” jumps between Rue on her sober apologetic tour and Lexi’s play, continuing to be a success despite Cassie’s hiatus. . The final scene is where Rue breaks out of the play and walks through the school hallways alone while she tells us that she’s still sane for the rest of the school year and is trying to be a person. better.

This narrated scene is like the end of a high school movie after a character graduates and tells us about what they’ve learned. Unfortunately, this ending doesn’t really fit a TV finale, which often gives us the unexpected and the unexpected. Possibly frustrating that such a compelling initial season would come with this dreary conclusion, Levinson has made the decision of viewers to adjust in the next season a lot easier.

For more, listen HappinessMartha Kelly on The last laugh audio file. The final season of Euphoria’s Chaotic Season ends in a bloody gun battle — and the death of a beloved character

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