The female leads in this thriller are not just the last girls

The world of Horror movies are full of jokes that makes it easy to define the genre – from the scares by jumping into abandoned houses to mysteriously rolling balls, with ‘last girl’ being one of the most popular. now available. However, instead of the usual helpless and terrified victims, the strong female leads in these films defy stereotypes, taking on their own fate and making the villains regret. Regret having followed them.

The term ‘last girl’ was coined by Carol J. Clover in her book Men, Women, and Saws: Gender in Modern Horror and was originally called the lone survivor (ideally blonde, petite, and attractive) of a bloody massacre who defeated or at least escaped the villain with a stroke of luck. luck, the timely help of an authority figure like the police (best, strong and male), or her quick thinking. Donkey, most popular with killers of the 70s and 80s but also makes an occasional appearance in modern horror, often associated with a bunch of rowdy friends going to a remote location and performing ‘scowls’, while the last girl of the future – usually shown to be shy, naive, and quietly intelligent – refusing to participate and thus, not being caught by the killer.


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Movies like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Screaming are all perfect examples for the ultimate girls. When The cabin in the woods, for example, recognize this and other horrors and give them an unexpected spin, getting close to breaking the fourth wall. Another example of a donkey being overturned is Peaceful summer in Buffy: Vampire Slayer, whose appearance – a petite, blonde cheerleader – perfectly fits the last girl’s description but doesn’t conform to the ‘naive’ stereotype and is still able to kill monsters on a regular basis . In the case of these films, the strong female leads also present a striking contrast to the fragile final girls and overturn the villain’s position, showing that women don’t need a savior but can and will stand up for himself.

Kate Siegal in Hush

Directed by Netflix King of Horror Mike Flanagan and starring Kate Siegal, Hush is about a deaf writer who travels to a remote location – completing another horror – to get some work done and is tracked down and then attacked. by a masked killer trying to break into her home. Interestingly enough, the film introduces a potential male savior who embodies Maddie’s friend’s husband, but he is killed, leaving the heroine to fend for herself.

Adding an extra layer of horror, Maddie can’t call the police, not only because the phone lines are often cut, but also unable to speak, unable to run away because at some point she gets injured and potentially gets caught. or bleed to death, and there is only one possible solution if she wants to survive – kill her attacker. In the film, Maddie transforms from a frightened victim into a daring hunter, taunting the killer and using his surroundings, ingenuity, and simple ferocity to defeat him.

Grace holds gun in Ready or No state

This horror comedy, directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, tells the story of Grace (Samara Weaving), who, on her wedding day, is forced to conform to her husband’s family tradition and play a game Play with her new-law. After drawing a fateful ‘Hide and Seek’ card, she is suddenly turned into prey and hunted by her family, who have made a deadly deal to keep their fortune.

While, like many girls in the end, Grace initially tries to run away from her attackers, then she turns the tables and ends up spectacularly burning down the house and escaping her captors, leaving them and her cheating husband to suffer the consequences of not fulfilling the diabolical deal.

Jessica Rothe as Tree Gelbman in Happy Death Day

Happy Death Day, directed by Christopher Landon and produced by Blumhouse Productions, following Theresa “Tree” Gelbman (Jessica Rothe), who is locked in a Groundhog’s Day or Russian dolls Enter the loop where she is killed by a masked college mascot on her birthday, over and over again. Instead of resigning to his fate, Tree continues to deduce the identity of his killer, exhibiting considerable character development throughout the film.

More, in the next part, Happy Death Day 2U, Tree, who is transported to another dimension, where her repeated birthday deaths recur, but the important details of her life are different, Tree even becomes get stronger, track down her killer in the first place, face her fears, and make tough decisions.

Amelia and Sam in Babadook

In this Australian psychological thriller and Jennifer Kent’s critically acclaimed directorial debut, Amelia Vakan (Essie Davis) is a widowed, exhausted mother to filial six-year-old Sam. Dynamic and fastidious, who is haunted by a The evil spirit of The Babadook. While Amelia first believes the monster is a fragment of Sam’s imagination and his way of dealing with her father’s tragic death, she soon realizes the threat is real and must face the demons and his own pain to save his family.

Even when on the verge of mental breakdown, engulfed in despair and resentment, and finally possessed by the spirit, Amelia manages to break free and find an unlikely solution to their dire situation, showing incredible resilience and ingenuity.

Laurie holding a gun in Halloween 2018

Start as a last girl in the end In the first part of 1978 of growing Halloween the franchise with Michael Myers can’t seem to craft, Jamie Lee Curtis ‘Laurie gives gifts a brand new character in 2018 Halloween which effectively retcons all sequels. In it, Laurie, who has spent the past 40 years preparing for the inevitable return of Myers, may have had a strained relationship with her daughter and niece but has certainly given them the skills they need. to survive a potential serial killer attack.

When Myers finally broke free from his captivity and arrived after Laurie, she was ready and, instead of being a terrified victim like she was in 1978, lured him into a trap and burned the house to the ground. house with the killer inside it. Although the masked villain still returns in the sequel, Halloween Kills, and will definitely be in Halloween is over expected in 2022, Laurie is still a villain who will make him wish he’d stayed dead.

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