The Far Shore – 8 Biggest Fixes The Game Needs

Jett: The Far Shore called “the most desirable existential crisis of 2021.” It’s puzzlingly elegant, the visuals are compelling, and the overall gameplay is engaging. Though, open world game limited and the story does not offer a satisfying conclusion, leaving the player to find out what happened.

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In spite of Jett: The Far Shore While being a huge success overall, it still received some critical acclaim targeting the overall gameplay and writing of the story. Some of these issues can be addressed with upcoming updates and patch notes, so players are eagerly waiting to see how the game will develop to its full potential over time.

Mission lacks direction & purpose

Screenshots Jett: The Far Shore

Jett: The Far Shore It often feels like the creators themselves don’t know what kind of game they want to make. It’s not an open world and there’s no combat. that is has a high plot, but its narrative lacks conclusions. This confusion stems from one of the game’s main problems: the quests lack direction.

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Whenever a player joins a mission, they are not motivated or directed. They have no purpose and they can’t empathize with the character. After a while, due to the heavy and often forced story, the player even feels hostile towards the friendly side characters. While the story can be gripping and the open world aspect quite confusing, it would be nice to strike a balance between the two. Slowing down the gameplay when important details are mentioned and creating a faster paced sequence during the missions creates a more likeable environment.


Rigid movement

Screenshots Jett: The Far Shore

While motion issues are somewhat common in the new games, it seems like Mei’s challenging movement in Jett: The Far Shore is a deliberate creative choice. Either way, players have a hard time getting used to these unconventional movements, making the game furious at times.

Combining eerie movement with dull missions and nasty enemies, players will The rest want more. Hopefully the developers will get this resolved soon, allowing players to sink into the alien world with Mei.

Unsatisfied conclusion

Jett: The Far Shore screenshot collage

With a heavy game based on its storytelling, players expect something to make them sit still. They foresaw the mysteries, the details to find out, the spoilers and the twists in the plot. It can be said that Jett: The Far Shore offers all of the above, but lacks one important element: an ending. As mentioned before, Jett There are overwhelming controls and boring missions. This can make players think of the game like an interactive sci-fi movie.

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At the grassroots level, the problem is not necessarily Jett based solely on narrative. The problem is with the end of the story, because it’s not there. At the end of the game, players are left with endless hours of puzzles behind them, and nothing else. Hopefully the developers will add to the story in one way or another, like Little Nightmare do with DLC, or Overwatch with short films and comics.

Unresponsive control

Screenshots Jett: The Far Shore

Almost every newly released game has some issues with the controls at first, which the developers will fix over time with a series of updates. Although it is understandable, but definitely not pleasant for the player to suffer. Players sometimes have to deal with unresponsive controls, which can turn a simple and dull operation into an exhausting struggle.

This is mostly experienced when taking on challenging missions. Players must face the game’s stiff motion, sometimes unresponsive controls, weird camera movements, and intrusive mechanics to complete missions. There seems to be little balance between the story aspect of the game and the gameplay itself. The mechanics can’t match the narrative’s ambitions, resulting in the narrative overpowering the experience. The ideal chain of challenging quests becomes frustrating.

It was hard to keep up with the narration and instructions

Screenshots Jett: The Far Shore

In the world of Jett: The Far Shore, the player is left alone in a vast and unfamiliar environment. There’s something player-pleasing about a game that doesn’t expose the game’s controls or instructions to the player. A lot of games have become innovative With this, teach players through fight scenes or intense chase scenes. Unfortunately, Jett don’t do any of these.

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Some missions are even given in a confusing way (for example, players sometimes have to do the opposite of what they are told). In theory, this is another innovative idea, but in practice it causes a lot of problems, especially when combined with the game’s annoying controls and unfamiliar language. Usually, the player will try to carefully maneuver an uncontrollable vehicle, while trying to read the brief subtitles. Ultimately, this leads to players missing out on important information that is never mentioned again.

Certain features are limited

Screenshots Jett: The Far Shore

Advertisement of Jett: The Far Shore make the player believe it will be a open world adventure with plenty of time to explore. However, this could not be further from the truth. The game places severe limitations on environmental exploration, and while it can, it always has a “time limit”. This won’t be a problem, except that combat element completely missing and the story is quite boring at times, making the game not very bright.

Jett also restricts movement in the form of a restriction enhancer. This limitation cannot be explained by anything, except an attempt from the developers to make some scenes more difficult. All in all, it just makes the exciting travel chain frustrating. And because this extra challenge is so easy to get used to, it just pauses the story and leaves most of the travel scenes unsatisfying.

Slow (but constant) narration

Screenshots Jett: The Far Shore

While it is clear that the main attraction of the game is aimed at the story and as such, the developers did not do a good job of balancing the themes and elements. The lack of interesting gameplay to balance the narrative leads to the experience becoming boring in a short period of time if the player doesn’t fully grasp the story.

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Often, the story is unnecessarily slow, with the player able to complete the objectives by the time the game ends and tell them what to do. This can again be frustrating for more experienced players. Jett: The Far Shore also slows down time and stops camera control during monologues, forcing gamers to fully focus on. Ultimately, this resulted in players becoming increasingly disliking other kind characters, even ones like Mei’s supposed best friend and co-pilot. Enhancing the action gameplay will go a long way towards breaking the story and making the game more enjoyable.

Malfunctions & Errors

Screenshots Jett: The Far Shore

Glitch and bugs are nothing new in the gaming world and are almost always fixed by developers from time to time. Players hope that this will come sooner rather than later, as some of these glitches affect the game greatly. Those who bought the game know that Jett: The Far Shore there is a tight structure when it comes to gameplay.

The story is divided into several chapters and there is no manual saving in those chapters. Players must fully commit to whatever timeframe is given in a segment, as they cannot simply put the game down when they want to. However, in a game like this, bugs and glitches can be a terrible problem, as they force the player to restart the game without always realizing a goal is being met. . And when the player has to start over the 4-hour chapter, that can more than angry.

Jett: The Far Shore currently available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Windows.

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