The establishment is making a stupid bargain with the violent mob

In 1977, I was living in Brooklyn when there was a power outage. I remember the street lights, shop lights and all residential services were dark. I think the power failure is caused by lightning hitting some devices, even though I’m not positive.

However, I’m sure it has nothing to do with “racism” or “police brutality”.

Have a lot of riots and looting, but the establishment responded with force. Police were deployed to the streets and made thousands of arrests. They didn’t give in, and they didn’t give the mob “space to destroy.”

As far as I can remember, the police department’s response was widely supported by the New York elite, company presidents, university heads, and business leaders. In other words, “base.”

Mine, how things have changed.


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Today, the “base” in most American cities has lost its backbone. Its members are scared to run. They are cowardly and morally weak. They have enjoyed their years of affluence while living a life free of hardship. It made them soft.

And so these weak and short-sighted people have now made a bargain with the street crowd.

The bargain is basically this: Leave us alone to enjoy life and we’ll give you whatever you want. Leave our mansions intact, our cocktail parties undisturbed and our riches in place, and we will surrender.

After all, if you live in a gated community and your net worth is $20 million (a relative level for some) what do you care if the price of a dozen eggs $2.10 to $2.10 to cover the costs of the many “diversity directors” and “outreach coordinators” that egg companies are forced to hire?

Do you think the establishment made a stupid bargain?

The answer is: You don’t care. You don’t care if gas price a dollar a gallon, and you don’t care if fire insurance rates go up 15 percent. You can live with that; it doesn’t scare you.

What scares you is the violence and chaos in the city. What scares you is that the whole system is collapsing. What scares you is the thought of half of Portland burn to the ground. And so you’re happy to make a deal with the crowd.

But there’s a problem with this deal. It has a very short lifespan.

The wealth, abundance, and security that this establishment is so afraid of losing lies on one foundation. That foundation consists of a foundation we call “law” and it is reinforced with a type of concrete known as a “value system”.

The upper class will no longer be “upper class” for long once laws and values ​​are abandoned. Corporate heads, mayors and university presidents won’t live a life of power and ease after the mob realizes they are toothless tigers.


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And they will become toothless tigers if they continue to abandon the middle and working classes. Those people are not protected by armed guards, and they do not live in controlled communities. And they care, and get hurt, when the price of gas or the price of eggs rises.

So my message to the establishment is: Be careful. Don’t bargain short-term for a few years of security.

You need generational stability, and that requires both a legal system and a value system. You surrender these to the mob at your own risk.

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Huynh Nguyen

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