The Entire Story of Final Fantasy 14 Up to Endwalker Explained

Last Fantasy 14: Endwalker comes out in November, and gamers are scrambling to get caught up with the mountain of content material the MMO-JRPG provides. The primary purpose is to beat the story, which takes a very long time since there are a complete of three expansions outdoors of A Realm Reborn. As such, many gamers make the error of speeding by means of the story after which having no concept what’s going on in new content material. Different gamers have accomplished the story years in the past and will have forgotten vital elements simply due to how a lot time has handed.

Endwalker is going to be the end of the Hydaelyn and Zodiac saga, which implies a number of tales are going to conclude within the growth. Due to this, understanding what has occurred up till then is vital to get probably the most out of the writing and characters. Since A Realm Reborn, the MMO has gotten higher and higher with every growth, so followers are very excited for what’s to return. Earlier than marching forward although, many are reviewing the story to this point, together with what has occurred within the authentic recreation that may not be accessed.

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The Story In Last Fantasy 14 On-line

Young Minfilia.

While the originally FF14 was reworked and reborn, its story nonetheless stands as a part of an vital historical past. The plot begins within the midst of the Garlean Empire attempting to invade the city-states of Eorzea in the course of the Sixth Astral Period. The Garleans found that the planet’s lesser moon, Dalamund, may very well be used as a weapon in the event that they pulled it all the way down to crash into Eorzea. In response, the Eorzean city-states created Grand Corporations and allied with one another. The Garlean who spearheaded the Dalamud-plan was Legatus Nael van Darnus, and she or he was defeated by the efforts of the adventurers. Nonetheless, her defeat didn’t cease what occurred subsequent.

The Dalamud moon got here down throughout an epic battle between the Grand Corporations and Garlean invasion. The moon exploded to disclose a primal dragon called Bahamut, and it started to destroy throughout it. This dragon was initially imprisoned, and the moon was truly created by the planet’s historic and fallen civilization, the Allagan Empire, to maintain the harmful creature at bay. Bahamut killed many and laid waste to all in its path, and this initiated what is named the Seventh Umbral Calamity.

Participant characters had been saved by Louisoix Leveilleur, a Sharlayan scholar and the chief of the Circle of Figuring out (which might later be referred to as the Scions of the Seventh Daybreak). The scholar despatched gamers by means of house and time to after they would subsequent be wanted. It was after this that the unique Final Fantasy 14 recreation was deleted and was then reborn within the subsequent title.

It’s price noting that, aside from Louisoix, important characters in the overall story were introduced in this 2010 game. These characters included Circle of Figuring out Members comparable to Thancred, Yda, Urianger, Papalymo, and Y’shtola. In fact, the leaders of the city-states comparable to Nanamo, Kan-E-Senna, and Merlwyb had been all members within the battles in opposition to the Garleans. Gamers additionally met Minfilia as slightly lady and witnessed the loss of life of her father when a berserk Goobbue received unfastened in Ul’dah. F’lhaminn was an energetic character, too, and it was in the course of the occasions of this recreation that she adopted Minfilia as her personal.

The Story In A Realm Reborn

Sleeping twins in Gridania.

The story picked up later in A Realm Reborn, with the participant both being new or the one Louisoix teleported throughout Bahamut’s rampage. It has been 5 years since Bahamut’s assault, and even when the participant shouldn’t be new, NPCs don’t keep in mind them, as their identities had been wiped from their recollections. Because the participant character takes on odd jobs and adventures, they get looped into the Scions of the Seventh Daybreak which are actually led by grown-up Minfilia since Louisoix sacrificed himself to guard others from Bahamut.

The participant character will get visions of an enormous crystal and the Scions clarify that they’ve been blessed with the Echo, an influence given to these chosen by Hydalyn, a sentient crystal that oversees life and the weather of the world. Among the many Scions are different members with the Echo, and gamers’ specific Echo means is to see into folks’s recollections. Because the Echo prevents the brainwashing of primals, the participant character rapidly turns into a hero for coping with primal summons completed by the varied Beast Tribes of Eorzea. It’s quickly unveiled, although, that the Beast Tribes are solely being manipulated by one thing larger, some mysterious folks in darkish cloaks referred to as Ascians.

It turns into recognized that Ascians aren’t solely manipulating the Beast Tribes, but additionally the Garlean Empire, which nonetheless seeks to invade Eorzea. The Empire sees the Scions of the Seventh Daybreak as a menace and breaks into their headquarters within the Waking Sands, killing all who’re there besides Minfilia, who’s kidnapped. The participant character and Louisoix’s grandson, Alphinaud, get the assistance of Cid to push again in opposition to the Ascians by defeating one other primal, Garuda. Nonetheless, the Garlean Empire is way forward in their very own plans, as a warrior named Legatus Gaius van Baelsar leads a mission on making a warfare machine referred to as the Ultima Weapon, which eats primals for energy and is being made for the aim of taking up Eorzea.

The protagonist, gaining the identify Warrior of Mild from their superb deeds, regroups with the surviving members of the Scions and rescues Minfilia. The victory is short-lived although, as Thancred who went off to analyze the Ascians on his personal received possessed by one by the identify of Lahabrea. The Warrior of Mild, Scions, and the Eorzean Alliance work collectively and so they efficiently convey down the Ultima Weapon and save Thancred from the Ascian. The Scions then create a brand new headquarters at Revenant’s Toll and begin serving to out refugees from Doma who’ve been victimized by the Garlean Empire.

A Scion named Moenbryda visits from Sharlayan, and she or he finds a method to completely kill Ascians however does so on the sacrifice of her personal life. Round this time, the Warrior of Mild additionally loses their connection to Hydaelyn, as a result of they meet with an historic dragon king named Midgardsormr who needs to check their price. The town-state of Ishgard is dealing with an all-out warfare with dragons, and makes an alliance with the Scions to assist them.

Whereas all this happens, Alphinaud decides to create a bunch referred to as the Crystal Braves to make a unified Grand Firm for all of Eorzea. The Scions are all invited to a banquet in U’dah by Sultana Nanamo. Nonetheless, Nanamo collapses from poisoned wine on the celebration and the Scions are blamed for it. The Crystal Braves additionally betray the Scions and settle for the fee of Lolorito to arrest them. Solely Alphinaud and the Warrior of Mild escape and discover asylum with Tataru in Ishgard.

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The Story In Heavensward

Dragoon armor.

The Warrior of Mild is taken in by Rely Fortemps and assists his sons on missions. It’s found that the Ishgardian Archbishop, Thordan, is in an alliance with the Ascians however that he plans to betray them after they serve their usefulness. Again in U’dah, it’s came upon that the Sultana lives and was underneath a sleeping drug, as an alternative of deadly poison, and she or he is woken up. Vital characters are launched within the story such because the Azure Dragoon Estinien and Girl Iceheart (also called Ysayle).

Estinien, Ysayle, Alphinaud, and the Warrior of Mild journey collectively to attempt to finish the warfare between Ishgard and the dragons, led by the good wrym Nidhogg. Via dialogue with one other nice wrym by the identify of Hraesvelgr, the crew finds out that the warfare is considered one of vengeance for when Thordan’s ancestor broke the peace treaty between dragons and man. The Warrior of Mild and Estinien then defeat Nidhogg and share what they’ve realized concerning the Dragonsong Struggle with Ishgard. Regardless of the newfound data, Thordan needs to stay at warfare with the dragons, so the Warrior of Mild defeats him as nicely.

With Thordan gone, Aymeric turns into the brand new chief of Ishgard, however peace doesn’t but settle as Estinien will get possessed by Nidhogg and the Dragonsong Struggle continues. The Scions lastly regroup, however Minfilia is not with them and has develop into one with Hydaelyn. Her spirit explains to the Warrior of Mild that the Ascians are working for a darkish deity named Zodiark that seeks to battle and defeat Hydaelyn.

In a ultimate battle in opposition to Nidhogg, the Warrior of Mild frees Estinien from possession. Alphinaud’s twin sister Alisaie joins the Scions, and Paplymo passes away in a battle at Baelsar’s Wall in an effort to solid a spell to imprison a powerful primal called Shinryu. His loss of life makes Yda reveal that she has truly been another person this complete time: Yda’s sister, Lyse. The actual Yda died a very long time in the past, and now Lyse needs to struggle for the independence of her dwelling, Ala Mhigo, which is underneath Garlean rule.

The Story In Stormblood

Lyse sparring with the Warrior of Light.

The story strikes from Ishgard to each Ala Mhigo and Doma for this expansion. The Scions be part of the Ala Mhigan resistance efforts and try to struggle in opposition to Zenos yae Galvus, the Garlean emperor’s son. The Warrior of Mild travels with native Doman mates named Gosetsu and Yugiri to search out the lacking prince of Doma, Hien, and assist him retake his lands. Hien is discovered, and the crew unites the folks of Doma to struggle again in opposition to the Garlean Empire. They succeed of their revolution, with Hien on the helm of Doma’s management and he joins the Scions of their efforts to liberate Ala Mhigo.

Zenos, by means of Garlean experimentation, will get his personal artificially made Echo however nonetheless falls in a ultimate battle in opposition to the Warrior of Mild. This liberates Ala Mhigo and the powers start to concentrate on the restoration of their homelands. Nonetheless, it’s ultimately found that Zenos continues to be by some means alive. Not solely is Zenos nonetheless on the market, however the creator of the Ultima Weapon, Gaius, can be alive and in search of vengeance on the Ascians who betrayed him. Throughout a gathering to debate the opportunity of Ascian manipulations, half of the Scions are troubled with a psychic calling that leaves them comatose.

Gaius reveals to the Warrior of Mild that Ascians have three leaders: Elidibus who now acts by means of Zenos physique, Lahabrea, and one which has not revealed himself but. The Empire can be engaged on an extremely potent chemical weapon referred to as Black Rose. The leaders of Eorzea resolve to satisfy with the present Garlean Emperor, Varis, to debate peace. To the shock of all, Varis explains that the Garlean Empire was based by Ascians and that peace shouldn’t be an possibility. Extra Scions fall to the mysterious coma, and the Warrior of Mild hears a psychic message that they’re wanted and to hunt out a sure beacon on the Crystal Tower.

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The Story In Shadowbringers

Warrior of Light fighting a Sin Eater.

At the Crystal Tower, the Warrior of Mild is taken to a different world referred to as the First. It’s a world the place mild has flooded the world, and the place all of the comatose Scions have been summoned for assist. The Warrior of Mild meets vital characters, Ardbert and the Crystal Exarch. Ardbert is the First’s personal Warrior of Mild, however he didn’t maintain it secure and not is alive, wandering the world as a ghost. The Crystal Exarch is the one who summoned the Scions, and his id is a thriller – although he has highly effective magic related to the Crystal Tower.

The Warrior of Mild reunites with their companions at numerous places whereas defeating creatures referred to as sin-eaters and powerful ones called Lightwardens. With every Lightwarden defeat, the Warrior of Mild returns darkness to the world and intakes the Lightwarden’s mild upon themselves. Upon reuniting with Thancred, there may be additionally one other Minifilia on this world that joins the Scions. She was held prisoner within the metropolis of Eulmore till Thancred broke her out. Because the crew goes round killing Lightwardens, the brand new Minifilia will get her personal identify, Rhyne. One other companion is Solus zos Galvus (aka Emet-Selch), who introduces himself to the Scions and provides to assist them in order that they will get a mutual understanding.

After killing many Lightwardens, the Warrior of Mild is overloaded with a lot mild that they start to show right into a Lightwarden themselves. That is when the Crystal Exarch lastly reveals his true id: G’raha Tia, an outdated companion of the Warrior of Mild from the Crystal Tower sidequests at the end of A Realm Reborn. His plan was to soak up all the sunshine after which finish his life to save lots of the Warrior of Mild, however he’s stopped and kidnapped by Emet-Selch who decides to finish their truce for mutual understanding.

Rhyne’s energy holds again the Warrior of Mild from turning right into a Lightwarden, and so they each go to defeat Emet-Selch in addition to save G’raha Tia. They be taught that G’raha wakened sooner or later after sleeping within the Crystal Tower to search out that the Garlean’s chemical weapon, Black Rose, killed the Scions. So he went to the First and summoned them there not simply to save lots of that world, however to attempt to stop that dismal future from occurring. G’raha is finally saved by the Scions and Emet-Selch is defeated. Nonetheless, he imparts a number of data to the Scions earlier than he passes.

The Scions be taught that the Ascians are an ancient race that finally died off and shattered into the worlds recognized as we speak. Everybody in these phrases is a fraction of an Ascian, and the surviving Ascians summoned Zodiark to attempt to save their very own world. For this reason they search to destroy different worlds, because it permits them to revive the unique world. Upon studying this, it’s revealed that Ardbert is part of the Warrior of Mild and merges into their physique.

In the meantime, in Eorzea, Zenos’ surviving spirit takes again his physique from Elidibus and kills his dad in order that he can have a rematch with the Warrior of Mild. Elidibus, discovering out Emet-Selch is useless, tries to fight against the Scions on the First and loses. Via magical efforts, the Scions all return to their world and handle to take G’raha Tia again with them.

It’s then revealed that there’s a rogue Ascian named Fandaniel who joins up with Zenos and is inserting towers round Eorzea that mood folks into combating one another and is draining the lands of their aether. Within the face of this new menace, the city-states kind alliances of peace with their Beast Tribes, and Estinien officially joins the Scions. Eorzea’s leaders and Scions ask for Sharlayan’s support however they refuse. Fandaniel and Zenos make their ultimate preparations for the upcoming ultimate battle, which can be seen in Endwalker.

Last Fantasy 14: Endwalker comes out on November twenty third, 2021, and can be accessible on PC, PS4, and PS5.

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