The Elder Scrolls’ Dark Elves Have the Most Interesting Origin Lore of All Races

The Elder Scrolls is stuffed with fascinating races, lore, and the like. Whether or not it’s the Dwemer (a race of elves who had been successfully dwarves) and their disappearance, the Sloads who’re slug individuals, or the Khajiit and their fascinating physique varieties and births, there’s lots that may be stated for any playable or unplayable race in The Elder Scrolls.

Even the extra “primary” human characters have ancestors and lore that return 1000’s of years, however of all these races, the Dunmer, or Darkish Elves, have a number of the most fascinating. That’s as a result of they’re cursed, are carefully associated to The Elder Scrolls’ Dwemer mystery, and have loads of intertwined particulars like their faith.

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Chimer had been as soon as a race of gold-skinned elves who, in deciding to worship the Daedra, left their residence in the Summerset Isles. This spiritual exodus was led by a prophet generally known as Veloth and resulted within the Chimer settling Morrowind. On this, parallels might loosely be drawn with the Pilgrims’ arrival within the New World or the Exodus of the traditional Israelites. Some would stay nomadic, whereas others would settle just like the Nice Homes (ultimately).

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The Chimer would go to conflict with many different races in Tamriel, with the massive one being the Dwemer. The latter had been agnostic in nature, being extra technologically and scientifically oriented than spiritual, and this itself was an affront to the extremely religious Chimer. Significantly, the Chimer had been upset with the Dwemer’s use of the Coronary heart of Lorkhan in an try to realize immortality, and this could result in one of many largest occasions in The Elder Scrolls lore.

This culminated within the Battle of Red Mountain between the Dwemer and the Chimer, although some accounts counsel Nords, Orcs, and even Khajiit had been additionally concerned. Both approach, the Dwemer and Chimer had been the principle forces, and for some unknown cause, the Dwemer reportedly and seemingly simply vanished through the battle.

Azura’s Curse and The Darkish Elves

The Chimer Sotha Sil determined to see if the Coronary heart of Lorkhan might really be used to acquire mortality, which is one more parallel by way of early Israelites turning to different cultures resembling Aaron’s golden calf. Sotha Sil would uncover its secrets and techniques, satisfied fellow Chimer Vive and Almalexia to turn out to be gods alongside him, and collectively ascended to Morrowind’s Tribunal. This motion, nevertheless, betrayed their worship of and pledge to Azura, a powerful Daedra. She cursed the Tribunal and all Chimer, turning their eyes purple and their pores and skin to ash. This bodily change marks the autumn of the Chimer and their recreation of kinds because the Dunmer, Darkish Elves, or “Cursed Ones.”

The tip outcomes of those actions could be seen in The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind. The Nerevarine/Morrowind protagonist would defeat Dagoth Ur and switch the Tribunal mortal once more. Almalexia primarily betrayed Sotha Sil, killing him, although she was killed by the Nerevarine in flip. Vivec survived the occasions however would disappear through the Oblivion Disaster. Their defeat led to the institution o the New Temple, the place worship was returned to the unique Daedra pantheon of the Chimer (Azura, Boethiah, and Mephala) as a substitute of the Tribunal. In different phrases, the Darkish Elves’ origin lore comes largely full circle from origin to the modern-day.

The Elder Scrolls 6 is in growth.

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