The Elden Ring player discovers the sneaky rune thief in Stormveil Keep

After we endured Castle Stormveil, one elden ring Player discovers that a sneaky NPC has stolen their runes.

The world of elden ring is unforgiving and presents players with quite a few difficult choices. Players have problems trust the game’s tutorial indicatorsso it’s no wonder they have a similar problem with elden ringThe NPCs of .

Many characters appear suspicious, but offer benefits or helpful advice to help the player progress. It’s a challenge in itself to figure out who to trust—namely, you elden ring The player learned this the hard way. While exploring Stormveil Castle, Redditor u/Yunagi found that a supposedly trustworthy NPC actually secretly stole their runes when they died.

Elden Ring | Live Action Trailer



Elden Ring | Live Action Trailer





Stormveil Castle is already a notoriously difficult area – even for a FromSoftware game. Part of a collection of hardcore legacy dungeons, this castle is home to an incredibly powerful boss: Godrick the Grafted. Godrick’s castle is sealed by a massive main gate run by none other than Gatekeeper Gostoc.


Players can find Gatekeeper Gostoc in a room at Stormveil Castle’s main gate. He will then describe a secret side entrance, one less crowded with guards or other enemies. Like many others, Redditor u/Yunagi considered taking his advice.

Unfortunately, after taking the side entrance from Gatekeeper Gostoc, u/Yunagi discovered that something was happening to their runes. Each time they died, they collected fewer runes than they originally had – quite a significant loss, especially in a legacy dungeon. Shocked, they quickly discovered who the culprit was – gatekeeper Gostoc himself.

Despite providing a “safer” passage through the castle, Gatekeeper Gostoc is a completely sneaky character. He tracks the player through the castle and steals a percentage of their runes when they die. Accordingly the Elden Ring Wikithis percentage is up to 30% of the player’s runes.

Also u/yunagi and a few others elden ring Players discovered that they can actually catch Gostoc in the act. Since he follows the player’s path through the castle, players can actually spot him as he follows them:

As if all of that wasn’t enough, Gatekeeper Gostoc will also put the player in direct danger. With the goal of getting more of the player’s runes, he pushes the player straight into a room with a banished knight.

Other players were equally surprised by this discovery. They finally had an answer as to why their runes were shrinking with each attempt.

At the end, u/Yunagi points out that players can avoid all of this by killing Gatekeeper Gostoc. That’s certainly one way to tackle the problem – the world of elden ring is finally brutal.

elden ring can be played on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC. The Elden Ring player discovers the sneaky rune thief in Stormveil Keep


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