The easiest character among vampire survivors

In poncle’s Vampire Survivors, released on December 17, 2021 for PC, players have 10 characters to choose from; 11 characters if secret characters are included. Two of these characters, Suor Clerici and Dommario, were just introduced on January 30, 2022. The characters in this game all come with their own unique rewards (or abilities). These abilities are quite balanced, but the gameplay of Vampire Survivors make some characters better than others.

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Character in Vampire Survivors also start with a specific weapon, which is also not created equal. They can all use any weapon, but each has its own weapon at the start of the level. This is ranked from worst to best – the last entry (#1) will be the character with the least difficulty in a single playthrough.

11 Suor Clerici

Character Suor Clerici in Vampire Survivors
  • Weapons: Santa Water
  • Unlock: Restore 1000 hit points.
  • Cost: N / A

Suor Clerici is one of two newcomers Vampire Survivors character introduced on January 30, 2022. Fortunately, the other new character is better, as Suor Clerici is probably the worst character in the game in terms of survivability. Her ability is increased by 0.5 points per second for hit heal and +30 max health. Considering the rate at which a character can drain their hit points, this is not a possibility.

The Santa Water is not the best weapon to start with as it is not a direct fire weapon. To help, all of Suor Clerici’s attacks have an area of ​​effect of 400%. However, this drops 100% at all levels; so it’s just there to help at the start of a phase.


ten Poe Ratcho

The character Poe in Vampire Survivors
  • Weapons: Garlic
  • Unlock: Get Garlic weapon at least level 7.
  • Cost: 800 gold

Poe is ranked low due to his original weapon, and to a small extent his abilities. This character starts with the weapon Garlic. Garlic is a weapon that is somewhat polarizing among players Vampire Survivors. Some people like how Garlic creates an area around the player to damage enemies. Some others feel the weapon is too weak in the later minutes of the level.

Item Picking Radius +25 is Poe’s ability. The Attractorb accessory and/or the Global Magnet power increase this radius more than enough that Poe’s ability isn’t really needed. Poe also has health from -30 to max. The benefits to Poe do not outweigh the negatives.

9 Exdash Exiviiq

Character Exdash in Vampire Survivors
  • Weapons: Ebony Wings
  • Unlock: Type x-x1viiq while in the Main Menu.
  • Cost: N / A

Exdash is a secret character, at least the one that doesn’t require changing Vampire Survviors‘ code. This spooky character suffers a lot of punishment: -50% projectile speed, -23 max health, -10% movement speed, -10% damage, -10% weapon duration and +10% cooldown. For all these negations, Exdash gets +100% Luck.

Luck affects a lot of aspects in this game. Exdash will get better treasure chests than other characters – it’s basically equivalent to the bonus level. Ebony Wings is a great weapon when fully leveled, but it falls short at the start. Players should choose the weapons Cross (Heaven Sword) and Whip (Bloody Tear) to have the ability to critically hit; which is influenced by luck.

8 Pasqualina Belpaese

The character Pasqualina in Vampire Survivors
  • Weapons: Runetracer
  • Unlock: Buy at the in-game store.
  • Cost: 100 gold

This character’s ability to increase projectile speed by 10% every five levels (up to 30%) works pretty well with her original weapon, the Runetracer. However, Runetracer is almost as polarizing as Garlic. This weapon flies across the battlefield, with course changes occurring when it bounces off the edge of the screen or play area.

Pasqualina’s ability works well with most other weapons. It makes the King Bible and Death Spiral much more effective (and they’re already great weapons).

7 Porta Ladonna

Character Porta in Vampire Survivors
  • Weapons: Lightning ring
  • Unlock: Get the Lightning Ring at least level 4.
  • Cost: 400 gold

Porta starts off pretty strong, but she can be overwhelmed around 15 minutes if the player picks the wrong weapon. The Lightning Ring port starts out pretty strong but slow. Lightning Ring additional weapon’s range by 30%; heck, it works well with nearly any weapon.

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With the Candelabrador accessory, Porta’s weapon has a huge area of ​​influence. Porta gains -90% weapon cooldown until she reaches level two. Exploit this by leaving experience crystals on the ground until enough to hit a few levels. This exploit also works with Suor Clerici.

6 Arca Ladonna

Character Arca in Vampire Survivors
  • Weapons: Fire Wand
  • Unlock: Get the Fire Wand to at least level 4.
  • Cost: 650-800 gold

Starting a phase with Arca can be a bit daunting. His starting weapon, the Fire Wand, is a slow weapon. It deals a lot of damage, but is very slow in both bullet speed and cooldown. When the fire wand is evolve into Hellfireit becomes one of the The best weapon in Vampire Survivors.

The cooldown on Arca’s weapons is reduced by 5% every ten levels, up to a maximum of 15%. This makes the Laurel and Pentagram weapons great options for Arca.

5 Dommario

Character Dommario in Vampire Survivors
  • Weapons: King Bible
  • Unlock: Get 5000 gold for playing a level.
  • Cost: 850 gold

Dommario is another new character released on January 30, 2022. This character will be loved by players. The reason for this is because of Dommario’s starting weapon, the King Bible. The King’s Bible is said to be The best weapon in the gameand now the player can have it at the beginning of the level.

Dommario’s ability is +40% of weapon’s speed and firing time. In exchange for these massive bonuses, he incurs -40% movement speed. This is a big hitch, but this penalty can be negated with the Wings accessory and the MoveSpeed ​​global power.

4 Antonio Belpaese

The character Antonio in Vampire Survivors
  • Weapons: Whip
  • Unlock: N / A
  • Cost: N / A

Antonio is the only character available for beginner player, and when they start unlocking other characters, it’s easy to ignore him. Antonio’s ability to increase weapon damage by 10% every ten levels (up to +50%) is one of the best. When using the Spinach accessory, which also increases damage, Antonio can clear the screen of even the strongest enemies in seconds.

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The whip is another underrated weapon that deserves more love. This weapon attacks quickly, deals decent damage, and after evolving into Bloody Tear, it heals for some of the damage dealt.

3 Gennaro Belpaese

Character Gennaro in Vampire Survivors
  • Weapons: Knife
  • Unlock: Buy at the in-game store.
  • Cost: 600 gold

Gennaro quickly became a favorite for his ability to fire extra ammo for all his weapons. This doesn’t sound like much, but it’s a big bonus that makes him much easier to use than most other characters. Some weapons don’t help much by firing an extra bullet; However, there are some weapons, like the Ax and Cross, that are greatly improved by this ability.

Players using Gennaro will want get the Cloner accessory – this accessory also adds more bullets. This gives a new meaning to the term “bullet hell shooter”. He started with the knife, a very good weapon.

2 Imelda Belpaese

Character Imelda in Vampire Survivors
  • Weapons: Magic wand
  • Unlock: Buy at the in-game store.
  • Cost: 10 gold

Imelda is probably the first character most players will unlock. This is because it only costs ten gold, with no other requirements, to unlock her. Imelda’s ability to increase exp by 10% every five levels (up to 30%) was stealthily tamed. One of the keys to survival in Vampire Survivors are gaining levels faster than the time it takes the enemy to become stronger. Imelda becomes stronger, faster than other characters.

Her starting weapon is the Magic Wand, and it’s a great starter weapon. This character is also cool because of her ability Are not makes some weapons better than others when used by her; so the player is free to use any without consequences.

first Mortaccio

Mortaccio character in Vampire Survivors
  • Weapons: Bone
  • Unlock: Kill 3000 skeletons.
  • Cost: 750 gold

Mortaccio’s abilities are similar to Gennaro’s but better. Instead of an extra bullet that Gennaro provides, Mortaccio grants an extra bullet every 20 levels (up to +3). Towards the end of the stage, when the player has reached the maximum level of all weapons, this ability is completely tamed.

The Bone is a terrible weapon, probably the worst in the game. This weapon works similarly to the Runetracer, but it shoots out enemies instead of going through them. It can be frustrating to watch his bones slowly fly across the battlefield without hitting many enemies.

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