The Dragon Ball villains we want to see in The Breakers

After a long time focusing mainly on fighting games, Dragon ball The franchise is targeting asymmetrical multiplayer. Dragon Ball: The Breakers is the follow-up action title from Dimps, previously worked on Dragon Ball Xenoverse series. Players will take control of powerless Survivors or monstrously powerful Raiders in their quest to escape the Temporal Seam. Various iconic Dragon ball Character skins and outfit pieces will be available to Survivors, and Raider players will take control of a rising villain from the franchise.

These villains have been chosen to pose a great threat to the Survivors, a threat that any Dragon ball fans will be able to understand immediately. So far, the three Raiders that have been revealed are Cell, Buu, and Frieza, and will most likely be added to the line. In titles similar to Dead by daylight and Friday the 13th: Games, the power gap between the parties is particularly large. Survivors will need to cooperate and use the tools scattered around the map to prevent the Raiders from escaping and running away, so it will be interesting to see how Raiders are differentiated and there are many options available. choose to add Dragon ballgallery of rogues.


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dbs-broly-legend-super saiyan

One of the first seven dragon pearls The villain that comes to mind after the original three Raiders is Broly. Broly is an icon Dragon ball villain movie The guy represents a simple physical threat that most villains can’t reach. Broly has a unique approach to destroying his enemies, and often does so in a brutal way. Both the original Broly and the canon Super Dragon Ball Broly qualifies for The Breakers‘list, and the one not on the list could be an alternate outfit. Both are known to buff up when they’re in combat and can serve as slow but hard-hitting threats.

Black Goku

Goku Black in Dragon Ball Super

There’s nothing scarier than an angry Goku taking down an enemy, and Goku Black gives good men a taste of this threat. Using a combination of Goku’s powers with some stylish and unique tricks, Goku Black would be a great addition to The Breakers. As the match progresses, Goku Black is able to take on the Super Saiyan Rose, and then become Fused Zamasu. His inclusion also offers the chance for a Raider to use Goku’s actual skin, which will be a unique experience.

Ginyu Force

dragon ball z kakarot ginyu force

For something more nontraditional, Ginyu Force can act as a unique Raider. One player can directly control Captain Ginyu and unlock assistance from the other four members as the match progresses. However, that was not their main draw; instead, a Ginyu player will want to use hit and run tactics against the Early Survivor in a match before swapping places with one of them. This disguised Ginyu will become a subversive enemy that, despite being weak in itself, can summon allies to turn the tables against the Survivors.


Access in Dragon Ball Super

A game that takes place in Temporal Seam seems like a perfect opportunity to include one of these Dragon balltime-centered characters. XenoverseThe villains of Time Breakers would be a good fit for this game, but the hit hitman would probably make for a more interesting Raider. Visit is a time-manipulating assassins introduced in Super Dragon Ball, and is the rival of the heroes of the time. He is a neutral character in the main typical, but his dialogue can involve getting paid to hunt down Survivors. With a set of moves that would slowly evolve to include his assassination techniques and ultimately stopping time, Hit created a dangerous Raider concept in Dragon Ball: The Breakers.


Majin Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z's Buu Saga

Rounding out the rough list of villains is Vegeta. Vegeta hasn’t played a villain in a long time, but his appearances as a villain are memorable and carry the character’s mark to this day. For him to show up in his original Saiyan Armor with the ability to transform into Oozaru would have been exciting, but the ideal final tier of his powers would have to be Majin Vegeta, the shape that marks the final attempt. his in the crime. It’s unclear how Dimps can balance out the iconic sacrificial explosion associated with that form, but it will have to appear. At any rate, is The ultimate villain of seven dragon pearlsfirst arc more than qualified Vegeta for a position on Dragon Ball: The Breakerslist ‘.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers Released in 2022 for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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