The dog that saved the former police chief made the fire brigade go home

A dog named Boo is being hailed as a hero after saving owner Mark Morris from almost certain death.

Early Sunday, approx 3 am, Morris, who formerly Sheriff in Kosse, Texas, received word that something was wrong.

Morris is alone with dog in the house he and his wife, Laine, a Limestone County prison sergeant, built over the years in the country.

“I heard dogs barking and I went downstairs to see what was going on and the back of the house was on fire,” Morris said. KWTX-TV.


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“I turned around and it was submerged,” he said. “I had to break the window to try to get out. When I got out, the whole house was engulfed in flames. It was gone in just a few minutes. “

Morris was able to get Boo out immediately, but he had to rush out a window, cut himself and set himself on fire in the process. His daughter later wrote about her injury in a Facebook post on her “What’s happening in Limestone County, TX” page.

“Being trapped left him with third-degree burns to his head and face along with second-degree burns to his neck, shoulders, back and upper arms.” Heather Allen shared.

“He also had to have 35 stitches on his left foot, shin, knee and both hands from being slashed when he got out the window.”

Volunteer firefighters for the rural area arrived about 30 minutes after the call was made. Morris commends their effort but says there’s not much that can be done about it burn so fast.

“They did a good job, but we’re out of here,” he said. “By the time they got here, all they could really do was pour water over the ashes and try to keep the grass from catching on fire and save my tractor.”

That’s not the worst part. Since the house was still technically under construction, the insurance companies wouldn’t cover it, so the Morrises lost everything – except Mark and Boo.

“None of it is insured,” Morris said.

Allen has since shared that her father has been a police officer since 1976 and any donation would be gratefully received. She shared PayPal and Venmo links for people to help Morrises rebuild.


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Mark was surprised by how many people contacted.

“I was surprised at the people who said they wanted to help,” he said. “They want to bring us clothes and stuff, but right now, we don’t have a place to put it.”

Thankfully, no one was killed, and with the help of the community, Morrises should be up and running again in the near future.

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