The developer responsible for Demake Bloodborne is adding cheats, fully functional keyboards

Lilith Walther has been working hard to “destroy” Bloodborne in nostalgic style, and a recent update shows that they are adding cheat codes to the game.

Screenshot from the upcoming PS1-style Bloodborne takedown.

Video games “demakes”, in which creators take a modern title and re-imagine it as an older game, in a nostalgic style, are an interesting genre that discards the property of the present. modern and faithfully reproduce any number of entries as if they were from another gaming era. A recent example of this is fans creating destroy Resident Evil 7, giving it a classic PSX look. Another thing many have been keeping an eye on is FromSoftware’s classic yet faithful reimagining of the gothic action RPG of 2015. Bloodborneand the developer has now decided to add some relic of the past.


In a recent post on Twitter, user b0tster, whose real name is Lilith Walther, provided a couple of teaser clips of some of the newly added content downgraded their image. Bloodborne. Essentially what the developer is doing is adding cheat codes to their mid-1990s PlayStation game. However, to make it easier to enter these codes, they also went ahead and added a digital keyboard to the game, which the first tweet shows with the classic program “HELLO WORLD” entered into the menu.

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On the cheat side, additional tweets show a few of them, such as turning the protagonist’s hand into a Rock ‘Em Sock’ Em Robots-style fist, a speed-altering time stretcher. of the game and a mode that causes the enemy dogs to stop attacking. There is also a “big head” mode which is perhaps an epochal recall of Goldeneye 64 cheat.

While there some modern games have cheat combinations, As if GTA 5 and Call of Duty: Black Ops, which is a practice that has ceased to exist over the years. Walther’s bankruptcy was clearly a way to reintroduce this almost forgotten idea. Walther also seems to agree with a commenter in the thread who researched the days when video games had cheat codes.

With Bloodborne PS1 demake to be released on January 31, there’s still some time left for the developer to add a few extra bits to the game, or additional cheats. While they’ve said in the past that this won’t be a full-fledged remake of the game, it’s an equally impressive project that’s likely to appeal to older players, especially are those who remember Nightmare Creatures on the original PlayStation console.

Bloodborne available on PS4.

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